Your noun needs a new verb

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Today was great show on recovering from emotional or physical injury.

Here are a few excerpts from today’s episode. I urge to to check out the full episode of The Sales Life Podcast on iTunes (or your favorite podcast app) and YouTube.(Hit the subscribe button on both to not miss a single daily episode.)

  • We all have injuries.
    • I’d just starting getting into my workout program and got injured.
    • My business was rolling, but the pandemic wiped me out. 
    • My divorce is pulling at me hard.
  • Your recovery has everything to do with what comes AFTER your injury. 

  • Injury is a noun & a noun functions as the main element of the verb. So the verb (the action) is controlled by the noun.
  • If your injury is followed by the past tenses of was, should’ve, or couldn’t, then you’ll always have past tense results. 
  • “I was doing so good, but” (injury)
    • “I should’ve stayed where I was…: (injury)
    • “I thought I could push it, but…” (injury)
  • Past tense = past results = a dead future. 
  • When you’re injured: bankruptcy, divorce, fired, torn, broken, sentenced, or discovered, your noun (injury) needs a verb-not a constant reminder of what’s already happened.
  • What’s your verb? Your noun needs an antonym.
    • The opposite of injury is leverage, advantage, gain, position, improve, return…
    • & also blessing. Some injuries are blessings in disguise but won’t be revealed until you put your injury to work.
  • “Due to my injury I’m leveraging…”
  • “Due to my injury I’m gaining control of…”
  • “Due to my injury I’m positioning myself to train differently or take on bigger territories.”
  • “Due to my injury I’m returning to the disciplines that I got away from.”
  • “Due to my injury I’m improving my skill set.”
  • Give your injury new direction

  • TSL action item:
    • What is your noun (injury)?
    • What’s your new verb? (None of that I need to…was gonna, bs either)

Check out the full episode and  SUBSCRIBE  on iTunes and YouTube. 


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