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I was talking to a recent high school graduate who wants to go into the military…

but didn’t realize he had to prepare to take a test to get in…

With no more classes, freedom, & earning an hourly wage, he said he hadn’t 🔥gotten around to studying for it yet…

“Do you want to stay in this town & work to earn just enough money to eat Ramen noodles, drive a hooptie, and barely pay rent for the rest of your life?”

🔥Then you have to fight for your options…

Right now- whether you’re a recent graduate or are 30,40,50,60,70 years old…

You may be bankrupt, fired, or at a dead end today…

🔥Now may be all you have, but that’s not all there is…

Options aren’t given…they’re earned & you gotta fight for your options.

While others play…while the rest accept life as is…

You work to gain options…this is a solo decision…& if you want more, bigger, & better, then you have to work to elevate yourself in such away that you can afford to walk away, say No…or even say YES…

Because you have options 😉

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NBA legend Kobe Bryant said everything he did-EVERYTHING, was to become a better basketball player.

“Because I had that mindset, 🔥the world became my library..& because I knew what I wanted the world helped make that happen.”

So many people drift in life…

They don’t know what they want so no wonder they’re barely getting by.

🔥When you know what you’re looking for & what you want, the world will help make that happen.

It’s not by accident…it’s by drive.

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In #sales, confidence is everything…

But what about when you lose your confidence?

You put your confidence in the wrong thing…

You put your confidence in the customer or a specific outcome & when they bought elsewhere you got pissed off…which leads to less effort…which leads to eventually quitting.

“Buyers are liars…” right?

Nope…buyers aren’t liars…

They’re just not telling you everything…

Trust but verify…

Business owners hire independent auditors to verify what the business’ accountant is saying…

The IRS trusts your returns…

…but they will verify.

You lose your confidence- thinking “they’re all liars” because you trusted they were:

…6 months out

…wanted to shop around

…couldn’t get approved

Only to discover they bought somewhere else.

Trust…but verify.

Your body language & tone tell your customers you trust what they’re saying…

But your questions verify if it’s a stall or real objection.

It’s not that you don’t trust them…you just need to verify.

~Stay in The Sales 💪ife

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Evan Carmichael said,

“Reading doesn’t have to be your top priority, but learning should be…”

So maybe reading’s not your bag, but just because you don’t like to read doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn.

You’ve just got to find the way that works better for you.

I get it…

Reading may feel like a chore.

You may fall asleep after 5 minutes of reading or you just can’t seem to stay focused.

That’s cool…don’t beat yourself up because you don’t read or that you’re slow reader.

Beat yourself up because you don’t learn.

🔥Not liking to read is not a reason to not learn.

You’ve got to figure out other ways that you can learn.

I love to read, but after 10 years of voraciously reading I’ve gotten burned out-so much so that I read very little.

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t learn.

I learn through podcasts & I’ve subscribed to YouTube premium where I can listen to YouTube (w/out the screen being on.)

I think ways of learning are seasonal…

There are seasons I like to read & other seasons I prefer audiobooks, podcasts, & YouTube more.

I may stop one, but I never stop learning.

Find what works better for you to keep progressing.

Your 5th grade teacher wasn’t right.

🔥Reading’s not the only way to go, but learning’s the place to be.

Make learning a top priority & it doesn’t have to be in a book.

Have an amazing day.

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The other day one of my salesmen pulled me aside and said, “I’m sorry for snapping at you yesterday.  I was frustrated because it seemed as though everyone was selling something, except for me.”

“It’s a good thing that you’re frustrated….

… because it shows that you still care…

… & that you’re still in the game, ” I said.

You’re going to have those days where it seems like everyone’s successful, but you.

Those are the days that you weigh your self-worth…

& on those shitty days it weighs ounces.

You try to ease the pain by calling yourself a piece of shit and mentally ramble on & on as if you gambled your grandmother’s inheritance with one roll of the dice at a Vegas casino.

(Self 3rd party): “You blew it!”

(Me Self): “Maybe I’ve lost my touch….”

(Self 3rd party): “You used to be a salesman…but look at you now! If you sold it for free, you probably couldn’t convince a customer to buy.”

No magic dust, lucky pen or underwear can help you out…

Some days, it’s just your day in the barrel.

When you have those days, you have the suck out the penalty of failure.

You’re failing…but you are not a failure.

Failing is the current score…

Failure is the final one. 

You just happen to be on an 0-11 streak right now.

So here’s your fix…

#1: Being pissed off is good because it shows that you still care.

The time to be worried is not when you’re pissed off, it’s when you’re not pissed off and just “Oh well” the day.

And if you still care…then you can do something about it.

#2: Shut the hell up and get back in the game. No rehashing what just happened…no over analyzing…just shut up, knuckle up, and check back in.

You’ll win again…the fact that you’re still bothered is proof of that.

Sometimes the only thing that needs to be changed is your perspective.

Stay in The Sales Life.



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Evan Carmichael is somebody I watch on YouTube and I like him because his videos are short bursts that make you think.

He said when he goes on tour, people often ask him when he’s coming to their city?

He answers, “I’m not…I’m not coming to your city….”

See, that’s what we want in life…

We want the unicorns…

We want the rainbows…

We want the pot of gold…

We want good fortune to come to us & life says, “I’m not coming…If you want to see a difference in your life bad enough, then you’ve got to go to me because I’m not coming to you.”

In Life you can either settle or see.

If you settle, then you get the scraps- so don’t bitch about it.

But if you really want to see it…

& you’re willing to run, sprint, climb, crawl, limp- put your teeth back in, get back up and keep showing up….

It ain’t easy.

Sometimes it’s not even fair.

But if you’re willing to go to it, you’ll one day see it.

Have an amazing day.

Stay in The Sales Life.


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We’ve all said those words…

It’s funny that those are the exact same words that massively successful people say too..

They didn’t initially know what they were doing,

…but they knew where they were going.

They were determined to make it work…they were sure to be a success…they were adamant about changing the game.

So they headed in that mental direction & picked up lessons, skills, connections, and ultra success along the way.

I don’t know what to do…

I don’t know what to do, is not the same as I don’t know what I’m doing.

What to do…means to quit before you even get started. You’re waiting on Perfect….perfect time & conditions- then you’ll do.

But …what I’m doing…is just taking action. It’s being bold enough to kick along, push forward, & figure it out as you go.

Because nobody fully knows what to do...but few are bold enough to push off & say,I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ll fucking figure it out.”

Don’t get paralyzed in what to do.

You’ll forever be standing there in a heap of regrets.

If you know where you want to go, head in that direction & start doing. Next will be there waiting for you.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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