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Confirmation Bias is good…when it’s good. But when things aren’t working & you’re on a slick spot your actions confirm the doom and gloom.

So how do you break free of Negative CB?

Individualize it don’t personalize it.

If you personalize your moments, you’ll try to handle them emotionally & your emotions will only make things worse.

Feel yourself slipping into Negative CB when you think of all outcomes as catastrophic.

The next customer, phone call, lead, or attempt all lines up with your dead end thoughts. You go down the rabbit hole of, “See I told you so!” When your attempts fail you confirm it with “See,I knew it wouldn’t work..etc”

Feel yourself slipping when you start saying phrases like, “Again!” “I can’t win for losing!” “Another one…” (Not in the DJ Khaled tone)

Individualizing the moment has nothing to do with emotions & everything to do with your approach, mechanics, techniques, & follow through.

You take EACH situation, analyze it, & play for next.

The quickest way out of your rut is to shut up (no whoa is me) & take on next.

Nothing lasts forever…wins nor losses, but you will prolong the losses if you lump all of the losses together by personalizing then vs individualizing them-what worked, what didn’t, what next 💥?

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“Get on your grind…”

“Rise & Grind!”

“I’m on my grind…”

Grind has become a household word, but what IS grind?

Grind is what’s left over once your fight is gone…

See, when you first started your podcast, weight loss program, sales career, newfound faith, or get out of debt program, you were willing to fight every day…

But with no immediate results now nor anywhere in sight, you grew sore…tired…weary…& doubtful.

It’s when you come to the crossroads of packing up or grind forward…

Grind is the residue that’s left in the tank…

Where is not enough to take a trip but you can sure as hell & take the next step…

Grind is one more round…

Grind is a “maybe.”

There’s no certainty…there’s no guarantees…

It’s just a maybe & you’re willing to take a maybe because even if you fail, at least you won’t be sitting in the same spot as a year ago…

Grind is how you develop consistency & with consistency is how you earn your rhythm.

Grind is when you say, “Go ahead & lock me in because I’m not finished…”

Grind is when you say that you’ll catch up with the crew later because you have to go knock out that 2 miles you promised yourself…

Grind is where everyone else is laid up on Sunday mornings, but you’re banging the weights at the gym…

Let me show you grind…go look in the mirror and say, “I am grind!”

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“Don’t take it personal.” I’ve heard that one a time or 10,000 but didn’t always stay true to it.

I’ve blown deals because I took it personal when a customer came in & tried to bulldoze me or act a jerk.

I’ve blown deals too with friends and family because I did “take it personal…”

Selling to those you know is hard because you get caught up in the relationship & lose sight of the current mission.

Using Molly Fletcher’s book, “A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating,” as a foundation, here are 5 ways to help you to stay the course:

1. Relationships over everything. Never put a deal before a relationship.

2. Process over personal. Your friends came to you because they trust you to provide a service for them. Hit your marks-what questions would you ask if this was the first day you met?

3. 1/2 (maybe even 3/4) of your job is done. Building common ground & trust has already been done- now you have the unique advantage in moving on to determine what your “customer’s” needs are. (process over personal remember)

4. “It’s about the numbers & details.” (Fletcher) Develop the maturity to step out of the relationship to focus on the numbers and details. What number is mutually beneficial to your business and your “customer?” What are the details that surround those numbers?

5. Your friends will gladly pay you a profit. You wouldn’t have friends very long if they had to foot the bill every time you go out with one another. Your friends want you to do well, but they didn’t come to you for friendly advice, they came to you to provide a professional service.

Give your friends & family professional service with a personal touch.

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Sometimes in the course of the conversation I’ll tell people that I ran 5-6 miles before coming to work & they’re like, “NO WAY I could do that!”

At one time I was that way too. Initially hard for me was just getting up early…then hard was running 1 mile…then 2…3…then 5-6.

Hard is exhausting…but the more you lean into hard it becomes manageable.

It’s not that running 5 miles & going to work is not still hard- it is, but it’s manageable.

Being a new parent is hard…amping your sales game up is hard…taking on a new job is hard…working out constantly is hard…but it gets manageable.

Hard & doing nothing looks impossible…but when you take on hard it gets manageable to the point where you have the ability to take on more hard.

Hard gets embraced instead of traditionally resisted.

& when it’s manageable you can handle & have even more.

Don’t wish that hard would go away…work to make it more manageable.

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It’s been said that a person’s success can usually be measured by the number of difficult conversations he’s willing to have…

Think about that one…

The areas where you’ve been successful were probably due to you leaning into difficult conversations…

& the areas where you’ve failed are due to running away from difficult conversations.

Every failure I’ve had in life: relationships, parenting, finances, professionally, & personally (yes a convo with yourself) were due to me running from difficult conversations…

You fail because you equate a difficult conversation with confrontation or an argument…

No it’s just a difficult conversation…that you need to have…

You run from difficult conversations because you catastrophize the outcome…or they always end up worse than when you started…

So you remain silent- thinking doing nothing is something, when all you’re doing is layering needed difficult conversations on top of one another until you bleed & blow.

The tension bleeds into your professional or personal life & you reach a point where you blow the hell up. (Which is why the outcomes always end up wrong)

You won’t get better at having difficult conversations until you have difficult conversations.

If you go into the difficultly reminding yourself that this is a conversation not a dialogue (so leave the “I’m gonna give them a piece of my mind” at home), you’ll approach it from a more relaxed point of view-seeking to both understand and be understood.

If it gets toxic, pause it (indefinitely if you have to) because it takes 2 to dance to that song…

& a difficult conversation is always a win.

It may not be the outcome you expected (because you could’ve been wrong the whole time), but it’s a win because you had the difficult conversation instead of running from it.

And that you can measure…

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So you pulled out ANOTHER month, right?

Every month you find yourself in a situation where you have 3 days to pull your month out…

And you did it!

But you start a new month off frustrated, yet relieved that you pulled your month out…

You’ve proven to yourself that you can work in the clutch…

Know your tendencies…instead of letting circumstances build into these pressure cooker, 11th hour moments, create them yourself.

It’s not that you were that lucky, it’s that you were that intensely focused…

Leverage your tendencies by working in bursts of 3-5’s (days)…

Like pulling a month out, put that same intensity & focus into just a few days…

Then play mind games with yourself giving yourself permission to rest a day then ramp up another 3-5.

Because you’ll have the momentum clicking you probably won’t even take yourself up on the “off” day, but even if you do, you’ll be more productive because you’re working in 4-5 round bursts vs taking 3/4 of the month off.

You can do this with any initiative:

Workout: 3 days intensely on & take a day off

Creative: 1 hour hard & heavy then take the rest of the day “off.”

Savings/eating better: 5 days no slack one day treat

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VC firms have what’s called “Deal Flow,” meaning they’re constantly investing…

You hear of the VC’s who got in early with the Facebook’s, Twitter’s, & Ubers & you think, “Wow! They hit it BIG!”

They didn’t hit it BIG, they hit it many…

Because what you don’t see are how many losses they incurred to hit the big.

I know you want to hit it big…but you won’t hit it big until you hit it many…

In Sales & in Life, you must think like a VC & constantly be investing in reps & options- understanding YOU WILL INCUR LOSSES along the way, but-win or loss, you’re constantly investing…

You’ll hit it big as long as you hit it many.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪