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$1 pack tuna; a house with no stove or fridge; I knew the repo man by name; working 4 jobs I fell asleep on air working the night shift as a radio DJ; I would leave the front porch light on as I left for work in the morning as a signal to see if they’d cut my lights off when I came home that night; the payday loan companies knew me by name- I’d run from one loan company to pay the other; I’ve had income garnishments & was just a docket number where all of your debts are called out loud in a crowded bankruptcy courtroom…

& there are more…

Think back to a struggle- a time it was incredibly painful & was the center of your attention…but today you describe it with laughter. The people you tell the story to shake their head, wondering how in the hell you made it…

But you did…

Remember “Today’s painful headlines will be tomorrow’s punchline.”

The headlines are formative- painful but formative because they caused a stir in you. A wake, shake, rise, or stand-whichever one of those words you want to use they all end with “Up.” Maybe it took many headlines for you to finally dig in, but you eventually got it.

Be grateful as you look back and laugh today. You probably know what it was all for now. You could probably fill in the blank, “Had this not happened ________”

& if you’re in headline moment…keep fighting. It seems like it’s the biggest moment now but will shrink as you move forward. One day it’ll even be a punchline.

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Elite teams always train for 4th quarter moments.

Moments where no matter what it looks like 🔥they always believe they’re still in the game.

4th quarter moments are a conditioning not only of the body, but of the mind. No matter how overwhelming or hopeless it may feel, can you still play your game.

You don’t have the option to just quit and play another game (life)- you gotta play this one all the way through.

🔥It’s easy to train for the 1 qtr… but the 4th? To feel the pressure of losing it all…overwhelmed with only a cc of hope, yet you play bold and all out?!

When you feel you can’t take another step, day, month, or year, yet you do. “One more” remember?

Oh & you’ll face obstacles- BIG ones. 🔥But obstacles aren’t there to break you…they’re there to make you. Obstacles test your faith & push you to be creative.

Can you push hard not knowing how it’s gonna fully play out…can you draw on what you have vs complain what you’re without?


Damn right you can because you’re in #thesaleslife. Lace up you’re in. 💪

JT McCormick is one of my favorite guys. His book “I Got There” is an inspirational story how in spite of having an absent (pimp) father & the harsh struggles of surviving with his mom, JT became a successful self-made millionaire.

He “got there,” & brought that same hustle to head Scribe Media. He even went so far as to paint “The hustle is real,” on his office wall.

JT brought the hustle & expected his employees to do the same. He worked long hours-grinding on little sleep & no days off. It took someone pointing out to JT that he’d gained a lot of weight, he looked tired, & there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get his work done.

JT recalibrated his life. He began to get his health back by eating better, working out, & keeping a sleep schedule.

It was in his analyzing his hustle that JT realized the story he’d created. He hustled not to get ahead, but to get away...away from the pain he felt growing up in Dayton so he masked his pain in a story of hustle.

I believe in the hustle…but not always in the story.

My “hustle:” The story I told myself was that I was climbing the ladder …when in truth I didn’t want to have to deal with the real issues at home.

My “hustle:” When I get the title I’ll get in shape was the story I told myself when in truth I didn’t want to get real that I’d ballooned into looking like a lineman again & it would take forever to get back in shape.

My “hustle:” I’ve got to hit the bonuses to make big money…the truth was I was broke & inches away from bankruptcy.

My “hustle:” Buy expensive gifts so as not face the truth of having real, difficult conversations.

I’m doing this for you guys, was the story is was telling my family, but I wasn’t hustling to get ahead, I was hustling to get away, from my shadows, demons, & lies that plagued me.

Eventually the story became too heavy to hold & all of the lies & deceit came crumbling down.

It took losing everything to authentically create my hustle.

I believe in hustle- I really do because hustle is that raw energy, enthusiasm, excitement, vigor, & pressure that you bring to situations.

And if you create the right story you can bring it to everything– relationships, finances, career, & your creatives. You can bring unbridled excitement & passion to all areas of your life instead of just one section just to mask the pain & fears.

That way you’re collectively hustling with joy to move ahead instead of hustling with pain to get away.

Here’s JT’s piece

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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brass framed wall mirror

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Everything in life is negotiable right?


& No.

Life is negotiable…change is not.

The last thing you should be negotiating with is the one staring back at you in the mirror.

Because when you negotiate, you create options and right now, you don’t need options. You just need to do.

Want to write a book…get healthier…stop drinking…or just get your shit together?

Don’t negotiate.

Not now…

It’s not forever…it’s just until.

Until you see the results.

Stay in The Sales Life.

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NBA great Kobe Bryant said that he can’t talk his kids into hard work…he could only show them.

Michael Strahan echoed Kobe…

At 36 years old Strahan had retired from the NFL was a Hall of Fame inductee but, even though he was successful, he still shows his children that he works hard working multiple jobs and not resting on his accomplishments.

Strahan stresses, “My life is not your life. You will have privileges that many children your age don’t, but you’ve still got to create a name for yourself…”

His children don’t have permission to adopt his success, they have to create their own.

And this isn’t just about privilege, it’s about poverty too. Just because you grew up without the advantages of others- you lived in a bad neighborhood, had drug addicted parents, or were raised by others, it doesn’t give you permission to take their life & adopt it as your own.

Privilege or Poverty you don’t have permission to ride the backs of other’s accomplishments nor do you have permission to accept your past as your destiny.

You have to create a name for yourself. It requires struggle, failure, & tension because it’s your fight…your life.

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Micheal Bentt was the first person to be featured on the Netflix documentary, “Losers.”

Bentt was a young phenom who’d won multiple Golden Gloves, but was knocked out in his first professional fight on national TV.

Ashamed, Bentt returned to his Queens, NY neighborhood void of confidence and full of embarrassment.

Bentt went from untouchable to untouchable. As an amateur, no one could beat him, but now that he’d lost, no one was willing to sign him to another fight. Scratching to get work, Bentt ended up sparring with Evander Holyfield. At the end of the fight, Holyfield’s trainer told Bentt, “I didn’t know which one of you was the champ in the ring!”

Those words reignited a fire in Bentt. He signed on to do a “tune up” fight with The Great White Hope Tommy Morrison and ended up knocking Morrison out!

Suddenly Bentt was the Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Full of confidence, Bentt agreed to fight an unknown fighter Herbie Hind, but Hind knocked Bentt out so bad he was placed in a coma.

“You’ll never box again,” came the words from the doctor. All Bentt knew was boxing…what was he to do now? Bentt just so happened to connect with a director who hired him to give boxing advice on an upcoming movie.

Bentt found his home. He ended up playing a young Joe Fraiser opposite of Will Smith in the movie Ali. More directors, more work came pouring in. He advised in movies such as Million Dollar Baby & trained other A list actors to perform better in upcoming roles as well as just to stay in “fight shape.”

Sometimes it takes a long time to finally sound like yourself. ~Miles Davis

That was Bentt’s mantra that kept him going.

Bentt had to travel the painful road of being knocked out & ashamed to spar with Holyfield. The spar led to the “tune up fight,” which led to Bentt becoming the champ to getting knocked out and in a coma, to finally find his home.

Life is full up peaks and valley’s..twists, turns, and seemingly dead ends. Bentt’s ups and downs in life sound a lot like our path-similar road, different experiences…

But painful just the same.

I went from picked last on a sports team to getting a full scholarship, to being 5th on the depth chart, to becoming a 4 year starter, to becoming an All-American, to not going pro, to raising my son by myself, to living in a house with no stove or refrigerator, to getting a job in sales, to having my wages garnished, to getting promoted, having 3 more beautiful children, to having a custom built home, to becoming bankrupt, divorced, demoted…to The Sales Life today.

Sometimes it takes a long time to finally sound like yourself. 

The fight you’re in, knocked down, or even out ….

you ain’t done. You have to take this road to finally find your home.

Sometimes it takes a long time to finally sound like yourself. 

Stay in The Sales Life.

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One of my favorite authors is Austin Kleon & his newest book’s title, “Keep Going” is right up my alley.

So many people chase, protect, or judge the noun (title) instead of just doing their verb.

When you chase the noun: You’re so busy chasing or kissing up to get your noun that you forget to do your verb so when (if) you get your noun your under qualified or it’s not what it was all cracked up to be.

When you protect your noun: Great! You got your coveted title, but now you play not to lose instead of playing to win. You must take risks to grow- yes you will lose, but it’s in the losses-taking risks, that you develop more skills and create opportunities.

When you judge other’s noun: Oh you can do it better than them right? And that’s just it…while you’re busy judging they’re doing.

The greatest thing that ever happened to me was being demoted. For months I kept my old business cards, but it wasn’t until I walked to the big green dumpster and threw them away that I could begin to do my verb.

Doing your verb exposes & reveals you. It exposes your weaknesses- being demoted forced me to relearn a department that I hadn’t been in in over a decade. But my demotion also revealed my beast mode strengths too.

You have unique strengths, niches, & expertises that those who demoted you will need you and only you to take care of.

And you’ll do it- gladly not out of vengeance but because you’re just doing your verb.

I don’t care about a noun…I just do my verb. Nouns are for business cards & others…

Nouns are temporary..

Verbs are eternally for you.

Do your verb…let’s others worry about a noun.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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