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After giving nearly half of his life to the car business, I had a salesperson tell me he was quitting. His reasoning was that he couldn’t take the customers any more. Take…

You can take a flight to the Bahamas; you can take your car in for an oil change, you can take a to-go plate home, but taking without first giving is called theft. If I want to lay on the beach with a Corona, keep my vehicle running smoothly, or enjoy Chinese food while watching an episode of Scandal, I must first be willing to give- first my time, then my resources. Give is the exchange rate for take.

You’re customers aren’t the problem, you are your problem. You’re locked up in your self-imposed prison because you’re always on the take.

Your customers aren’t unable, they’re unwilling- and there is a difference. They’re able to take your product home but unwilling to because you haven’t offered a compelling solution to their problem.

It’s called give AND take- not OR.