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If you think you’re good, there’s always room to get better. 

But if you think that you’re the best-well that’s the very day you’re at the doorstep to becoming the worst.
Success isn’t an arrival but instead it’s a series of continuous departures. And your only competitor is the man you were yesterday. 
Your greatest fear should be when you land not when you takeoff. 
Touch but don’t ever land. 

When you’re working with your customers, is your ear trained to hear not only the lyrics but also the music behind the lyrics. Here’s what I mean…

As a sales athlete, you have to be willing to take more reps-that’s the only way you’ll ever get any better. You can sit in a classroom for months at a time and fundamentally draw up closes, rebuttals, and open-ended questions, but none of that will pay the bills until you are willing to take the risks and put them into action. Medicines, self-help books, sermons, and negotiating skills will not work until effectively applied.

Instead of loathing the feeling of rejection, learn to love it-make it a habit. Athletes don’t like the burning feeling in their chest or rubbery legs, or missing the game winning shot, but they know they have to go through in order to go to. When you find your closing ratio is sub par, you have to get in the game and take more reps. Initially, it’s disillusioning because at first, it’ll seem like your hard work is not paying off. Understand you are winning even when the results don’t show because with every rejection, setback, and uncomfortable situation, you are refining and perfecting your skills. It is in the storm of rejection and adversity-when your mind is telling you to play it safe, that you should habitually forge ahead. The greatest gains come on the other side of your pains-that’s where most people give up. That’s where most “experienced” salespeople say that they don’t need to work as hard. Standing on the doorstep of a breakthrough-instead of turning the knob and walking into their destiny, most people back away and walk back down the sidewalk of existence.

Even when you fear what’s on the other side of the door, turn the knob and open your fortunes. Make rejection an addiction.

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop.