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Evan Carmichael said,

“Reading doesn’t have to be your top priority, but learning should be…”

So maybe reading’s not your bag, but just because you don’t like to read doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn.

You’ve just got to find the way that works better for you.

I get it…

Reading may feel like a chore.

You may fall asleep after 5 minutes of reading or you just can’t seem to stay focused.

That’s cool…don’t beat yourself up because you don’t read or that you’re slow reader.

Beat yourself up because you don’t learn.

🔥Not liking to read is not a reason to not learn.

You’ve got to figure out other ways that you can learn.

I love to read, but after 10 years of voraciously reading I’ve gotten burned out-so much so that I read very little.

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t learn.

I learn through podcasts & I’ve subscribed to YouTube premium where I can listen to YouTube (w/out the screen being on.)

I think ways of learning are seasonal…

There are seasons I like to read & other seasons I prefer audiobooks, podcasts, & YouTube more.

I may stop one, but I never stop learning.

Find what works better for you to keep progressing.

Your 5th grade teacher wasn’t right.

🔥Reading’s not the only way to go, but learning’s the place to be.

Make learning a top priority & it doesn’t have to be in a book.

Have an amazing day.

~Stay in The Sales Life 💪

You know, you can measure a man up pretty quickly if you know the point where he’ll quit…

where when it gets hard, he quits & turns back.

But what about the man who just keeps showing back up? Who keeps driving? Who keeps pulling himself back up?

🔥How do you measure the “unmeasurable?”

You know, if you think about it, when someone says, “I didn’t know you had it in you!” That’s because when you walked into the hard…when you walked into the heaviness…

they tried to measure you up…

They pulled out the tape and they thought to themselves, “THIS is the point where he’s going to quit…give up & turn back.”

And when you kept going…

…and made something out of nothing

🔥that’s the point where you became unmeasurable

Be unmeasurable every day…

Where you’re willing to keep coming back,

go another round,

& lay another brick.

Where you’re willing to hang in there another minute, another hour, another damn day.

To push beyond yesterday’s “far.”

To stretch beyond yesterday’s “hard.”

To make yesterday’s “finish line” today’s starting line.

Unbothered of the obstacles…

Unmindful of how close or how far away you are from the goal…

Just unmeasurable…

~Stay in The Sales Life 💪

“I love you…but”

“I want hire you…but”

“I want to buy from you…but”

🔥The buts negate everything.

& you only hear what comes after but.

Your skin color, neighborhood, family, your past, present circumstances, nor the fact that you didn’t graduate high school nor go to college…

They’re not holding you back…

It’s your “buts.”

“I want to lose 20 lbs but I’m a single parent raising 2 kids, working 2 jobs, & have too much to do…”

“I want to sell 30 this month, but I haven’t been here long & am new to the area..”

“I want to make $100k this year, but only make $50k. There’s no way for me to double my income.”

You’re right…because your “buts” affirm your excuses.

🔥Keep your buts…

Buts can negate…but they can also give you permission.

🔥When you use the word “but” today as an excuse of why something can’t be done…

Use “but” to give you permission instead.

Use whatever time & resources you have RIGHT NOW to move forward.

🔥I want to lose 20LBS, but I have 10 minutes, & a floor where I can do pushups, planks, & burpees.

🔥I want to sell 30 this month, but I’ve got to get in front of 65-70 people.

🔥I want to earn $100k this year, but I’ve got to strengthen my knowledge, techniques, & give all my creatives away for now.

Don’t give me that but…give me that but.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪


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Whatever is considered “Best in the World” today is going to be obsolete tomorrow.

Technology is changing…

& if technology is changing so are tendencies…

& if tendencies are changing, so must your techniques.

Oh I get the fact that you’re all that and a bag of hot Funyuns…

You’ve exceeded your wildest expectations…

Making more money than you would’ve ever dreamed of…

You’re good….as of today.

🔥”Laurel” may be a good name for your dog or daughter…

🔥but it’s not a good strategy for your life.

When Kareem Abdul Jabbar broke the NBA all time scoring record, Wilt Chamberlain said, “Had I known anyone would come close to breaking the record I would’ve put it out of sight…”


Wilt was good…as of that “today.”

The sad thing is he knew there was more…

Even sadder is, he could’ve put it out of sight…

but didn’t.

Setting the record made him the “Best in the World….”

🔥Had he kept going…he could’ve been the best ever.

Oh you’re good…as of today.

~Stay in The Sales Life 💪

“Unbelievable” right?

You see a salesperson who seems to create deals out of thin air…

He revives what looks dead & creates magic.

…all you can say is “Unbelievable!”

& you’re right…

🔥It’ll always be unbelievable until you test the believable for yourself.

Boldness is disguised as “crazy…”

You say, “There’s no way I could say or do that…”

Saying that you’ll forever be banging away at average.

🔥Take their unbelievability & make it your own.

When you feel the urge to pull up…

Push forward…

Initially it’ll all come out wrong…

You won’t say it right & will probably do it even worse…

But keep testing it…

Over & over…

& the more you test…pushing & repackaging…

The “Un” will drop of the “Believable.”

You’ll stand in amazement & be proud…

Not because they did it…

Because you did it….by yourself.

“unBELIEVABLE” right?

Not anymore.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪


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Oh you don’t lack for If’s…

…if you had $ for the number of if’s you told yourself, you’d have problems, but money wouldn’t be one of them.

If I was a different race.

If I was taller.

If I was a starter.

If I was a baller.

If I was running a store.

If I was the CEO.

If I could get the loan.

If I could start my business.

If I wouldn’t have married him or had children with her.

Oh we If ourselves to death…

When what you need to do is how yourself to life.

if is all bullshit anyway.

Because you can’t, if you’re self taller.

You can’t if yourself a different skin color.

You can’t if yourself to have wealthy parents, nor be first cousins to Warren Buffett, or be Kim Kardashian’s sister.

When if kicks in, slap it down with a how

How can I use what I have right now?

Because how is all you’ve got.

You have unique advantages, but you’re so fixated on other people’s advantages that you’re blinded with if’s.

You say, “If I could have what they have, I’d be better off.”

It’s all bullshit.

Just ask yourself how…

How can I use what I’ve got, leverage it, & then grow it.

Start with what you have.

Use it.

And then begin to leverage it.

And if you don’t know how to leverage it…if you don’t know how to position your current advantages…

Then see Step 1…

Just use what you’ve got…

& along the way, you’ll figure out how to position it…then grow it.

Compound it by developing the skills, techniques, and education that you need to grow and evolve.

Educate yourself…be a sponge…ask questions…volunteer for the grunt work…

It doesn’t have to come from a classroom.

People do that…

They stall so they don’t have to take action (& probably fail)…

They rack up the loans thinking they have to sit idly in a classroom & have someone pour information into them.

You don’t need money…you need commitment.

Stop if’ing around & start how’ing.

How can I use what I have, leverage it, and then start growing that shit.

~become your own action figure. Stop waiting for perfect or thinking it’s too late. You got to-day so get started.

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Poker players will tell you the only way to learn poker, is to play poker.

You can read all of the books…& even watch hours and hours of video…

…but you won’t learn the game until you sit at the table and play the game.

That’s the only way you can pay your dues…

…is when you push off and do.

You want to start working out?

Dues are in the do…

Lose weight?

Dues are in the do…

Start a podcast?

Dues are in the do…

Write a book?

Dues are in the do…

Start a business, become a better salesperson, have thriving relationship…

Turn your whole fucking life around?

Dues are in the do…

You gotta pay your dues.

And the only currency that is accepted is in the do.

No more books. No more Somedays, Mondays, starting next month, or January 1rst…

The rent’s due…now.

Pay yourself…


~Stay in The Sales 💪ife.

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