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The Team Never Quit Podcast crew had Jake Olson on their show.

Jake was a long snapper for the USC Trojans-& oh and he’s blind!

Not only did he play football, but he played for USC & he’s a scratch golfer 🏌️‍♀️…

He said he doesn’t have the “advantage” of seeing the traps & terrain so all he can focus on is his approach & mechanics of each shot.

His ball won’t always go straight, but he can always play the next shot.

What if you played your game as a blind man?

What if you sold the way Olson played his game?

Approach, mechanics, play the next shot.

Our visuals aren’t always positive, often we see the traps, poor terrain, & our past affect our next shot (if we take it at all).

Tee up your next shot up.

Focus on your approach, mechanics, & wherever the ball lands, play the next shot.

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