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When successful tech entrepreneur Marc Lore was applying to schools his father asked him if he’d applied to the prestigious Wharton School of Business, Lore responded that he hadn’t because he had NO CHANCE of being accepted.

“So what’s the downside?” his father asked? “What would be the downside if you just applied? Sure the odds of being accepted may be slim but at least it’s not a zero…it’s a non-zero.”

Think about all of the zeros you’ve taken in life…

All of the times you didn’t ask the question, raise your hand, fill out the application, make the offer or phone calls, send the emails, follow up, or walk through the open back door…all of the times you did nothing simply because you thought- in your mind, there was NO CHANCE.

Your assumptions could’ve been right…but they could’ve been wrong too.

Who cares, right?

You should…

You should enough to try it anyway…to do your part to AT LEAST make it a non zero.

The response back is irrelevant-the chance taken is what’s important.

A “No” is proof that you took the chance…& at least it was a non-zero.

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(Ht Tony Gonzalez “Wide Open” Podcast)

Why is it always easier & often clearer to give advice rather than heed it?

No matter what someone is facing, you seem to always have the answer & often times it’s so bing’d in, you’re like damn I should be giving Dr. Phil advice.

But when it comes to your own circumstances, why do you nut up & are a soup of emotions. Even when you gave someone else the same sort of advice last week?!

One action that helps me get untangled is Situational Time Travel (a term coined by author James Altucher.)

Situational Time Travel is the act of giving someone advice in the future…

That someone in the future is you.

For instance, say I’m pissed off because I’m not selling enough used vehicles.

Future Marsh (FM) asks, “Why are you pissed off?”

Present Marsh (PM): (Goes off while FM just sits there)

Once PM has finished venting, Future Marsh asks clarifying questions such as, “So why has your volume dipped?”

PM: “It’s dipped because my inventory got too low & I spent more time working in other areas and neglected supply levels. Less selection, fewer sales.”

FM: “So what can you do to correct this?”

PM: “Sourcing needs to be the first order of business every day. The 2nd order would be to press the preowned leads that have come in.”

FM: “What do you mean press the leads?” (See I’m unpacking my own thoughts)

PM: “Meaning we’re not converting enough-turning a customer interest a into an appointment, which leads to more sales.”

No pointing the finger…no laying blame. Just find the leaks & own the effort.

Try this in any area you’re struggling with: lack of sales, finances, weight loss, etc.

The answers are in the questions that you ask. You just sometimes need that steady voice from someone who knows you well to ask those questions.

The future you.

(PS: I prefer to have the conversation out loud, say in the car on the way to work, because I find speaking it out loud makes my thoughts & subsequent answers become clearer & sharper.)

Stay in The Sales Life.


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