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You can probably look over your extended family & be able to use the words,

No one has,

& then fill in the blank.

No one has gone to college, moved away, made six figures, been an entrepreneur, built their own house, earned a scholarship, etc.

No one has...

Those two words have chained generations of your family down.

When you try to challenge the status quo, no one has quickly snuffs your flame asking you, “Out of all the others that came before you…what makes you so special…

… any different…

…what makes you the one?”

No one has commands you to fall in line…

Just do your job…

Don’t ask questions…

No one has whispers permission to stay the same & just be grateful.

No one has is an excuse…

But it’s also a reason.

No one has is an excuse to act, think, speak, & believe the same way the family always has…

Or no one has is the only reason you need.

No one has, so if somebody is, it might as well be me.

I hear all why’s, but step out & ask why not?

And it’ll be hard, because not only will you be fighting the obstacles in front of you, but you’ll be fighting all of the limitations dragging behind you too.

So to do this, you’re gonna have to cut some family members off…not explain…go off the radar and just do.

& get ready for, “You think you’re better than everyone else, huh?”

Don’t explain…just do.

Because you’re better than the man you were yesterday & that’s the only score that matters right now.

Those family members don’t mean to hold you down, they just don’t understand, because…

…no one has.

But if you’re going to pass something down from one generation to another…

when no one has bubbles up, confidently whisper, “No one has…until someone did.”

Have an amazing day & life.

Stay in The Sales 💪ife!


There are times in our lives we’d all love to take back…

…times where we turned left, when we should’ve kept straight.

When at its hottest, we said words we didn’t mean…

made poor decisions even though we knew it wasn’t right…

& let things slide that we could’ve stopped right then & there.

But we didn’t…

We spend our days replaying that familiar movie in our minds wishing we could freeze the frame at the point of regret…

But, as always, the movie keeps playing with a familiar ending…

You know how it ends because you’re the one who’s lived it.

Humble The Poet wrote,

“There are no erasers for your past, but you can add pages.”

It seems we spend so much time searching for erasers & very little time adding pages.

We spend our days wishing we could take back those days gone wrong…

& while frantically searching for an eraser we say to ourselves, “If only I had another chance, I’d do it right this time!”

You may not get a do-over, but you do get another chance…

Make it “write…”

…just add a page

Your Life is like a really good book…

It’s full of mystery, suspense, pain, sorrow, laughter, and success.

You’ve got a real page-turner going…

Keep writing…

& when you’ve filled that fuckin page up & it’s still not good…

Add another page and keep writing…

Yesterday I had someone throw my past in my face. I’d thought for a long time they’d been thinking that way and yesterday it came out…

You know what I did?

I thanked them…

For finally saying what’d they’d been feeling.

It was weird because, in the past, I would’ve blown up…but I’ve learned (the hard way) that when I lose it, I really somewhat agree with what they’ve said.

…but I’ve added pages…many pages since then.

I’m not who I once was because I stopped looking for erasers & instead added pages.

If you can’t undo yesterday then just do today…

Add pages & keep writing your story.

It’s gonna be a best seller. 😉

Stay in The Sales 💪ife!


Charlie Munger said,

“A man who can play all instruments can write his own symphony, but a man who can play one instrument is limited to just playing his part.”

The world is full of one horned players…rare is the one who can play all instruments…

That’s the man who can write his own symphony.

Munger is the long-time co-billionaire partner to Warren Buffett.

Munger’s symphony is investing, but he doesn’t invest one way in only one field of business. He specializes in investing…broadly.

But he won’t invest in businesses until he’s learned how they play their instruments.

Munger doesn’t run with the herds of people proclaiming, “this company is hot…” “invest here…” “here’s a sleeper!”

Munger learns for himself…

He’s a learned man who reads over 600 pages per day not to just get a feeling, Munger wants a deep understanding in what the business’s culture & ethics are as well as how each one profitably operates, & what its earning potential is.

The businesses that Buffet & Munger invest in become an instrument in their symphony of investments.

A symphony is a collection of horns, flutes, drums, cymbals, xylophones, woods & brass. They’re all unique, but equally important in creating a rich, powerful sound…

A collective art…a symphony

It’s not that Munger can run every business he invests in-his symphony is not in day-to-day operations…

His symphony is investing and he has deeply learned the mechanics of what the business is, does, & where it’s heading.

Here’s where I’m going with this…

You can’t have a symphony by just knowing how to play one instrument.

And you can’t amass a symphony without knowing how each instrument is played.

What is your symphony?

For the salesperson, Sales is their symphony, but what are your instruments?

It’s not just the customer who walks through the door…

you also need the instruments of knowing how your products relate to each of one your customers.

As a salesperson, you need to know what new products/ features are being introduced & which ones are being discontinued.

You need the instruments of body language…

relationship building, asking for referrals, servicing sold customers, new business creation, phone skills, follow up, marketing through social media…

and you need instruments of empathy, persistence, grit, & resilience.

I know you know “of” these things…

but do you have such a deep understanding that you can play each one of those instruments?

If you can, then you can write your own symphony success.

20 hours…

That’s the amount of hours novices do something before giving up. The guitar gets shelved, the blog gets abandoned, & the podcast fizzles out…

about 20 hours in.

Then it’s back to the same ole way of doing things & existing in life.

Can you write your own success?

If your knowledge is so deep that you can explain it in detail…

That’s learning how to play each one of your instruments..

& writing your own symphony success.

What areas in your life are you playing only one instrument?

How many instruments are you willing to deeply learn in order to write your symphony of success?

Weight loss, financial freedom, millionaire?

Can’t achieve mastery by only playing one instrument.

Stay in The Sales Life.


Which dog will you feed?

Hear the full episode

You’re gonna have your days of momentum…

& your days of Whoa-mentum…

When you’re running with Big Mo, life’s good! The money’s rolling in; the lunches are fancier, & it seems every customer is picking up what you’re laying…hell even the customers you wrote off & forgot about are back to buy!

Life’s so good, it’s as if you live in a big box of Lucky Charms- horseshoes, rainbows, & magical unicorns.

And then there are those other days…

Days of Whoa-mentum…

Days where no matter how prayed up, curse-free, and helpful you are, nothing is coming together. The last 5 customers couldn’t buy & the customer your manager just gave you told you an hour into it that they’re still in a bankruptcy. 🤦‍♂️

Oh and service dropped the ball on your customer who had an appointment scheduled for a month…

& you have another customer blowing you up wanting to return their purchase.

Days you just say, Whoa!

Think of Whoa & Mo as 2 hungry ass dogs.

They’re both hungry, but you can only feed one.

Which will you feed?

You feed ole’ Whoa, complaints & stories of lies, almosts, & strike me dead tales. You feed it by being selective with which customers are deemed worthy of your precious time & expertise.

And those who are worth your time better prove that they’re ready to buy right now or they’ll get flipped over to a green pea.

Or you can choose to feed the other one…

Big Mo eats & eats & eats- its appetite is insatiable! Big Mo eats so much you’d swear it has a tapeworm or something. You keep feeding Mo, effort, processes, leads, follow ups, referrals, & optimism.



you reach that tipping point & Mo unleashes a flood of results so much so that you need help to keep up.

No matter the day… always feed the right dog.

Mo will test your patience, commitment, & grit…

But it’ll never let you down.

Stay in The Sales Life


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Why is it always easier & often clearer to give advice rather than heed it?

No matter what someone is facing, you seem to always have the answer & often times it’s so bing’d in, you’re like damn I should be giving Dr. Phil advice.

But when it comes to your own circumstances, why do you nut up & are a soup of emotions. Even when you gave someone else the same sort of advice last week?!

One action that helps me get untangled is Situational Time Travel (a term coined by author James Altucher.)

Situational Time Travel is the act of giving someone advice in the future…

That someone in the future is you.

For instance, say I’m pissed off because I’m not selling enough used vehicles.

Future Marsh (FM) asks, “Why are you pissed off?”

Present Marsh (PM): (Goes off while FM just sits there)

Once PM has finished venting, Future Marsh asks clarifying questions such as, “So why has your volume dipped?”

PM: “It’s dipped because my inventory got too low & I spent more time working in other areas and neglected supply levels. Less selection, fewer sales.”

FM: “So what can you do to correct this?”

PM: “Sourcing needs to be the first order of business every day. The 2nd order would be to press the preowned leads that have come in.”

FM: “What do you mean press the leads?” (See I’m unpacking my own thoughts)

PM: “Meaning we’re not converting enough-turning a customer interest a into an appointment, which leads to more sales.”

No pointing the finger…no laying blame. Just find the leaks & own the effort.

Try this in any area you’re struggling with: lack of sales, finances, weight loss, etc.

The answers are in the questions that you ask. You just sometimes need that steady voice from someone who knows you well to ask those questions.

The future you.

(PS: I prefer to have the conversation out loud, say in the car on the way to work, because I find speaking it out loud makes my thoughts & subsequent answers become clearer & sharper.)

Stay in The Sales Life.


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You know when you’re walking into the convenience store & you can see the guy out of the corner of your eye standing on the edge of the building, just out of site of the cashier?

As you’re walking into the store, he walks toward you and calls out, “Excuse me, but do you have any change on you?”

If I looked like him…tired…dirty…wearing threadbare clothes two sizes too big…

I’d bet he wouldn’t ask me for a quarter.

People are watching you in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. Some even create social media accounts not to post but to pry in other people’s lives, hoping to get the tea on everyone’s relationship & personal trials.

Others watch you from afar & just like that man on the outside corner of the building, they’re questioning,

“I wonder if they have any change?”

See, if you look just like them…you complain about the present administration or you’re waiting for someone to give you permission…

If you’re always complaining that you’ve got more month than money & that no one is willing to help you…

People watch you & if you act just like them, they say to themselves, “Nah…they don’t have any change.”

Crabs in a bucket…


Your change isn’t done by making a declaration first on social media…

It isn’t done by running from person to person pleading that you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired…

Your change is started by f’ing making a decision & then just do.

It’s the early morning & late nights…

it’s saying No when your emotions are screaming Yeeesssss!

it’s binge learning while others are laying on the couch binge watching.

It’s pushing through the soreness, tears, & fatigue…

It’s grabbing fear by its braids saying, “I’m here bitch!”

It’s being so steadfast & committed that when you’re pressed…you don’t blink nor do you flinch…

That’s the kind of change I’m talking about.

The kind that when people see you & try to size you up all they see and sense is change on you.

The kind of change that when people haven’t seen you out nor have they seen you post, they stop mid pleasantries and say, “Something’s changed about you…”

You got any change on you?

Damn right I do…

Do you?

Stay in The Sales Life 💪


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The Setup for the Podcast:

I came across this story in John Maxwell’s book, “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn,” and I love the story because it’s one of those stories that makes you check yourself during the hard times.

The story is of a young woman telling her dad how unfair and hard her life is. Instead of jumping in and saving the day (like all dads want to do-especially for the daughters), her dad walks over to the stove and puts 3 pots on the stove and begins to boil water in each of them.

(As I’m reading this, “I’m thinking Where in the hell is this going?”)

While the pots are heating up, dad puts carrots in one pot, eggs in another, and coffee beans in the 3rd.

When his daughter is done ranting, he walks her over to the pot and asks her, “Tell me what you see.”

I’m sure she thought her dad lost it because he boiled 3 odd ass things.

She tells him what she sees: Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee.

Her father agrees, but goes on to tell her to feel each one.

The carrot squishes in her hand…

The egg is hard boiled…

And the coffee beans turned the water in a rich, flavorful aroma.

and this is the parable moment…

He told her that all 3  were subjected to the same circumstances yet they all reacted differently.

The carrot grew soft…

The egg became hard…

and the coffee transformed the water.

Dad asks his daughter, “So which are you?”

When the heat turns up in your life, will you become soft, hard, or will you transform the entire environment.

My takeaway: 

We all face hardships.

Every one of us.

And you have a choice to make.

Will you let your circumstances reduce you…or will you use the circumstances to transform you? I mean you’re already gonna go through it…

“It” is happening…so if you’re gonna go through “it” leverage that shit to make it work for you. (Pimp or be pimped) 

I’ve seen so many people let life reduce them. 

One guy I know was once a kingpin in sales, now he’s living on the street. And I say this not to point the finger, but instead to look in the mirror because if it can happen to a middle aged, debt free guy like him, then it can damn sure happen to me. 

I think Life shows us tragedies of busted, bottom-outs, and death as a way to slap you awake and let you know this shit could happen to you too. 

So we’ll all face hardship in our lives. And yes it is hard, but it’s necessary. 

I know…it sucks. Why does necessary have to be so hard sometimes?

…and you can sit there and ask that powerless, often unanswerable question…or you can just coffee bean it up and make an espresso out of your current circumstances.

I like the parable because it’ll quickly re-center you when you are in the thick of things. 

You can sit there and bitch…or you can ask yourself that one question? “So which are you?” How you answer determines the direction you take in life. 

Stay in the Sales Life!