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What? not Why!

Posted: October 21, 2015 in Sales Success
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The most important question you can ask yourself today is, “What can I learn from this?” As in life, most of your ideas you are selling today are going to get rejected by customers. When we get told No, we take it personally and begin to ask the wrong  questions.  With a defeated mindset, we ask questions such as, “What’s wrong with me?” “Have I lost my touch?” “Is my reign of good fortune over? (Maybe I need to move on)” These questions create chatter in your mind that begin to subtract from your self-confidence and personal growth. 

In no time you’ve kicked yourself down Losers Lane and have to begin a personal crusade to fight back to your ground zero.  Thus the cycle begins- we hack away until we get back to “normal,” then the tides turn- things don’t go our way- we lose our “hot hand,” we doubt, verbally beat ourselves up, feel defeated, and abort our efforts choosing to sit and sulk instead of standing back up and swinging.  Sound familiar? 

When the shift hits the fan and things don’t seem to be going your way- when the reigns of success try to turn cloudy and rain self-doubt and pity, catch yourself and ask, “What can I learn from this: split deal, customer bought elsewhere, deal couldn’t get bought or blew out of finance, or they came back but didn’t ask for me?” Find the lessons and make adjustments not excuses. That line of questioning will keep you in a growth, forward moving mindset. 

No retreat, no surrender- forever I’ll be selling. 
I’m proud of you!  
I’ll see you out there on the Blacktop. 

There are plenty of excuses why you shouldn’t…

All you need is 1 Reason Why you should wake, work, & make it worth it. 

Secret Shoppers grade salespeople based on: 

  • The professional manner in which they were greeted.
  • Did the salesperson take a genuine interest in their needs?
  • Was the customer offered to take the vehicle for a test drive?
  • Was the customer asked to purchase the vehicle?
  • Did the customer meet a member of management?
  • Was the customer contacted after the initial visit?

And when salespeople detect that they’re working with a Secret Shopper, they’re hellbent on acing all of the steps.

Makes you wonder, if we salespeople treated every customer as a Secret Shopper, how much more successful would we be? 


What kryptonite is to Superman is what “I’m not buying today,” is to a salesperson, debilitating.  If you want to decapitate the high hopes of a salesperson, just whisper those four words and watch him fall faster than Michael Spinks did when he fought “Iron” Mike Tyson (91 seconds by the way).

A customer may be shouting that they aren’t buying today, but secretly they are asking you to give them reasons why they should. Unfortunately we as salespeople quit before we even get started. As my friend Mark Tewart says, “You aren’t selling vehicles, you’re selling solutions.” Customers don’t suddenly get beamed in to your dealership-they are there for a reason, but it’s up to you to discover what that reason is.

Don’t react to your customer’s negative emotions, instead respond by thinking in terms of solutions that are logically oriented.

  • Vehicles don’t sell themselves. Contrary to mainstream media, customers still (and always will) need salespeople. Why do 80% of online shoppers who submitted a lead end up buying something different? Because they didn’t know what they thought they knew.  Just because you can read about a procedure on Web MD doesn’t make you qualified to perform open heart surgery-you need not only years of study, but also thousands of hours of practical application to become an expert. Similarly, customers need your practical wisdom in order to cut through the cloud, clutter, and confusion when shopping for a vehicle. Established credibility leads to earned trust and the more your customers trust you, the more apt they are to buy from you.
  • Know vs. No: The less a customer knows the more likely they are to say No. No is defined as expressing disapproval. Take No professionally not personally. Often customers disapprove because they don’t know enough about you (trust), your dealership (life after the sale), or your product (is this the right solution). Slow down and mine the minds of your customers to discover their knows; that’s where the treasure is buried.
  • Expect, but prepare: A few years ago I called to check on a friend who works for the New Orleans Fire Department as they readied the city for another hurricane (the city was still recovering from Hurricane Katrina). When I asked him how bad he thought the storm would be and he simply said, “We’re expecting the best, yet preparing for the worst.” As a sales consultant, you too should expect the best (in every customer and opportunity), yet prepare for the worst. The cancers of discouragement and self-esteem are career killers to salespeople. As the rejections begin to mount, salespeople let up on their work ethic and let in negative thoughts and feelings. The Bible warns you, “More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23) If you wouldn’t let muddy feet walk across your home’s white Berber carpet-then stop letting people’s negative feats muddy up your mind. Daily, expect to win, learn to move up and on from your setbacks and losses, and guard your mind by feasting on positive relationships, books, messages, and podcasts.

When the customer says, “I’m not buying today,” and you’re unwilling to remain a life-long student to your profession, short-sell your opportunities by taking NO for an answer, and allow others to define who you are and what you should think and feel? Then that’d be your fault they aren’t buying, not theirs.

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop.





When it comes to a Demo, Write-up, or asking for the sale, most salespeople take the path of least resistance by asking one time for a demo, to come inside, or for the business. When a customer tells you NO, take the path of most resistance by taking a “Just One” approach.

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

The new 50th anniversary Lamborghini Veneno carries a price tag of $3.9 million, making it one of the most expensive cars ever produced. It sits on a $400,000 chassis, is adorned with custom made aerodynamic panels, all cradled with a V12 engine that cranks out 750 horsepower-reaching 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and top speeds of 220 miles per hour (Just what we need to sleep in a little later). In spite of the millions of dollars poured into the research and development, it is for naught if it’s missing one critical element- $3.50 worth of fuel. No fuel, no trip.

It is estimated that if your body were to be scientifically reproduced, it would cost over $6 million. I bet you had no idea you were already a multi- millionaire. Your chassis is composed of 206 bones and a staggering 60,000-mile long fuel system of veins-all adorned with custom panels of potential capable of achieving unlimited feats of success. You are crafted of the finest materials, banked with untapped possibilities, yet your tank is empty-parked on the shoulders of life. No fuel, no trip.

Even though a toddler hears the word “No” as much as 400 times per day, they seem to be unphased- why? The reason why toddlers are resilient and continue to explore is because someone is always replenishing their tanks with feedings of love, encouragement, and hugs. As a sales toddler, being told “No” is one of the keys to saying yes to success, but hearing the word “No” from 7 out of every 10 encounters begins to wear us down. When you began selling, your tank was full of optimism-you had a new lease on life and you were determined to make things happen…then the rejection set in. Customers promised you they’ll be right back only to discover they went down the street and bought a vehicle elsewhere; other customers told you to call them tomorrow, yet they purposefully gave you the wrong phone number; the couple you worked for 3 hours last Saturday- climbing in and out of 150 degree vehicles, didn’t even think to ask for you as they buy from your fellow salesperson. As the rejection mounts up, so too does your negative language. Once you looked through the lenses of possibilities; today you place everything under the microscope that magnifies your problems. Twelve hours later, as you drive home, your low gas light dings-your last $3 is put into the tank, just enough to limp into work tomorrow and pick up your draw check. As you walk through the door, you notice the thin envelope on your kitchen counter notifying you what you already knew-your account is overdrawn. Before you can put your keys on the counter, you’re told you son needs tubes to cure his ear infections. By the way the toilet is stopped up and the water pipe burst making yours and your neighbor’s yard a swampy mess.

No deposits-only withdrawals. As a toddler we had the luxury of someone else making deposits for us, but as we grow older and less dependant on others, the depositing rests more on our shoulders while life makes its withdrawals. The time to invest in yourself is before you’ve drained all of your accounts of optimism. With a wealth of free blogs, podcasts, and magazines literally at our fingertips, we cry we don’t have the time or the money to make such an investment. Abraham Lincoln used to walk for miles to borrow a book, yet we won’t even Google an article nor purchase a free library card.

As your profession and the world continue to throw punches at you, it’s what you are feeding your mind that will determine how and if you will fight back. Read biographies of people who have walked where you are walking-read of those who were staring into the abyss of life, yet today they are on top of the world. You need faith, love, and encouragement-the best person to give you that is you. Build yourself up with positive, uplifting words or messages-put fuel in your tank. As you are getting ready for work or taking the commute, read between your ears through audio. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and sip the beans of success. Don’t allow your fiery potential to become a smoldering heap of charred possibilities.

It takes just one penny doubling in value every day to be worth over $5 million in only one month’s time! On day 8 it’s worth $1.28; day 16 it’s worth $328; day 25 it’s $168,000 and on day 30 that penny reaches $5.3 million!

It takes the pennied investment of today, to bring your multi-million dollar potential into reality. It doesn’t take much to go far-besides, you’re worth too much to treat yourself so cheaply.

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop.

The other day I was looking through one of my old journals when I came across an entry dated for November 30, 2010. It was the last day of the month and I had just ended up with the worst used car month in my career-trumping the previous held record barely a month old. Not only was I coming off back-to-back negative record setting months, I was also over budget in inventory and was facing the very real possibility of losing thousands of dollars in aged inventory. Today, 31 months later, at the same dealership, I am finishing one of the best months of my career, but it would not have been realized had I not stayed to fight.

The business I loved and had literally given my all to was now my fiercest contender. When you find you’re at a crossroads in your career you have to make the choice to either fight or flee. Remember, what you’re running from you’ll eventually be running to because problems are like schoolyard bullies-they’re always looking for a fight, anytime, anyplace. Only when you are willing to stand and fight through your problems will you find your strengths and reveal your greatest opportunities. Your lowest point today sets the stage for tomorrow’s success.