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Confirmation Bias is good…when it’s good. But when things aren’t working & you’re on a slick spot your actions confirm the doom and gloom.

So how do you break free of Negative CB?

Individualize it don’t personalize it.

If you personalize your moments, you’ll try to handle them emotionally & your emotions will only make things worse.

Feel yourself slipping into Negative CB when you think of all outcomes as catastrophic.

The next customer, phone call, lead, or attempt all lines up with your dead end thoughts. You go down the rabbit hole of, “See I told you so!” When your attempts fail you confirm it with “See,I knew it wouldn’t work..etc”

Feel yourself slipping when you start saying phrases like, “Again!” “I can’t win for losing!” “Another one…” (Not in the DJ Khaled tone)

Individualizing the moment has nothing to do with emotions & everything to do with your approach, mechanics, techniques, & follow through.

You take EACH situation, analyze it, & play for next.

The quickest way out of your rut is to shut up (no whoa is me) & take on next.

Nothing lasts forever…wins nor losses, but you will prolong the losses if you lump all of the losses together by personalizing then vs individualizing them-what worked, what didn’t, what next 💥?

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You won’t feel the impostor syndrome unless you’re really trying to do it big…

When you push out into the unknown your past is going to try to pull you back.

You know your scars & flaws better than anyone so who better to tell you to sit down and shut up.

When you feel that you don’t belong, realize your past is trying to bust you & your future is trying to find you.

You can let your past bust you and accept mediocrity…or you can push on- keep putting your art out there with so much volume of work your future HAS no choice but to find you.

You belong “there” not here…keep pushing. “Make it till you make it” @ChaseJarvis says.

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“People say I’ll never be as good as I used to be, but if I’m half as good as I used to be, I’m TWICE AS GOOD AS YOU’LL EVER BE!” ~Eminem

THAT’S the kind of attitude you need to bring you your Sales Life today!

Yes people are going to count you out…diss you…shake their head…and chalk you up.

Let them have an opinion while you make a decision.

Show up today with a mindset that you’re not done.

Coming in big lipping won’t help you one bit…crying on someone else’s shoulder ain’t gonna cut it either.

Walk in with an attitude to dominate.

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The Team Never Quit Podcast crew had Jake Olson on their show.

Jake was a long snapper for the USC Trojans-& oh and he’s blind!

Not only did he play football, but he played for USC & he’s a scratch golfer 🏌️‍♀️…

He said he doesn’t have the “advantage” of seeing the traps & terrain so all he can focus on is his approach & mechanics of each shot.

His ball won’t always go straight, but he can always play the next shot.

What if you played your game as a blind man?

What if you sold the way Olson played his game?

Approach, mechanics, play the next shot.

Our visuals aren’t always positive, often we see the traps, poor terrain, & our past affect our next shot (if we take it at all).

Tee up your next shot up.

Focus on your approach, mechanics, & wherever the ball lands, play the next shot.

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Hall of Fame NFL football player Micheal Strahan was on a radio talk show & found himself being humiliated by the host while on the air. Strahan was so embarrassed that he vowed to never come back on that show, but as fate would have it, the two met face to face again on a different show.

Strahan, matter of factly, set the record straight. “You can’t do what I do…” he told the shock jock. “I can do what you do…but you can’t do what I do. Like you, I can have a conversation on radio and tv in front of the lights & audience…but you can’t put on the pads and be one of the best in the world…”

From that point on, when others piss or try to put Strahan down, he psychologically frees himself up by whispering to himself, “You can’t do what I do…”

I worked with a guy like that…

For nearly two decades we worked together. He wore custom suits, Presidential Rolex, $300 dress shirts, drove baller cars…& always seemed to squirm his way out of his double life being found out.

He was in the room when I got demoted…

I remember the smirk he had on his face when I looked at him with tears in my eyes.

Back on the bottom rung he avoided all contact with me. While I struggled to relearn a department I’d left 17 yrs ago, he’d flaunted and gloated the fact that he was untouchable while I sank lower & lower.

My turning point came one night when we were closing up-everyone had left for the night & it was just him & me. “Lock me in because I still have to clean these deals up I told him…”

Right then that was my mantra, “You can’t do what I do…”

His identity was in his title & things he possessed. Me?…I’d been stripped of everything. I lost my family, home, income, and a position I’d given my all to possess.

I realized he couldn’t lose it all & be strong enough to climb out & up. Had he gone what I’d been through, he’d probably put a bullet in his mouth.

That’s what freed me up…”You can’t do what I do.”

Though tragic, I now had the unique advantage of being able to work every department in sales. Don’t get me wrong, even though I had decades of experience, I performed like a rookie because I had to relearn everything in that department again.

I was determined to take every deal…work long after others left to figure it all out and not only survive but excel. What others didn’t want to do, I took on.

As I got myself back together spiritually, emotionally, & physically, the same smirk he gave me when I got demoted, was the same smirk I gave him as I passed him in the hallway & in life.

He was playing to a title…I was playing to another level.

The people who try to keep you down- who flaunt, gloat, & are fooling everyone EXCEPT you?

Let them be…

“You can’t do what I do…”

Eventually everything caught up to that guy & he ended up getting fired.

I’d long let him go- not for him, but for me.

Those kinds of people aren’t the ones holding you down…you’re the one holding you down, because you’re holding on to them.

Free yourself up. Wink & grow while they gloat because…

“You can’t do what I do.”

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I had a salesperson who was grinding down to the final few days of the month & his month was $$$ short.

“I need to make enough to pay my rent, car note, & eat,” he told me.

“Then do what you need to do,” I snapped back.

& he did- actually he exceeded his need.

But then a new month started…

With a fresh, full month ahead he list his “need”& shifted back to a “want.”

You “want” to lose weight…

You “want” to have a good month…

You “want” to save money…

But if you don’t have a specific need, you lose the sense of urgency & will find yourself in a desperate situation again.

There’s power in being needy.

Here are 5 ways to keep you “needy:”

1. When you know your “X,” then you know your “why.” Because you have a specific need, you know why you rise early, stay late, chase every lead, and push beyond your comfort zone.

2. Being needy drowns out the noise. Because “wants” are unfocused, you participate in the bs, but when you’re needy, you’re only focused on hitting the mark.

3. Needy forces you to find unknown gears. You have capabilities and skills you never knew you possessed, until you have to really dig down & dig in. Initially you’ll be emotionally & physically tired, but you’ll get stronger & better.

4. Being needy gives you temporary memory loss. You don’t have time for the recap, you’re on to next.

5. Being needy is infinite. You may hit the mark, but you’ve built up so much momentum & confidence, you just pile it on.

Wants are wishes…needs are missions.

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“Be thankful, just don’t be done”

You see these billionaire baller stories and feel “less than” in comparison to them.

You have the same advantage billionaires have…


The only difference between them & you is they treat NOW as a verb & you look at “when” as a noun.

“When” I get the gym membership…

“When” I get a raise…

“When” I get the supervisor position…

“When” I rebuild my credit…

“When I get to _____, then I’ll Win”

We wait for “when” while they work their NOW.

NOW is the great equalizer…but you have a PLUS 1…

Your deficit…because you find yourself in 25th place you have to learn to fight to get to 1rst. And because you fought, you can handle whatever else comes your way.

Most people don’t know how to fight…they slide from 25th to 100th and justify their position by saying “At least I’m in the top 100.”

Be thankful just don’t be done.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪