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I had a salesperson that I just couldn’t seem to get her to work with more customers- being she was new, I would repeatedly emphasize to her to work with more customers, but when they would come in, she’d usually fall back & let another salesperson Up (catch) them. I couldn’t figure it out..she knew her product, she was technically sound, & she was used to competing against the boys because she came from a male dominated industry …so what was it? When asked, she responded, “Marsh, I don’t have a huge need- the other salespeople around me have to struggle to make a sale in order to pay rent & car notes- I don’t have a huge need so I don’t need to make much.” Leaning back I asked her, “So what’s your end game…” to that she told me that she planned on being in the car business a long time. “Then if that’s the case, you’re not doing yourself much good- here’s why…

First, you can’t teach what you don’t know & you’ll never know until you first do. In his biography, Arnold Schwarzenegger said the 3 keys to him becoming a 7x Mr Olympia, successful businessman, & one of the highest paid actors at the time in Hollywood were reps, reps, reps.”

Reps weatherproof your career. You’ve got to work with hundreds of experiences, objections, scenarios, & obstacles while fading & maneuvering through thousands of rejections not only so that you can learn, but so that you can pay it forward and help others succeed who are starting out as well. Reps also give your customers the needed assurances that you can help them with their current situation because you’ve helped other customers maneuver through similar circumstances as well.

This brings me to my 2nd point,” I told her, “When you’re not working with enough customers, not only do you not possess enough of the necessary skills that they desire & deserve, but not working with enough customers means that you’re OK with them buying from an inferior salesperson- if you say that you’re here to help customers, then you’ve got to follow through with actions to those words.”

Which brings me to my 3rd point,” I quipped, “Do you have kids?” She told me that she had a boy and a girl- Mason & Madison…”Do you want them to do well in life,” I asked knowing she’d say yes. “If you want them to do well, then be their teacher- set the example because they can’t be what they don’t see. The reason why so many struggle as adults today is because, no one played the part…no one showed them the pattern… no one chalked the outline, nor showed them what they could be because no one helped them see…no one showed them more so they’ve accepted less.”

You must do well…you must reach beyond your comfort zone…you must dig deep and get back up…you must set audacious goals & kick the door in when Life tries to slam it in your face…you must reach higher because this isn’t just about you.

It’s way bigger than that…

….but first you’ve got to set the bar.

I’ll see you on the Blacktop.

Many times when we miss a result we get discouraged don’t we? In sales when you’re working with a customer for hours, days, even months only to result in not making a deal(!!!)… you get discouraged…you get down…you get frustrated because you “missed” a sale. Or say you tried out for a team, submitted a paper for publishing, posted a blog, called on a new client, or had a one on one meeting with an advisor for school, counselor for your kids, or just someone that you needed a favorable outcome with and you didn’t to get it… you may think that you missed, but you didn’t …because what you “missed” actually becomes your momentum.

I tell my sales people all the time to feed the machine – meaning feed the action… feed the effort… if you feed it, the results will show and when they don’t “show”… when you feel that you missed, I want you to look at it differently. Look at it as momentum-at least you’re taking action, hell most people don’t even do that… they just sit and hope that something will come around, but hope is not a strategy. Look, I’d rather you try and fail than succeed and never trying because the action that you took- no it didn’t result in a cashable outcome, but it does still have value.… it’s called Feedback.

Feedback is a good thing…good or “bad”…favorable or “unfavorable,” use the feedback to tweak and refine your next approach, phone call, meeting, or submission.

Feedback is the noise that you get back – the bounce back from the effort that you made. Musicians know all about feedback… when they get on stage they do a sound check because sometimes their mic gives that deafening ring – that’s Feedback and the sound engineer makes the necessary adjustments so the sound comes out clear and crisp when they get ready to perform…your process needs to be the same way. When you step onto the stage with a customer…when you step onto the grand stage of Life– sure your initial try may be ear piercing feedback, but make the necessary adjustments….

Musicians don’t walk off stage due to an foul sound- no they adjust- not only initially but all throughout the performance… so should you…

Whether you’re slaying it today or just flat ass bombing, make the adjustments with the feedback that you’re receiving – don’t personalize or internalize it, just keep working it…

…& if you “miss” the result keep in mind that you made the momentum. Make the adjustments and keep on rocking.

I’ll see you on the Blacktop.

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It’s not the What, but the Who. #love #motivation #overcome #newday #blessed

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Some things can’t be unbroken. #motivation #love #benice

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The simplicity of #love as told by my 6 yr old. #motivation #lifeisshort #inthemoment #breathe

Finding common ground is the next step after professionally introducing yourself to a customer. (You do that don’t you?) Some people, like my mom, have a natural knack for being able to talk to anyone; if you are like me, I struggle in this department. I am an introvert by nature and an extrovert by profession. When I worked in surveillance for the casino industry, isolated in a dark 15×5 room with only one other person, being an introvert was ok-not so good in sales. In our industry, we have to be able to become a human to our customers. The only way to do that is by finding some similar interests with them. When a customer can relate to you, they are more apt to buy from you. I use the acronym L.O.V.E. (fittingly enough) in an effort to find common ground with my customers.


·         LLikes: What do your customers like to do in their spare time? Because I live in South Louisiana, a lot of my customers love the outdoors. Men and women love to hunt, fish, and alligator hunt- well maybe not the last one, but everybody thinks we do. (I run from them just as fast as you do.) Everyone has an interest in something besides punching a clock. Find out what they like-you and your customer may share a common interest. Caution: If you don’t share their interest, don’t act like you do; you will lose credibility. Be a good listener instead; your customers will love to share what they know.


·        OOccupation: What do they do for a living? I’ve encountered salespeople who think they are prying when asking a customer what they do for a living? My question is, “Do you get offended when someone asks you about buying a car?” I rest my case.  Use open-ended questions like, “That sounds interesting, tell me more.” Or  “What attracted you to that line of work; “You’ve been there a long time and have worked your way through the ranks, how did you do it?” These are just a few questions you can use in an effort to get your customers to open up. In order to become interesting, you must first become interested.

·         VValues: What are your customers’ values? I don’t mean lay ‘em on the couch and get them to share the most intimate details of their lives; finding out if they belong to civic organizations, non-profit orgs, or any sort of involvement in the community is a sure-fire way of getting customers to talk about themselves. You may belong to the same organization; in turn, you will receive instant credibility.


·         EEndorsements: Developing a great reputation with your sold clients is an invaluable way to receive third-party endorsements. As Jim Ziegler advises, develop an evidence book chocked with photos, testimonials and thank you cards will make your credibility stock soar. We are more likely to buy clothing, books, or other products when the one endorsing the product is someone we relate to.


So the next time you are trying to find some common ground with a customer or even in a social setting, learn to L.O.V.E. them and see your relationships deepen. See you on the Blacktop!