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“To be or not to be…” was the question by Shakespeare.

“Should I or shouldn’t I,” is the question asked by YOU.

Whether in Sales or in Life, we all get to the crossroads of “The Big Ask,”

Asking for something and getting a No in return.

This is where your mind launches a full out war with you….& normally wins.

Your mind is trying to shield you from further rejection by telling you that you shouldn’t ask because the answer is probably a No.

Everything you want in life is on the other side of ask.

& if you don’t ask?

You eat the leftovers Life scrapes onto your plate.

If you’re tired of eating leftovers, ask…and eat big.

You can’t lose what you don’t have.

You don’t have anything right now so you might as well ask.

The answer may be yes…

& even if it’s a No…

They may say No to your initial ask, but it may open up to other options & opportunities. “No we can’t do that…but we can do this______”

But you’ve gotta ask.

The fact that you took the risk, you proved to yourself you can go further and still live to fight another day.

But you’ve gotta ask.

Your asking expands your comfort zone, level of tolerance, & increases your confidence.

But you’ve gotta ask.

“Done” is better than “should.” No more negotiating with yourself…just disengage emotionally and fling the ask out there.

What’s the worst that could happen? But what could be the best?

But you’ve gotta ask.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

The recommitted always say, “I gotta go back to the basics…”

They hit the skids- tried everything else, only to realize it was the basics…the collected smalls that made you successful.

It’ll always be about the basics…compounded, but it’s still the basics.

The deceiving part is that you built up so much momentum that you feel you can stray away from the basics & still see success…& you can…for a while.

Leave early, come in late, skip today, & double up “tomorrow” become common themes…

& because those themes don’t have an immediate negative result, you try them again & again until you’re 4 miles from the path that lead to you success.

Your sales success dried up…you put 15 lbs back on “overnight,” your weekend getaways lead to crushing debt…

You left the basics & those tiny deviations eventually lead you way off course…

The good news is you left the basics…but the basics never left you.

They’re so small they’re just as easy to do as not to do…

So given the option, recommit to “do.”

Go to the basics…but keep in mind you won’t get instant results.

Stay with it…you have to build basic momentum again…compound it…and never leave it again.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪 #thesaleslife

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So your plan to get up early and work out didn’t quite become a reality this morning …

Last night it seemed easy-squeezy- but now you find yourself running behind like all of the other mornings because you overslept…again.

Instead of beating yourself up all day…& quitting before you really get started…

🔥Make an “interest only” payment to yourself.

Financially, if you can’t make a full payment on a loan, you can call your creditor & make an “interest only” payment. It keeps you from defaulting & only pays them interest on the money they loaned you.

In the same way, making an “interest only” payment keeps you from defaulting on your promise to yourself to get in better shape.

While you may not have time to do a full, regular workout, make an “interest only” payment by doing a 10-15 min workout on your lunch break, in your garage, or in your living room tonight. Air squats, burpees, pushups, dips (using 2 chairs), or a walk/run around your block should do the trick.

You’ll fell better about yourself & your body & mind will begin to transform because you just proved you’re committed to never going back.

~Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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Steve Aoki was on Tom Bilyeu’s Podcast & he said…

“The problem with social media is people are looking at other people’s results & say, ‘I want what they have…‘”

🔥”…but you must start with what’s right in front of you.”

Aoki didn’t start out playing to sold out crowds, he started playing to small rooms…then theaters…& eventually sold out arenas.

🔥The reason why you get discouraged is because you’re playing to someone else’s results when you need to play to your audience…

& sometimes that’s an audience of 1…


If you’re starting a podcast, business, sales position, blog, or just trying to get in shape…

🔥Play to your room.

& keep playing to your room because the results aren’t always cashable, but they sure as hell count.

They count in grit, tenacity, persistence, & an ability to handle what you’ve got…

…so you can eventually handle more.

Keep playing to your room- what starts off as a mirror, turns into a room, turns into a theater…& eventually into an arena of results.

~Stay in The Sales Life

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What are you presenting today?

You may not be on a stage, but your world is your stage & every day you’re presenting…

The question is what are you presenting?

🔥Are you presenting how bad things are for you right now…how bad your month is going…how ill you are…how the administration has messed things up & the world is chaotically upside down?

What are you presenting?

🔥Because whatever you’re presenting is what you’re producing .

& every time you present, you give it fresh legs & new fire.

Stop presenting what you don’t want to produce.

I get that you have problems & unfairness…

Join the crowd…we’re all battling through something…

It may not be the same as yours but it damn sure rhymes.

Just produce…you got big shoulders…you can handle more than you think & go harder than you believe…

Focus less on presenting & more on producing.

& we don’t need to hear about it…we’ll see it in the effort & eventual results 💪

~Stay in The Sales Life

(Hat tip to Darren J Hardy book The Compound Effect for the inspiration)

When I’m pressed for time, I’ll run a quick 2 miles around the road that circles my house. (4 laps = 1 mile)

Because I had to force myself to hit the road, I try to hurry & get it over with by cutting the corners instead of fully rounding them off.

At the time, it seems like I’m getting around the circle quicker, but after eight laps, mentally I’m trying to pull up, but my watch tells me to keep running…

It’s not yet 2 miles…

Come to find out, because I cut the corners, I end up having to take needless, extra steps.

An extra 100 ft doesn’t seem like much, but if I add that extra 100 ft up over the next 52 runs, I end up adding a mile’s worth of steps for the same “2 mile” run.

Sound familiar?

You’re tired…sore…frustrated…& the month’s been grueling…

Nothing seems to be going your way…

So you cut the corners…

In an effort to “save time,” you rush through customers, quickly assessing if they’re buying or not…

You take extra days off to rest from last week’s leg day at the gym…

You jump from one relationship into the next proclaiming, “this is the one…”

You “put it all on the card” or renew the loan this month and gamble on figuring out how to make the payments next month(s)…

You cut the corners…because it seems like it’s the quickest way to make your lap that day…

Hurry & get it over with seems logical…

But it’s costly…

Because this is a long race you’re running & you’re needlessly adding extra steps to achieve a decision…outcome…or goal.

Run the full mile you’re in…

Today, I know you don’t feel like it…I know it’s been rough…I know the extra weight of frustration, fatigue, & anger make your run slower & harder…

But take the steps now…

All of them…

Because you’ll take fewer in the long run.

When I’m on that hard ass, “don’t feel like it” run & feel like cutting the corners…

When the voices are banging in my head- screaming that no one will know that I’m cutting the corners…

I tell myself, “Square the circle…don’t circle the square.”

See, the road around my house is a circle, but the parameters are a square, so if I stay on that parameter, eight laps is two miles…

But if I circle the square & cut the corners, that same two miles ends up costing me extra steps..wasted energy & time.

Square the circle today….

When you cry to yourself, “ I don’t feel like doing this-I’m just going to round this thing off!!!”

Don’t, because it may feel like it’s quicker now, but remember your life isn’t a lap…it’s many, many miles…

Today’s lap may be hard…but in the end the steps will be efficiently fewer…& it’ll all be worth it.

Have an amazing day…

~Stay in The Sales 💪ife.

“I love you…but

“I want hire you…but

“I want to buy from you…but

🔥The buts negate everything.

& you only hear what comes after but.

Your skin color, neighborhood, family, your past, present circumstances, nor the fact that you didn’t graduate high school nor go to college…

They’re not holding you back…

It’s your “buts.”

“I want to lose 20 lbs but I’m a single parent raising 2 kids, working 2 jobs, & have too much to do…”

“I want to sell 30 this month, but I haven’t been here long & am new to the area..”

“I want to make $100k this year, but only make $50k. There’s no way for me to double my income.”

You’re right…because your “buts” affirm your excuses.

🔥Keep your buts…

Buts can negate…but they can also give you permission.

🔥When you use the word “but” today as an excuse of why something can’t be done…

Use “but” to give you permission instead.

Use whatever time & resources you have RIGHT NOW to move forward.

🔥I want to lose 20LBS, but I have 10 minutes, & a floor where I can do pushups, planks, & burpees.

🔥I want to sell 30 this month, but I’ve got to get in front of 65-70 people.

🔥I want to earn $100k this year, but I’ve got to strengthen my knowledge, techniques, & give all my creatives away for now.

Don’t give me that but…give me that but.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪


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