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(The 30,000 foot view from today’s episode #492)

A lack of persistence is a lack of one or more of these key ingredients. Think of persistence as a 4 link chain. You must have all 4 to develop persistence.

Napoleon Hill wrote that persistence is made of 4 ingredients:

1. Purpose: What do you want to have happen? Not “Ooh that’d be kinda nice,” NO specifically what do you want? (Most people stop at purpose)

2. Plan: Engineer a plan. I reverse engineer my sales goals (results/ close % = at bats / working days = per day), but I forward engineer my weight loss. (Bust a sweat every day. Eat clean foods only) The point is to keep it simple and engineer it in the way that works for you.

3. Focus: Don’t fall asleep at life’s wheel. Pay attention to the numbers. Keep in mind that the numbers will NEVER WORK AGAINST YOU. It’s the emotions that you associate to your numbers that is working against you. Numbers are just being numbers. It doesn’t take emotions to add 2+2. A 1 is a 1…a 3 is a 3. A 5 doesn’t try to be a 3, it’s just being a 5. Now that you have a purpose, and working a plan, maintain your focus and treat numbers as numbers. Period.

4. Alliance: Keep “NO” people in your life. The kind of people who call you out on your laziness and slack. Don’t make “don’t want” people part of your alliance. Ally yourself with people who are higher, more powerful than you-who will call you out when you pull up.

The reason why you don’t have persistence is because you haven’t defined persistence and if you haven’t defined persistence, then you can’t be definite in persistence. 

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It’s funny how things line up…

You’re humming along and it seems like everything’s falling into place perfectly…

Until it doesn’t.

Things aren’t lining up for you right now because you stopped putting up your dots.

Dot Days are the days where you’re tired, frustrated, & seems like it’s all for naught…

Nothing’s for nothing.

You Dot Days count….

…not always in immediate results, but they count in grit, persistence, commitment, & resilience.

Your Dot Days are building your infrastructure so when the results come you’re strong enough handle it.

But most people will never see the results…

Because they didn’t put up enough dots…

…they turned back too soon.

Put up so many dots so that it’ll compound & reach tipping point that will eventually spill over into results.

Some days you’ll even have more results than you put up dots.

So on those days where you’re feeling discouraged…

Just put up your dot…

Today’s my Dot Day…”

One day they’ll all connect.

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There are days I don’t feel like working out, running, writing, or even going to work- but you force the behavior to go to work because you’ll get fired if you don’t.

Like work , you have to force the behavior when you don’t feel like doing something because you refuse to let your feelings govern your emotions.

There are few days when you truly “feel” like doing “it.” Your first day starting a change is probably the most optimistic day you’ll have…after that it gets tough, sore, and resultless.

Those tough days (after day one) are the days you have to trigger your Activation Energy (ht:Tommy Baker) and chase your first bead.

Chasing that first bead is like going to the gym cold & unmotivated, but once you break a sweat you get into your grove…

Chase your first bead…

In sales jump in front of that first customer and get your lingo and rhythm going, it’s a quick win and carry’s over to the next customer regardless of the initial results.

Writing: keep writing-the first page is terrible but by page 2 your thoughts are flowing & page 2 is now your new page 1.

Reports, projects, jogging- any tough project CHASE YOUR FIRST BEAD…

After a few minutes of persistently staying with it, your emotions will line up with your movements and you’ll catch your grove.

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(Thank you Tommy Baker for the inspiration for this post)