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Grant Cardone said that in order for him to change his life, he had to stop listening to the other percentages.

Half of him wanted to change his life…but the other half kept dragging him down.

The other 1/2 being his mom & his past.

Sometimes the halves become the whole’s of our life.

And it’s not like his mom hoped he’d amount to nothing in life…

She was just repeating & passing down a pattern that’d been passed down to her.

A pattern of negativity…

of regret…

& of resentment.

But it wasn’t all her…

Some of his percentages were attributed to his early addictions of drugs & alcohol too.

Grant admitted he wouldn’t be where he is today had he not tuned out the other 50%.

So what’s your percentages?




Whatever your percentages, it’s probably one, 2, or all of the 3 P’s:

Your Past…

Your Present (circumstances…)

&/or People.

& some of those people being your “family,” “friends,” (huge air quotes), and society.

And they’re quick to give you perfect advice.

They’re quick to bestow how it should be done (yet did not do.)

Your percentage is affecting your perspective.

So if your perspective is all jacked up, so too will your outcome.

Your future is weighted by your percentages.

So what’s yours?

How are you allocating your percentages?

Sometimes you have to treat the 3 P’s like your car radio…

Tune them out by hitting the mute button & keep it moving.

Have an amazing day.

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