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When you’re trying to change you tend to look at what’s the MOST you can give instead of the least…

Start by giving the least amount of time toward your new change. If it’s most, something unexpected will pop up, you’ll get off-track & quit.

For years I wanted to start The Sales Life Podcast, but I never did because I didn’t have (what I thought was required) hours to devote each day…

So I never started….thinking one day…

That’s when I discovered the Anchor App. When the App first came out, Anchor only allowed 5 minutes of recording time which was perfect because that’s all I could give!

The “least” time barrier gave me no more excuses to not get started.

Because the time limit was “least” I was able to record a 5 minute podcast every day for a year. I built the consistency and momentum so when the time barrier was lifted I was already rolling.

“Least” takes you out of the If/Then negotiations you have with yourself. “If this happens, then I’ll create/do more…”

Start with devoting the least amount of time toward change…when you’re consistent, you can always add more.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

It’s time for the silence of the LAM’s (Lazy As* Managers). The Hannibal Lecter’s of this industry have feasted on the flesh of our customers and drank the blood of our employees to the brink of disaster. MOM’s (Managers On the Move) have to rise up and get back into playing shape. The train has left the station; get onboard or get out of the way. It’s time to demagnetize your big black office chair from your butt and cry out GOYA (Get Off Your As*)! Are your ready for the GOYA workout regimen?

GOYA Squats: LAM’s are stiff; they can’t touch their toes much less squat down. MOM’s squat down as low as their weakest link and hoist them up.  For the weakest link, one of two things needs to happen; either he needs to realize this is not his God-given path to success or he has to become a member of the WWE Federation: Want, Work, and Educate himself to excellence. The world is full of “want-to’s;” and is void of the ones who are willing to work and educate themselves. MOM’s are aware they are only as strong as their weakest link and will help those who are willing to help themselves.

The GOYA Bench Press: LAM’s are selfish; their bench press is for their own selfish gain. They make the plates of self-fulfillment jingle rep after rep, they grunt and cause attention for themselves. MOM’s bench press too; they are not interested in the vanity side of the bench press, but realize the importance of having a strong upper body. A strong upper body protects the vital organs inside; the vital organs for MOM’s are the hearts’ of the ones they lead and will protect them at all costs.  MOM’s breathe words of encouragement instead of dissuasion. Dissuasion leads to heart failure; when our employees lose their heart, they lose their drive and simply give up; the once raging embers of hope and optimism expire. Just as a tiny rudder steers a ship, the words you speak as a leader speak life or death to the success of your organization.

The GOYA Shoulder Press: Most LAM’s skip this exercise-it’s just too hard. MOM’s have big shoulders. Not only can they carry the weight of the month’s business and manage the day’s activities, but also have enough room to shoulder the individual strains of a member in need. No weight is too much for a MOM-they will find the strength to shoulder the responsibilities.

The GOYA Stretch: LAM’s are inflexible. They don’t stretch before or after their “workout.” Because of their inflexibility their own range of motion limits their progress and the ones they lead. MOM’s remain flexible; they realize they may have to twist, turn, and contort themselves in a manner to accommodate the ones they lead. Flexibility creates more range of motion for MOM’s; the more range of motion, the more growth as a leader.

The silence of the LAM’s revolution has begun.  MOM’s out there are still standing after the dust has settled; you’ve stood up to adversity and fought the good fight of faith- never letting go of the love you have for this industry. GOYA, game on.