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One of my favorite authors is Austin Kleon & his newest book’s title, “Keep Going” is right up my alley.

So many people chase, protect, or judge the noun (title) instead of just doing their verb.

When you chase the noun: You’re so busy chasing or kissing up to get your noun that you forget to do your verb so when (if) you get your noun your under qualified or it’s not what it was all cracked up to be.

When you protect your noun: Great! You got your coveted title, but now you play not to lose instead of playing to win. You must take risks to grow- yes you will lose, but it’s in the losses-taking risks, that you develop more skills and create opportunities.

When you judge other’s noun: Oh you can do it better than them right? And that’s just it…while you’re busy judging they’re doing.

The greatest thing that ever happened to me was being demoted. For months I kept my old business cards, but it wasn’t until I walked to the big green dumpster and threw them away that I could begin to do my verb.

Doing your verb exposes & reveals you. It exposes your weaknesses- being demoted forced me to relearn a department that I hadn’t been in in over a decade. But my demotion also revealed my beast mode strengths too.

You have unique strengths, niches, & expertises that those who demoted you will need you and only you to take care of.

And you’ll do it- gladly not out of vengeance but because you’re just doing your verb.

I don’t care about a noun…I just do my verb. Nouns are for business cards & others…

Nouns are temporary..

Verbs are eternally for you.

Do your verb…let’s others worry about a noun.

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