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Evan Carmichael is somebody I watch on YouTube and I like him because his videos are short bursts that make you think.

He said when he goes on tour, people often ask him when he’s coming to their city?

He answers, “I’m not…I’m not coming to your city….”

See, that’s what we want in life…

We want the unicorns…

We want the rainbows…

We want the pot of gold…

We want good fortune to come to us & life says, “I’m not coming…If you want to see a difference in your life bad enough, then you’ve got to go to me because I’m not coming to you.”

In Life you can either settle or see.

If you settle, then you get the scraps- so don’t bitch about it.

But if you really want to see it…

& you’re willing to run, sprint, climb, crawl, limp- put your teeth back in, get back up and keep showing up….

It ain’t easy.

Sometimes it’s not even fair.

But if you’re willing to go to it, you’ll one day see it.

Have an amazing day.

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“Because if you’re not willing to fail, you’re not really willing to succeed.  Failure means you have skin in the game.  You took a risk.  You did something that the 99 percent isn’t willing to do. New Years is just like any other sunset: another blank page of your life that you get to author any way you want.

The goals that really matter aren’t really about a New Year, but a New You.”

New Year or New You? Pick YOUR word