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Are you in good hands? Sounds so cliche, but it stands to question, whose hands are you in anyway? Is your month cradled in the hands of Lady Luck-gambling on a good month; or are you fixated on grabbing the reigns and taking control of your career? Your mom was right, there is safety in numbers. Safeguard your month by insuring it with more than enough Ups.

The fewer the Ups, the luckier you must become. You wouldn’t put just enough gas in your tank to get to work would you? You don’t drink just enough water to stay alive do you? Then why are you catching just enough Ups-walking the razor thin line between success or failure; wobbling between investing or foreclosure; tiptoeing between saving or scraping? Success on the blacktop isn’t defined as just enough, instead it’s refined as Just In-Ups. The delima we face in sales is, with each Up, we want an instant payout (i.e. sale).

Selling is both a gamble and investment. Occasionally, your gamble of catching THE Up will payoff instantly; but after you’ve exhausted all possible avenues of making a sale today, your Ups should roll into a long-term investment approach-nominal today, yet compounded in the future.

An insurance company’s creed is , “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” You never know when your month may collide with the intersection of circumstances. Your number of Ups will keep you properly insured.

I’ll see you next time on the Blacktop!

Whether you had a great month or a horrible month, we are all feeling the same way today. Your steller month ended last night- today you are sitting on nada, zero, zilch-time to climb the mountain once again.  On the flip side, your horrible month ended last night as well, and you too are sitting on the same goose egg as everyone else. We are all starting our month with the same score-what you do in the next 25 days is up to you.

You work in an industry that is both a curse and a blessing;  a curse due to the range of emotions, rejections, and defeats that beseech us each and everyday, yet a blessing because your industry truly is a limitless, rewarding industry. If you ended up with a horrible month, you too have a blessing; it’s called Renewal. Your day, your month, your misfortunes expired last night. Today is a day of renewal; name another industry where you wake up and begin anew. Today is your day to strike the “mis” from the word fortune. The question is, will you be insane or informed?

Showing up and reacting to your day,grabbing a bag of chips and standing out on the point hoping a laydown pulls up, catching the same number of Ups, not convincing your write-ups that today is the day and they must buy from you, will net you the same, insane month you’ve been getting.

Being informed, knowing what hasn’t worked, is the first step to know where you are going. If you want to change your month, you must change your effort. If you don’t like the results, change them. You’re not a victim unless you choose to be.

Insane or Informed? It’s up to you.