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Most people think in plurals…

They think & do what the masses are doing.

But you to work in singles…

It’s the 1%…

doing the shit that few are willing to do.

So when you’re frustrated…

when you’re fatigued…

When it just seems like it’s not working for you, just ask, “Am I doing what everyone else is doing?”

Or are you doing what the few are doing?

See the singles are the ones that are getting up before anyone else.

The singles are the ones who say, “Y’all go ahead & go party, I got work to do.”

The singles are working on their craft & their technique.

They’re reading, rehearsing, & reviewing.

The singles are the ones who are grabbing one more customer…

& making one more phone call, even though today’s results have been a disaster.

The singles are the ones who are running regardless of the weather.

Most won’t go today, but you’re one of few.


Think & work in singles.

It’s elimination time.

Because most people can’t do what you’re willing to do without instant gratification.

They can’t hang.

Others will be quick to tell you, Here’s an easier way…Here’s a hack…Here’s a quick cheat that no one will notice!

And you say, “Nah, I got it. I’ll stay single.”

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Just as 83,000 gross tons of a cruise liner is secured to land by various cables and anchors, what moors your life? The cables and anchors of your life are your values; you never know how secure your cables are until the storms of life come in and test their strengths. Tell me moor.  Have you been moored with the illusion of money? Have you lost the moorings of family, health, friendships and faith only to become a slave to the thing you once mastered? Money can be directed, but when left untrained, can turn and maul its master. May these turbulent times put the moorings of your life into perspective. Pull up the anchors that have no real, intrinsic value and tie up to the ones that can weather any storm.