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Years back in order to get a job in sales, a manager would walk in, size you up, & say,

Sell me this pen…

& if you were creative & quick on your feet, you’d get the job.

“Sell me this pen…”

If I were asked this question 21 years ago…or 21 selling years later, I still couldn’t answer the question vey well.

When you think of a pen, you picture a cap, ink, & a tip, right?

& seeing that pen I come off with these weak statements like, “Look at the craftsmanship, Mr. Customer …& the ink is from the finest of inks…”

  • Hearing myself say that, I wouldn’t pay 50 cents let alone 2-300 bucks for the pen…
  • But, that’s because I’ve always said what a pen is…& never paint the picture of what a pen does.
  • In one word, your pen is power…

    Your pen fills out the application for your new career…

    & with your new career, your pen writes down all of the relevant information, skills, & techniques that you can use to move up quickly…

    Your pen writes offers, proposals, & counteroffers…

    Your pen writes thank you notes & letters of gratitude…

    Your pen endorses the back of your commission check…

    Your pen signs the receipt for new clothes & shoes-now you’re starting to look the part…

    Your pen opens the savings account & gym membership…

    Your pen signs the contract for your new car & custom built home…

    Your pen signs the agreement to get your child into the perfect school…

    Your pen signs the card “I’m thinking of you during this difficult time…”

    With a half circle & 2 dots, your pen leaves a smiley face on a post it note on the bathroom mirror…

    Your pen underlines the passages of a good book that are recalled during your time of need…

    When you’re knotted up & don’t know which way to turn, your pen liquifies your thoughts & gives you clarity…

    Your pen writes your mission for the day or month…

    Your dreams can be steered into reality with your pen…

    Your pen in one word: Power

    In two words: Personal Power

    The pen costs pennies or is even free…but its power is priceless.

    Sadly most people only see a pen for what it is & not for what it can do…

    Because most people are waiting for something to happen in order to pick up the pen…

    When you need to pick it up & rarely put it down & make it happen.

    Right there at your fingertips you can unlock your future…

    All with the power of a pen.

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    The day after a bad day

    When you have a bad day, the following day is a “Breakthrough Day…”

    because the fact that you didn’t lay down, call in or hide, & showed up, the day after a bad day, is persistence in the making…

    annnnd because you showed up, you get to do it different & a little bit better today.

    You’re not failing as a loss, you’re refining to win.

    Bad day? Show up…it’s a breakthrough day today.

    Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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    “What are you Best in the World at?”

    If I asked you, you’d probably compare yourself to someone way more successful than you & reply with…


    There will always be someone better than you…

    But you are BIW…

    Because Best in the World is not what’s in the trophy case nor on the wall-that’s just the fruit…

    BIW is a seed of a mindset…

    BIW is a mantra…

    BIW is a work ethic…

    BIW is your swag…

    BIW is your ethos…

    Think about this…

    If you considered yourself Best in the World, what foods would you put into your body?

    How would you live?

    What relationships would you keep & which ones would you distance yourself from?

    If you considered yourself BIW, how would you think…what would you talk about?

    Would you coast? Would “good enough” be an option?

    Hell no.

    Because you’re Best in the World…nothing but premium goes into your tank.

    If you’re going to “be” why not just finish the sentence?

    Why not BE…Best in the World?

    “I’m not going to BE sitting in this chair 5 yrs from now…”

    “I’m not gonna BE 60 lbs overweight 6 months from now…”

    No matter how it looks or feels right now, finish the sentence…

    Stop waking up, looking at the current score, & add to the losses…step out with a BIW to add to the lessons to win.

    If I’m going to BE…I might as well be, “Best in the World.”

    I recently read Rakim’s book, “Sweat the Technique” (From old school rap group Eric B & Rakim) & he lives by the mantra, “Be better than yourself,” meaning to not get so caught up in what everyone else is doing, just be better than yourself. The idea keeps you focused on developing your skills & techniques.

    “Imagine the impossible, then do.” ~Rakim.

    To be BIW it’s going to require a couple of things:

    🔥 Don’t wait for motivation to show up. Practice the positive behaviors that lead to the greatest impact for you-even when you’re not highly motivated to do so. Sometimes motivation has to catch up. Motivation should accompany your actions, not be the sole driver for what you do.

    🔥 Train with the best. “Training” for you could mean physical, but training is also the company you keep. Hang with the best…limit yourself to the rest.

    Don’t just “follow” people on social media just to follow….absorb them.

    Buy into what they do & less into what they say in their marketing. (The jewelry, cars, cash, & planes are all a way for you to buy what they’re selling)

    What are the habits, rituals, & routines that you can incorporate into your own life? You may not be able to hang with a billionaire right now, but you can hang with their minds through books & videos.

    “Best” takes years…but is practiced in days, hours, & seconds.

    Overweight, broke, divorced, demoted?

    Swag out with, “I am the best!” It’s not something you have to say to others…it’s what you think & do right now, from where you are.

    The results will show!

    Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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    Wally didn’t feel like playing the baseball game that day so he said, “Go ahead & let the other guy play…”

    The problem for Wally is that the other kid never gave his Wally his position back.

    You’ve probably never hear of Wally Pipp, but you’ve probably heard of Lou Gehrig…

    For 56 years Lou Gehrig held the record for most consecutive games played.

    This message is 2 fold:

    If you’re deep on the depth chart today…even if it looks like there’s no way anything’s going to open up for you…

    Play, practice, & prepare like you’re a starter because you never when that “1 opportunity” turns your whole life around.

    When you hear, “Go ahead,” you play in such a way to never give that position up.

    & if you’re in the lead position, don’t ever think that you can’t be dethroned.

    Every opportunity counts…every customer counts…every situation counts…

    Because all it takes is for you to “not feel like it,” & say, “Go ahead…”

    That’s the day you fall…& the moment they rise.

    “Go ahead,” is not a command it’s a mindset & if you say it once, you’ll say it anytime “you don’t feel like it.”

    Opportunities exist for you…but they exist for others too…

    Especially when you say, “Go ahead…”

    Instead say, “I got it…”

    Stay in The Sales Life 💪

    (Thanks to Michael Strahan’s book for the inspiration for this post)

    “This time it’s gonna be different!”

    “This is it!”

    “This is hard…”

    “This is b.s.”

    “This is ridiculous…there’s no way this is gonna work for me…”

    “Oh well…”

    When enough is enough…& you’re sick & tired of being tired, you push off to change…

    Only to realize early on that it’s harder than you expected…

    The only result you seem to be getting is just constant pain-mentally & physically.

    Things seem bad…but then they turn to worse.

    So you quit…& go back to the way things were.

    If this all sounds familiar, you’re in great company because we’ve all pushed off hard & fast in an effort to change, only to feel the pain, give up & turn back.

    Now that you know that you’re not crazy nor weak, see the cycles for what they are & take them head on.

    The 5 Emotional Cycles of Change (ECOC) are listed in Brian Moran’s book, “The 12 Week Year.”

    I. Uniformed Optimism: “Piss & Vinegar” stage. All upside & no downside. (Doesn’t last long)

    II. Informed Pessimism: This stage you’re moody because you realize the change is harder than you expected. You’re looking for ways out because things are bad…but it gets worse.

    III. Valley of Despair: “Things weren’t so bad before,” you rationalize…so you quit & go back.

    Stage III is where most turn back…but with a strong enough purpose, you’ll learn there’s more…if you keep going.

    IV. Informed Optimism: The clouds break open and you’re finally seeing some results…but you must KEEP GOING. This stage is where most people sigh a breath of relief too long & relax too much-negating all of the hell they pushed through.

    V. Success & Fulfillment: You’ve built new capacities & confidence. You can handle more & take on more because you now you’ve shown yourself what you’re truly capable of.

    Congratulations on reaching Stage V…now move the bar because there’s more for you. 😉

    Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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    Zack Babcock ended up serving a 5 year prison sentence for various crimes.

    Prison didn’t settle him down…it made him even worse. He was always getting into fights with other inmates and officers.

    Even though he acted out, he was hollow inside…

    “How can I get peace,” he desperately wondered.

    He used the only resource he had…

    With only 2 bath towels to his name, he tore one of them into sections and began to “dominate his space…”

    furiously cleaning his sink, toilet, & floors in his prison cell.

    He couldn’t take back his past…& he couldn’t control what was going on outside of his tiny cell…

    But he could take back his life…& it started with a torn bath towel.

    There are things in your life you can’t take back…& there are situations & circumstances that are outside of your control…

    But you can take back your life & it starts with “dominating your space.”

    The area& resources that are directly in front of you & that is within your control.

    When you’re on the phone with a customer- no matter how bad your day is going, “dominate your space,” that conveys a tone of upbeat professionalism & understanding.

    When you’re working with customers- no matter how terrible your month is, “dominate your space” with the right body language and certainty that you know what the hell you’re doing.

    When you’re at a social function or even in a toxic office environment…”dominate your space.”

    Yes you’re 100 lbs overweight, “dominate your space” by walking in that gym with a mission to no longer live this way.

    Your personal life may be crumbling, but “dominate your space” professionally…

    You may have been just passed over or demoted…damn…now “dominate your space” & turn your professional life around make others stand in awe that not only are you back, but exceedingly better than ever.

    “Dominate your space…”even if it’s a pinhole of light…DOMINATE.

    It’s not about pushing & slapping other people aside…it’s about taking control & influence over what you’ve got and successfully earning your freedom.

    Stay in The Sales Life 💪

    “To be or not to be…” was the question by Shakespeare.

    “Should I or shouldn’t I,” is the question asked by YOU.

    Whether in Sales or in Life, we all get to the crossroads of “The Big Ask,”

    Asking for something and getting a No in return.

    This is where your mind launches a full out war with you….& normally wins.

    Your mind is trying to shield you from further rejection by telling you that you shouldn’t ask because the answer is probably a No.

    Everything you want in life is on the other side of ask.

    & if you don’t ask?

    You eat the leftovers Life scrapes onto your plate.

    If you’re tired of eating leftovers, ask…and eat big.

    You can’t lose what you don’t have.

    You don’t have anything right now so you might as well ask.

    The answer may be yes…

    & even if it’s a No…

    They may say No to your initial ask, but it may open up to other options & opportunities. “No we can’t do that…but we can do this______”

    But you’ve gotta ask.

    The fact that you took the risk, you proved to yourself you can go further and still live to fight another day.

    But you’ve gotta ask.

    Your asking expands your comfort zone, level of tolerance, & increases your confidence.

    But you’ve gotta ask.

    “Done” is better than “should.” No more negotiating with yourself…just disengage emotionally and fling the ask out there.

    What’s the worst that could happen? But what could be the best?

    But you’ve gotta ask.

    Stay in The Sales Life 💪