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My daughter Mackenzie had a test coming up so we talked about her upcoming multiple choice test, then I had her go in the other room to study for it. In no time, she brought her worksheet back-all smiles, saying that she was ready for me to quiz her-only when I asked her the questions, I mixed up the her choices of answers. In other words, if the answer to #1 was “A,” I instead made “B” her first choice, “C” her second and so on. My intuition was right; Mack didn’t even wait for me to finish asking the question before she blurted out the letter as her answer-she got them all wrong because she had memorized the letter-she never learned the answers.

So much of what you and I do every day is through memorization-not learning. Many things have been downloaded into our internal hard drives from a very young age.  You’ve memorized the actions of others and today, you do many of the things your parents and family members did without even thinking about it. Every day you brush your teeth, bathe (hopefully), put your pants and socks on, drive to work, cook, and a thousand of other things without even thinking.

Every day, we’re picking the letter “D,” all of the above-we make decisions without challenging why we are making them.

If you find your career has plateaued; your weight is heading north; or your relationship has grown stagnant, chances are you’ve chosen “D.” You’ve stopped learning and now you’re just sleepwalking through life.

Life doesn’t have to be all multiple choice…as if there are only 4 possible options to choose from-no, from this moment on, start filling in the blank__________-a blank that YOU fill in…but don’t just fill it in with muscle memory or a I got if from my mama kind of legacy answer…

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Damn, go find your answer today…go find something today to put in your blank. There’s no right or wrong answer necessarily-sure you’re going to f’ up-you’re going to wish you would’ve done it a different way, but hell at least you filled in your blank instead of turning in your Life’s test with nothing put in those blanks….

This is YOUR Life…your blank…and it’s on you to fill in the blanks. 

I remember when I moved to F&I a little over a year ago. I hadn’t spun paper in nearly 2 decades so obviously things had changed. I’d gotten pretty good working at persuading and negotiating with a customer to buy a vehicle, but had lost the skill set and verbiage of how to handle all of the financing options for them. Life moved and I was forced to learn these skill sets again. I either had to adapt, gain my competence and confidence back or my career was dead.

Ask yourself this question today. “When was the last time it was the first time?” Think about that…when was the last time it was your first time attempting something new, different, or forgotten? That’s a question that stumps us all.

Toss the letters…

Fill in your blank today…

I’ll see you on the Blacktop.


burning calender
You’ve got 53 days, a little over 1200 hours, or if it makes you feel better,4 million seconds until it’s January 1. After we smash the black eyed peas & cabbage- after we realize that we way overspent for Christmas, again, comes the realization that we’ve got to set some goals. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh Lord here we go again!”..coming soon will be a deluge of posts and podcasts of how to set and stick to a goal…and most of us-to the tune of 92% of us, will break from these goals in days, weeks, or a few short months. (If you’re part of the 8% who keep to your goals, you disgust me.)
My question is this. Why wait 53 more days? Why not make today your New Year- your January 1- your New Year? Who says we have to wait for the ball to drop in Times Square to start building a better life?
Starting is hard… it’s hard because starting is beginning again (for the 12,317th time).  It’s a reminder that we’ve let things go for far too long. Whether it’s in our finances, waistline, or our workouts, we stand there looking in the mirror or at our accounts and beat the hell out of ourselves because we’re not who or where we once were.  We sentence ourselves to eternal condemnation…if we talked to others liked we talked to ourselves we’d have no friends… which is probably why we’re not friends with ourselves.
So here’s the deal… instead of waiting for the New Year on the calendar… make a New You starting now. Start now and you’ll be 50 days ahead. Starting now minimizes the pressure – the pressure of “the New Year.” It eliminates the psychological pressure you put on yourself, because instead of The Date,  it’s just an early start. You’re tricking your mind in a sense because instead of going all Beast Mode in January, working out three hours a day and being so sore that you’re walking like you crapped on yourself – feeling so bad that you just end up quitting anyway, start now and begin building incrementally. Instead of spending hours, just bust a sweat in 30 minutes with some sort of physical activity – whether it’s three days a week, Monday through Friday, or all seven days, start incrementally building your way into the New Year. And as you start your physical activity, swap out some of the foods for better choices- it doesn’t mean you eliminate eating altogether, it simply means that you satisfy your cravings – that sweet tooth, for healthier alternative. See, starting early-i.e. now (yes when you get off today),  you’ll get the soreness out of the way, you’ll begin to make better food choices, and you’ll start building a new you in bit sized increments. It’s making the tiny course corrections in working toward a goal without the formality of a January 1 date.
If finances is your issue …oh I know you plan on making $800 credit card payments for 12 months come next year (probably once), but why not make nibble at your debt by making payments earlier- by paying an extra $25.  It’s not huge-and that’s the what’s great about this start, it’s so subtly simple, it’s easy to do and not miss…think of it as a momentum investment towards getting your debt down. Hell, $25 extra each week- the money you’d would normally spend on a box of fried chicken and Yellow Tail wine, will get you a $200 head start toward bringing your debt down – and who knows, because you’re committed to the act, informally, you may just start adding a little bit more to see even faster results. You’ve got to just get things rolling-remember a snowball starts with a snowflake.
Think about it, you can do this with anything in life… if it’s reading more, eating better, saving for that vacation, being more effective in sales, or even starting a podcast… my January 1 started in October. I’d been putting off doing a podcast for years-waiting for the perfect time, equipment, and material, and I finally decided to just start. I said for six days each week,  I would commit  five minutes each day to share something that I’ve learned along the way. That podcast is what you now know as The Sales Life.
Make your January 1 today.
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I’ll see you on the Blacktop.


The other day I ran into a friend of mine and before I could say anything, he slapped his stomach saying, “Man I’ve lost it…I just can’t get back on track and I’ve started gaining weight again.” I cut him off in mid-explanation and told him that it was OK. “Yes, you weigh more than you did a few months ago, but you still weigh less than you did years ago…just get back up and get back in-you’re still in the game!” 

I think we do what Gary did-we compare who we were to who we are today. We compare the summits-the mountaintop, holy grail accomplishments of yesterdays to the valley we find ourselves in today. We do it when it comes to weight loss, finances, relationships, careers-even our spirituality. We get so down and beat ourselves up so bad that we feel that we can never go back to who we once were.

And you know what? You are right…

You can’t go back to what you were because who you were or what you accomplished then was fitted specifically for that mindset and situation. Something drove you to climb that mountain then…now something’s got to drive you to climb back up it again today. Not only are you capable, but you’re also cultivating your grit and perseverance. You need the struggles-you need the fights in order to grow in the unchallenged recesses of your being.

If you’re in sales, to figure out how many customers you need to work with in a month (or final week of the month),  take your delivery percentages and divide it by your goal-there’s your number. Divide that number by the number of days left and get to steppin’-notice those numbers have zero to do with rebates, interest rates, or weather. It’s a number…now go get that number.

The relationship you once had with him is not-nor will it ever be what it was when you first met. Stop bashing him and reminding him of what he once was. You ain’t getting him back, but you do have a version of him today. Figure out what you both want and need and get to steppin’ in that direction.

If you’ve maxed out all of your credit cards-stop reminding yourself that you were once debt free. You’re not now, so figure what can you do now (not then) and get to steppin’ in that direction.

The world is tough enough, but hell, we’re even tougher on ourselves. The world just picks on you-we condemn ourselves. 

Today, draw the line in the sand and don’t cross back over it. NO EXCEPTIONS! Your excuse jar is empty, and your exception account is overdrawn. When you draw the line, you cannot allow cravings to creep back in. Like Gary did, once he made the exception to taste a little bit of fried food, he kept on moving the line-making “just one more” exception.

The 1’s add up.

Determine what are the actions that are triggering negative behavior. For me, when I vowed to lose weight, I knew that when I drank liquor I made exceptions and overate. I made one adjustment-when I came home from work instead of grabbing a beer, I quickly grabbed my running shoes and went right back outside. I didn’t give myself time to make another exception.

The first thing I want you to do it L.I.G.-let who you were go and focus on who you are right now. Today is a new day of opportunities-force yourself back in the game and get to steppin’. You did it once…you’ll do it again.

Go find your new summit.

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Musician Waka Flocka powerfully said, “Comparison is the thief to potential..” (you may want to read that a few times).

We’re always trying to compare ourselves to others, aren’t we? Businesses even do it. One business sells to another for $1 billion so the another business erroneously thinks they should be able to sell for a half mil. Dealerships are always comparing themselves to the next one down the street. Businesses compare, but so do you and I. The problem is when you compare yourself to others, you’re putting a baseline on your abilities and a headboard-or a cap on your potential. When you compare the accolades of others, you’re capping your own potential because you think that is the end of the road-the summit of success and it is not. You have no idea what you’re truly capable of…

Who cares?

Who cares if it takes you 7 years what took the other person 7 months. Good job to the one who lost weight in 9 months, but it takes me 2 years.

How long it takes is irrelevant. How much focus you have in your efforts is the only thing that matters. Stop trying to put certainty on a future of uncertainty-a future that has not even been written for you yet. Your future will be written in the ink of your sweat and it’ll exceed your wildest expectations. 


You’ve got to stop looking side to side. Look from side to side for motivation. Look from side to side  to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of others, but do not look side to side in comparison to where they are now. You’re an unfinished work.

Keep your head straight..pick a point and look ahead. Run your race-put in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Whatever it takes.

When you W.I.N… when you do What Is Necessary, you’ll have had done it your way on your dime and in your time.

I’ll see you on the Blacktop.

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Some people seem to have all of the luck, don’t they? We read and hear stories of those lucky people who caught their big break because they happened to be in the right place at the right time. Seemingly overnight, “mis” no longer preceded their fortune. “Man, if only I was that lucky,” we jealously muse. Many successful people such as a musician, athlete, or an author, for example, seemed to have been luckily discovered. They are inked, drafted, and contracted because they have one thing in common; they take action. Despite failing miserably, embarrassingly, and painfully time and time again, they got up, when others stayed down. Henry David Thoreau once said, “If anyone advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live a life which he imagines, he will meet with a success unexpected.” No one ever gets discovered just by thinking about it. If you want to get “lucky,” take action- repeated enough, you’ll wind up being in the right place at the right time.

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop!

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The word Jade is a heteronym (a word with the same spelling, yet different meanings) that is used in one form or another in the arena of sales. When used as a noun, Jade is a beautiful, expensive gemstone. As a verb, Jade is defined worn out broken down worthless and dull. If the word Jade was used to describe your qualities as a sales professional, would you be described as the noun or the verb?  Obviously, the meanings are significantly different.

Remember why you were first hired as a sales professional? You were hired because you convinced the sales manager that you were a gem. You dressed in your best clothing, ornamented in your best jewelry and truly looked the part. Although your sales manager may have viewed you as a little rough on the edges, he or she bought off what you were selling thinking that you could be polished and crafted in order to bring out the best qualities you have to offer. With high self-esteem and grandiose expectations, you hit the lot with aspirations to be a game-changer, the best salesperson that dealership has ever seen. In your mind, you know there is no other salesperson compared to you; a jewel surrounded in a case full of ordinary stones.

No one can fully prepare you for the rejection you must face in order to be successful in sales. In a short amount of time, what was once an expensive gem begins to lose its luster. Because of the insurmountable amounts of rejection, we become tired, worn-out, dull, weary; simply we become the verb, Jaded. We begin to look at customers as a liability and no longer an asset.  As it is written, “Seek and ye shall find.” At one time you looked at each customer as a treasure chest, now they are looked upon as a toxic dump; the waste, the by-product from another dealer’s lot. We begin to ask questions such as, “What’s your beacon score/ what kinda payment do you want?” or “What do you owe on your car?” in an effort to circumcise our efforts out on the lot. We ask these detrimental kinds of questions and decide if we should date this customer or treat them like a one night stand. We’ve resigned the position of being an image consultant, no longer motorvating our customers to upgrade their transportation image and instead accepted a professorship position giving our customers the Rules of the Lot and lecture them on how they need to buy a car.

Jade is noted by its tremendous strength and beauty. It comes in many different colors and in many ways is as strong as steel. Jade is mined and sold in large chunks; the buyer is gambling because he has no idea the quality of Jade inside of the rock. You were hired because your manager took the gamble and viewed you as a gem among rocks. You possess a unique combination of magnificence as well as strength, but it must be worked, tried, and chiseled in order to showcase its brilliance. The sales profession is a kind of metamorphic activity that only time and hard work can distinguish the best from the rest. It takes many years for a rock to become a gem, but only seconds of the wrong perspective and wrong thought for a gem to be reduced to a mere rock. Never lose your radiance.