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I had a salesperson that I just couldn’t seem to get her to work with more customers- being she was new, I would repeatedly emphasize to her to work with more customers, but when they would come in, she’d usually fall back & let another salesperson Up (catch) them. I couldn’t figure it out..she knew her product, she was technically sound, & she was used to competing against the boys because she came from a male dominated industry …so what was it? When asked, she responded, “Marsh, I don’t have a huge need- the other salespeople around me have to struggle to make a sale in order to pay rent & car notes- I don’t have a huge need so I don’t need to make much.” Leaning back I asked her, “So what’s your end game…” to that she told me that she planned on being in the car business a long time. “Then if that’s the case, you’re not doing yourself much good- here’s why…

First, you can’t teach what you don’t know & you’ll never know until you first do. In his biography, Arnold Schwarzenegger said the 3 keys to him becoming a 7x Mr Olympia, successful businessman, & one of the highest paid actors at the time in Hollywood were reps, reps, reps.”

Reps weatherproof your career. You’ve got to work with hundreds of experiences, objections, scenarios, & obstacles while fading & maneuvering through thousands of rejections not only so that you can learn, but so that you can pay it forward and help others succeed who are starting out as well. Reps also give your customers the needed assurances that you can help them with their current situation because you’ve helped other customers maneuver through similar circumstances as well.

This brings me to my 2nd point,” I told her, “When you’re not working with enough customers, not only do you not possess enough of the necessary skills that they desire & deserve, but not working with enough customers means that you’re OK with them buying from an inferior salesperson- if you say that you’re here to help customers, then you’ve got to follow through with actions to those words.”

Which brings me to my 3rd point,” I quipped, “Do you have kids?” She told me that she had a boy and a girl- Mason & Madison…”Do you want them to do well in life,” I asked knowing she’d say yes. “If you want them to do well, then be their teacher- set the example because they can’t be what they don’t see. The reason why so many struggle as adults today is because, no one played the part…no one showed them the pattern… no one chalked the outline, nor showed them what they could be because no one helped them see…no one showed them more so they’ve accepted less.”

You must do well…you must reach beyond your comfort zone…you must dig deep and get back up…you must set audacious goals & kick the door in when Life tries to slam it in your face…you must reach higher because this isn’t just about you.

It’s way bigger than that…

….but first you’ve got to set the bar.

I’ll see you on the Blacktop.


It’s painful….

  • It’s painful to have the last 4 customers in a row tell you NO.
  • It’s painful to have a deal slip right through your fingers-they agreed to everything only to have a family member show up and queer the deal.
  • It’s painful to believe a customer is “coming right back” only to find their right back was not at your dealership.
  • It’s painful to hear that a customer that you spent 2 hours with yesterday bought elsewhere today.
  • It’s painful to stay late putting a deal together-to miss seeing your children before they go to sleep only to have the deal roll back in the morning.
  • It’s painful to have a customer drive off on you because you couldn’t tell him your “rock bottom price.”
  • It’s painful to have a customer come back, but not want to work with you.
  • It’s painful to see other salespeople selling cars all around you.
  • It’s painful to have second guessed catching that Up that turned into a deal.
  • It’s painful to have a customer hang up in your face.
  • It’s painful to not be able to lure a customer inside with the the “come on in and I’ll get you my business card” close.
  • It’s painful to hear your manager scorn that you’re not demo’ing, writing up, nor convincing enough customers to buy-punctuated up with, “You’d better figure this out real quick” threat.
  • It’s painful to not be able to even sell your best friend.
  • It’s painful to show a customer a note twice as much as what they’re paying now.
  •  It’s painful to hear people tell you that you’ll never make it in this business.
  • It’s painful to wake up in the morning-feet throbbing, back sore, and forehead blistered from standing in the sun all day every day.
  • It’s painful to hear your mind screaming that you’re not cut out for this, that you’ve lost your touch, that you should go to lunch and never come back.
  • It’s painful to have to start at zero every single month!
It’s painful…
I know…
But it’s not experiencing the pain that counts…
It’s not just you, we’ve all experienced these pains.
But it’s what you do with these painful experiences that matter.
They matter because you can either let the pain define why you can’t do, won’t be, and shouldn’t have…
Or you can allow the pain to refine your talents, shape your character, and form your destiny.
Success is painful…
It’s supposed to be-if it weren’t you’d never think; if you didn’t think then you’d never fight; if you never fought, you’d never learn; if you never learned, you’d never grow.
Experiencing pain is temporary-that’s called failure….
Avoiding pain is permanent-that’s called regret. 
Most people get to the end of life recollecting not of their failures…
They reminisce over their regrets.
Don’t ever get to the end saying, “I should’ve…”
Face the pain, saying, “I did.”
I’d rather try and fail than succeed at not trying.
I’ll see you next time on the Blacktop.


Today, you can inject, enhance, and tuck nearly any part of your body,  Want fuller lips? Done. Want a bigger butt and calves? Done. Want to get rid of that spare tire lurking around your midsection? Done. If you can afford it, you can have it your way- fuller, plumper, and extracted.

You can make your dealership look any way you want it to. You can post mindless mission statements and inject empty word tracks and beliefs into the lips of your people. You can build a Taj Mahal styled building and enhance it with the latest, greatest technologies of automatic doors, marbled floors, espresso bars and delis, flat screen TVs , and air conditioned bays. You can slap your name on every scoreboard and little league team in town-boasting how much your organization does for  the community while tucking the indiscretions and slights into the folds of “the cost of doing business.” 

Today, we want the results, but we don’t want to do the work. No one likes to work out. No one wants to sweat, strain, and limp their way to success. It’s easier to take a pill and wake up to anew. Working out is hard-depriving the gratuities of today to reap the investment of a better tomorrow is not glamorous at all, but true worth is esteemed by what doesn’t come easy.

The sweat of investing to make your people better both professionally and personally; the strains of doing what is right even when no one else knows it is wrong; the decision to not report what wasn’t delivered-choosing instead to face today instead of fading the heat tomorrow. Some days you are winning even when the scoreboard doesn’t reflect it.

Sure, almost anything can be manipulated and injected to look good, except caring-that has to be worked out. Just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Work it out-no it’s not pretty, but it’s lasting. 

Can’t Teach Caring

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Today wasn’t any different from any other- just another day. One salesperson is on the verge of divorce, another is separated from his wife and two kids; another was late today due to dialysis going bad; the other one didn’t cover his draw last month and doesn’t know how he can make ends meet; another had to be picked up while walking down the road after his car broke down; and another is shocked having made a follow up call to a customer -no answer; the customer is on the run after snapping and killing his estranged wife this past weekend. The receptionist is crying due to a rude customer; the porter is upset because he has to wash a car twice; a technician doesn’t want to stop putting a transmission in a vehicle because of a state inspection; parts quoted the wrong price; a service writer tells you a customer wants to bring a car back because of a check engine light; run and appraise a trade; work a deal; make a deal; take a T.O., keep your inventory in budget-while you’re at it have a good day!


At home when asked how our day was, all we can muster up is; “It was ok-nothing new,” while changing our caps from work to home and begin working the night shift. As managers, we don so many hats-calamity all around us; we are entrusted with keeping things running smoothly. There are many things a manager can delegate; caring is not one of them. Daily, we sit in our employees’ shadows and listen to their pains, fears, joys, and cries. We are counselors, correctors, facilitators, stem-winders, financiers, customer service reps, mediators, and any other job title that ends in “ors.” We see our employees more often than our own family members; we bask in the highs and shovel out of the lows and we do it together. Our employees are an extension of our family- we are all the family some of them have.

This post is to say thank you to those managers who care. Thank you for what you do; not only are you there for your staff and keep the business running- you do all of that and still, somehow, keep yourself together. The only time you have to vent, expose your weaknesses, and question your strength is while driving home-the only passenger is the eyes looking back at you in the rearview mirror. Your job may seem thankless, but it is not; what you do matters.

Can’t teach caring.