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What’s your “because?”

“Because” can be the reason why you quit…

“”Because” can be the reason you move forward IN SPITE of the adversity you’re facing right now.

Cadets who were training to become a Navy SEAL rang the bell BECAUSE they thought the pain would never end…& they regretted it for the rest of their lives.

When you reach a point where you’re pissed off…something doesn’t go your way…or it’s just plain hard remember you started your climb long BEFORE this situation…so don’t quit BECAUSE of this situation…

You’ve been working for “this” for years…so don’t just give up in these tense minute BECAUSE of _______

I almost did that in college…

My ticket out of my hometown was to get a full paid scholarship because my parents couldn’t afford to send me away to college. I got a full ride to play football, but was overwhelmed when I checked in as a boy among towering men.

Alone, skinny, scared, & deep on the depth chart I almost quit BECAUSE….

My decision could’ve aborted everything I’ve ever worked hard for simply because Coach slapped me hard across my helmet in front of the others. Coach wasn’t my because…he was my excuse. Truthfully I wanted to quit because it was hard…because I went from a starter in high school to riding the bench in college … because I thought I’d never get playing time.

Had I made that fateful decision I would’ve never risen to become a starter, All-American, All-Louisiana, permanent Team Captain, & be voted 1 of 12 of the best linemen in the school’s 75 year history.

You’ve come too far…fought to hard to just get to this. There’s more…”I will not quit BECAUSE _________ (you fill in the blank w/ your because)

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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Sometimes in the course of the conversation I’ll tell people that I ran 5-6 miles before coming to work & they’re like, “NO WAY I could do that!”

At one time I was that way too. Initially hard for me was just getting up early…then hard was running 1 mile…then 2…3…then 5-6.

Hard is exhausting…but the more you lean into hard it becomes manageable.

It’s not that running 5 miles & going to work is not still hard- it is, but it’s manageable.

Being a new parent is hard…amping your sales game up is hard…taking on a new job is hard…working out constantly is hard…but it gets manageable.

Hard & doing nothing looks impossible…but when you take on hard it gets manageable to the point where you have the ability to take on more hard.

Hard gets embraced instead of traditionally resisted.

& when it’s manageable you can handle & have even more.

Don’t wish that hard would go away…work to make it more manageable.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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William Ward wrote, “Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.” You don’t need to be more talented than others- you just need to be willing to outwork them. Those who leave last will finish first. Work hard now so you can play harder later.