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Big change lies ahead for you right?

Chances are you’re focused on 1 or all of the 3 B’s: Body, Balances, or Bonuses.

This year you’re going to have the perfect body…

This year your bank balance will be high and credit card balances low….

This year you’re going to make all of the money…

Change is set through a perfect lense…but it’s made with a “tolerance of imperfection.”

Because the wheels will come off and things will not go perfect to your plan.

Focus on Jon Acuff’s “The Day After Perfect.”

This is what “separates the starters from the finishers…”

“The opposite of fail is finish…”

Focusing on The Day After Perfect will keep you going-yes you messed up…you ate too much, missed workouts, and swiped your credit card…

You may be off but you ain’t done…

Keep it moving…#finish

If you quit enough times that becomes your identity…if you finish enough times that becomes your legacy.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

Ht Jon Acuff book “Finish” get the book it’ll help you this year.