Don’t trade your only’s

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Show notes from episode #490 of The Sales Life Podcast

⇒Click here to check recap from yesterday’s episode (#489).

Word order matters because the pattern determines meaning and the meaning brings about results.

If  I walked up to you and said, “I’m month 30 going this sell to,” you’d probably think I was crazy.

But if, instead, I walked up and said, “This month I’m going to sell 30,” you’d know exactly what I meant. You know, I know, we all know.

I was listening to a successful young guy yesterday. Life’s good for him. At 22, his business is thriving; credit’s good and’s got a nice new whip. Although he wished his business was doing a little  better, he ended with,

“…but I’m only 22!”

That last sentence was dripping with optimism. He had a good start, but he was far from satisfied.

What happened to your only’s?

Only used to come before age…now it comes after your if’s.

You used to say that you were only 6 months into your new sales gig & two out of the 6 months you’ve been the Top Producer and you ended with…

“…but I’m only 21!” or

“…I’m only a year into it.”

You were optimistic…good start, no where near done.

Only used to be a beginning…now it’s an end.

“If only I’d started sooner…”

“If only I’d started 10 years ago…”

“If only I’d stayed in school…”

“If only I’d not gotten involved with that man…”

What would my life look like today?

20 years younger or 7 years sooner-either way, I’d still be getting older. Sure, the best time to start was a decade ago, but the 2nd best time to start is now.

No matter what your life looks like right now, you get to keep your only’s.

No I didn’t start my podcast 10 years ago-I wish I had, I’m 3 years in…and I’m only 46!

I can’t wish and regret….that’s what if only’s do.  They park and wait while the meter is still running. You just get older and bitter.

No matter what your situation looks like today…DO NOT trade your only’s.

Yes you’ve made mistakes…screwed up..should’ve done differently…but you still have your only’s.

The past gave you experience to take into the future. 8, 24, or 80 years young, keep your only’s!

My dad is ONLY 80! He’s still got 2 decades in the tank. Dad, go do!!!

Only means there’s room for improvement…if only means you’ve got no where to go.

Only gives you something to reach for. It’s a new challenge…task…wall or mountain to climb. Only gives you a reason to get out of bed. If only gives you and excuse to stay there.

So here’s your TSL action item today:

  1. Name one of your “if only’s.” What’s a time you wish you could have back and do over?
  2. Name a current win. I don’t care how small it seems. If you started a WordPress account, opened a checking account, filed for an LLC, started your book, podcast, or online business. List it….and end with “and I’m only. (your age).
  3. Email me your #1 & 2 @

Try this. Say ” I am (say your age).” now say, “I’m only (and your age)!” Feel the difference?

It feels like you have time on the clock doesn’t it?

You do…so get after it.

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I’ll see you tomorrow.


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