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Change Your DNA

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It is impossible to change your physical DNA, known as Deoxyribonucleic acid (say that as fast as you can 3 times). It is possible to change your mental DNA, known as Do Nothing Average. We live in the “good enough” age, where it is acceptable to be typical. Why is that? Is it because we have it too easy? There doesn’t seem to be enough “pulled myself up by the bootstraps” stories or “walked 3 miles to school one way” memories being told anymore. What will our children tell our future grandkids, “When I was your age I got picked up from school,” or “When I was your age I used to play outside for 10 minutes,” or “When I was your age I used to have to come home when my mom called me on my cell phone.” Is it possible to embrace the changes, yet keep a razor’s edge pushing yourself beyond being average? I say yes. Enjoy the ride, but don’t get off at the next stop. Somehow the more thankful we should be, the more thankless we have become. Is it ever good enough for our children? Do they ever say enough? Things have changed to the dollar- for- a- million mindset; spend $1 on a lottery ticket and win a million; then “you are done.” Many rise everyday, pluck out the eyes of defeat and continue to push forward. There are many out there who look the right way instead of the other way. Others say, “My best wasn’t good enough, how can I get better.” Many who refuse to accept the status quo, who push aside the mindset of “don’t rock the boat, that’s just the way things are done ‘round here.” Are you a We  or Me?  Will you push all of your chips in for one last hand even though the deck seems to be stacked against you?  Will you be known as the one who Did Nothing Average or the one known as Did Not Attempt. Put some more gas in your tank, it’s going to be a long ride.