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NBA great Kobe Bryant said that he can’t talk his kids into hard work…he could only show them.

Michael Strahan echoed Kobe…

At 36 years old Strahan had retired from the NFL was a Hall of Fame inductee but, even though he was successful, he still shows his children that he works hard working multiple jobs and not resting on his accomplishments.

Strahan stresses, “My life is not your life. You will have privileges that many children your age don’t, but you’ve still got to create a name for yourself…”

His children don’t have permission to adopt his success, they have to create their own.

And this isn’t just about privilege, it’s about poverty too. Just because you grew up without the advantages of others- you lived in a bad neighborhood, had drug addicted parents, or were raised by others, it doesn’t give you permission to take their life & adopt it as your own.

Privilege or Poverty you don’t have permission to ride the backs of other’s accomplishments nor do you have permission to accept your past as your destiny.

You have to create a name for yourself. It requires struggle, failure, & tension because it’s your fight…your life.

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A Failure’s Birthday

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Today, I have made it 38 years; it is also the day I give birth to a future that I have total control over. The only thing that is certain is my past; my future waits to be written. Circumstances are tests of character, experiments of perseverance- in the last 38 years I have failed many of them miserably, but I never lost. Loser’s quit-they give up and begin blaming everything and everyone for why they are the way they are. Failure’s find out what didn’t work and realize they are that much closer to a breakthrough; thank God I am a failure.  I have survived 38 years; I will begin living the rest of the ones I am blessed to be able to attend. Today marks my day of birth, but more importantly, today marks the beginning of something big; I am still here and my job is not yet finished. Hell, everyday I resolve to have a birthday, what’s fun about a past day?