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Oh you don’t lack for If’s…

…if you had $ for the number of if’s you told yourself, you’d have problems, but money wouldn’t be one of them.

If I was a different race.

If I was taller.

If I was a starter.

If I was a baller.

If I was running a store.

If I was the CEO.

If I could get the loan.

If I could start my business.

If I wouldn’t have married him or had children with her.

Oh we If ourselves to death…

When what you need to do is how yourself to life.

if is all bullshit anyway.

Because you can’t, if you’re self taller.

You can’t if yourself a different skin color.

You can’t if yourself to have wealthy parents, nor be first cousins to Warren Buffett, or be Kim Kardashian’s sister.

When if kicks in, slap it down with a how

How can I use what I have right now?

Because how is all you’ve got.

You have unique advantages, but you’re so fixated on other people’s advantages that you’re blinded with if’s.

You say, “If I could have what they have, I’d be better off.”

It’s all bullshit.

Just ask yourself how…

How can I use what I’ve got, leverage it, & then grow it.

Start with what you have.

Use it.

And then begin to leverage it.

And if you don’t know how to leverage it…if you don’t know how to position your current advantages…

Then see Step 1…

Just use what you’ve got…

& along the way, you’ll figure out how to position it…then grow it.

Compound it by developing the skills, techniques, and education that you need to grow and evolve.

Educate yourself…be a sponge…ask questions…volunteer for the grunt work…

It doesn’t have to come from a classroom.

People do that…

They stall so they don’t have to take action (& probably fail)…

They rack up the loans thinking they have to sit idly in a classroom & have someone pour information into them.

You don’t need money…you need commitment.

Stop if’ing around & start how’ing.

How can I use what I have, leverage it, and then start growing that shit.

~become your own action figure. Stop waiting for perfect or thinking it’s too late. You got to-day so get started.

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If only…

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
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If I live whispering the words, if only,

I will live a life that bears no fruit and ends quite lonely.

My dreams and fortunes are waiting to be found,

all I have to do is flip those 2 words around.

Going from a wish to a demand,

puts my future back in my hands,

the plane of success only I can land.

If only I had fortune and fame,

I can, only if I develop a reputation and build a good name.

If only I could be debt free and owe no more,

I can, only if I plan for the future,

living for today will leave me poor.

If only I could spend more time with the ones who love me more times than not,

I can, only if I work harder on them than I do punching a clock.

The list of if only’s can go on for years, months, days, even hours,

I can change my circumstances only if I have a heart of desire.

For desire is a feeling of expectation or inclination of wanting more,

I know only I can unlock my future’s door.