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The recommitted always say, “I gotta go back to the basics…”

They hit the skids- tried everything else, only to realize it was the basics…the collected smalls that made you successful.

It’ll always be about the basics…compounded, but it’s still the basics.

The deceiving part is that you built up so much momentum that you feel you can stray away from the basics & still see success…& you can…for a while.

Leave early, come in late, skip today, & double up “tomorrow” become common themes…

& because those themes don’t have an immediate negative result, you try them again & again until you’re 4 miles from the path that lead to you success.

Your sales success dried up…you put 15 lbs back on “overnight,” your weekend getaways lead to crushing debt…

You left the basics & those tiny deviations eventually lead you way off course…

The good news is you left the basics…but the basics never left you.

They’re so small they’re just as easy to do as not to do…

So given the option, recommit to “do.”

Go to the basics…but keep in mind you won’t get instant results.

Stay with it…you have to build basic momentum again…compound it…and never leave it again.

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