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There’s an old saying that says, “Sometimes you have to carry your own canteen,” meaning you have to carry and handle your own situation, your own struggles… & handle your own slumps.

And it’s not that it’s you against the world, but it’s you against you…of old.

If you want a new you…

then you’ve got to stop letting others carry your burdens and give you a victim pass.

Now you have to figure it out…shoulder your own load…carry your own canteen.

And don’t be mad at others…nor yourself….

Woulda…shoulda is powerless…

Gonna is the question.

What are you gonna do?

People can help you along the way, but they can no longer do it or excuse it for you.

The only way out is through…you.

~Be your own action figure. Stay in The Sales Life.

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