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& Then there were 3…

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Why are there 26 selling days in a month? In sales it seems we only need 3; the month’s success always seems to boil down to the final [3] days. Last night, as you locked up the dealership, tie at half-mast, sleeves cuffed, top button undone, you sullenly walk to your car wondering what you could’ve done different. Just because you have the title Manager under your name doesn’t make you any less susceptible to the feelings of doubt and what-if’s that try to creep into your thoughts and cripple your efforts.  Yea, you had 24 chances at a sale today and only delivered 1-now what? The odds you are facing are what separate the sayers from the doers; many talk a good game, but you can do what you say.  You are the Macgyver of the black top; you have matchless mental strength to take a mustard seed of faith in your ability and create a mountain of opportunity. You have the skills of will; you literally will a deal into existence-you want it worse than the next man. If this job were easy, you would’ve never been hired. You have the unique ability to stare unflinchingly into the face of adversity. It’s as if you and adversity are two boxers having a stare down in the center of a boxing ring, each fighter trying to mentally back down the other with their steely glares. You’ve learned to become an adversary to adversity; manipulating what is overwhelming to many as just another day at the office for you. You know what it feels like to hit the game winning shot-you also know what it feels like to miss it-never succumbing to the flames of defeat licking at your heals. Today is the 1rst of 3 days to show what you are made of.  The economy, the dealership, your employees, their families and yours need you to hit the game winning shot. You have too much riding on the line; 3 D. A. Y. S. (Don’t Accept Your Situation), make each second count.