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If you find yourself wising you’d started sooner or done differently you’ll want to check out yesterday’s post & podcast 

There’s no question we all have our down moments. Hip hop artist Jeezy was supposed to be on Beyonce’s song, Drunk in Love. Jeezy normally prepares for studio sessions, but when he got the call, he just showed up and freestyled his lyrics.

When the song was released, he wasn’t on it. “Sorry, I couldn’t use it, ” came the words from Jay Z.

“I missed my shot,” thought Jeezy.

Did he get down? “No. Actually it woke me up,” he said.

Jeezy realized he’d gotten comfortable and gotten away from the techniques that created his success. He wasn’t taking it as serious as he once did and because he was hanging out with the legends of the industry, he’d thought he’d arrived and could just wing it.

Negative moments can get you down…or they can wake you up.

You can get down…just don’t let them weigh you down.

Because what starts off as a moment of failing becomes a monument of failure.

The down moments should be mile markers in your life-checkpoints to adjust your pace, not millstones to weigh you down.

Things are going to get you down, but don’t let them take you down.

In reality the moments are doing you a favor-they call you out, wake you & shake you up.

When the customer-the one you’ve sold their whole family to comes back in and buys, but it’s not from you-as a matter of fact, they didn’t even ask for you. You can get mad, pissed off, throw things, burn off, and threaten to quit…

Or you can use it as a wake up call because you deep down you know you haven’t been maintaining the relationship and staying top of mind. It’s not  your customers’ job to remember you, it’s your job to make sure they never forget you.

These moments are trying to wake you up to say that you’ve got to tighten up.

When you look how far you’ve slipped it can get overwhelming. “Where do I start,” you ask.

You start.

Instead of wasting days to trying to get over it, use the moments to learn and grow through it.

Heart attacks are wake up calls. \

Injuries are wake up calls.

Bankruptcy is a wake up call.

A breakup from BooBoo is wake up call.

COVID-19, demotion, and termination are all wake up calls.

I had a buddy of mine swing by my office the other day. Come to find out, he’d been terminated due to the COVID crises. Initially he was pissed off, but after he cooled down, he used the moment as a wake up call. The owner did him a favor. No longer was he stuck, he could pursue something he’d been delaying for years.

Down moments are a part of life.

Do you want to win or succeed? Most say they want to win, but I’d rather succeed. Because winning is one outcome, but what happens when I pour my all into something and I don’t win? If my only option was to win, then I’d probably quit.

I’d rather succeed because success has multiple scenarios. In those scenarios are wins, losses, blow ups, near misses wake ups, and shakeups, but collectively I’ll succeed.

See, I won’t always win, but I can ultimately succeed.

Here’s your TSL action item of the day.

  1. Name a moment that was very tough for you. Maybe you haven’t even gotten over it.
  2. How will you use it as a wake up call? This is tough because it takes ownership, but it’s necessary to grow forward.
  3. Email me @

You can get down, just don’t let it take you down.

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Show notes from episode #490 of The Sales Life Podcast

⇒Click here to check recap from yesterday’s episode (#489).

Word order matters because the pattern determines meaning and the meaning brings about results.

If  I walked up to you and said, “I’m month 30 going this sell to,” you’d probably think I was crazy.

But if, instead, I walked up and said, “This month I’m going to sell 30,” you’d know exactly what I meant. You know, I know, we all know.

I was listening to a successful young guy yesterday. Life’s good for him. At 22, his business is thriving; credit’s good and’s got a nice new whip. Although he wished his business was doing a little  better, he ended with,

“…but I’m only 22!”

That last sentence was dripping with optimism. He had a good start, but he was far from satisfied.

What happened to your only’s?

Only used to come before age…now it comes after your if’s.

You used to say that you were only 6 months into your new sales gig & two out of the 6 months you’ve been the Top Producer and you ended with…

“…but I’m only 21!” or

“…I’m only a year into it.”

You were optimistic…good start, no where near done.

Only used to be a beginning…now it’s an end.

“If only I’d started sooner…”

“If only I’d started 10 years ago…”

“If only I’d stayed in school…”

“If only I’d not gotten involved with that man…”

What would my life look like today?

20 years younger or 7 years sooner-either way, I’d still be getting older. Sure, the best time to start was a decade ago, but the 2nd best time to start is now.

No matter what your life looks like right now, you get to keep your only’s.

No I didn’t start my podcast 10 years ago-I wish I had, I’m 3 years in…and I’m only 46!

I can’t wish and regret….that’s what if only’s do.  They park and wait while the meter is still running. You just get older and bitter.

No matter what your situation looks like today…DO NOT trade your only’s.

Yes you’ve made mistakes…screwed up..should’ve done differently…but you still have your only’s.

The past gave you experience to take into the future. 8, 24, or 80 years young, keep your only’s!

My dad is ONLY 80! He’s still got 2 decades in the tank. Dad, go do!!!

Only means there’s room for improvement…if only means you’ve got no where to go.

Only gives you something to reach for. It’s a new challenge…task…wall or mountain to climb. Only gives you a reason to get out of bed. If only gives you and excuse to stay there.

So here’s your TSL action item today:

  1. Name one of your “if only’s.” What’s a time you wish you could have back and do over?
  2. Name a current win. I don’t care how small it seems. If you started a WordPress account, opened a checking account, filed for an LLC, started your book, podcast, or online business. List it….and end with “and I’m only. (your age).
  3. Email me your #1 & 2 @

Try this. Say ” I am (say your age).” now say, “I’m only (and your age)!” Feel the difference?

It feels like you have time on the clock doesn’t it?

You do…so get after it.

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I’ll see you tomorrow.


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Show notes for episode #489 “Tendencies take you down.” Listen right here.

On Episode #488, we talked about details. The more professional you are, the more detailed, you should be, but usually it’s the other way around. The more professional we consider ourselves to be, the less detailed, we actually are.

Instead of using your experience to prepare, you instead use your experience to wing it.

NFL Hall of Fame defensive back Deion Sanders kept detailed information on every player he faced. Sanders kept details on every player he played against-from the rookies to future Hall of Famers.

You know what Sanders was looking for? Tendencies. From the way a player broke the huddle to the positioning of  his feet.

Sanders would use your tendencies to beat you.

Tendencies take you down.

Others aren’t beating you, you’re beating you…through your tendencies. Josh from Covington Louisiana, emailed me (& you can too @,

 “Marsh I’m three years into sales and no matter what I do, I always seem to sell the same amount of vehicles. Even if I start off hot, I end up in the same boat. How can I break free of this?’

Josh, asked a perfect question for today’s podcast. We’ve all found ourselves stuck a time or ten thousand…

Your growth is in your tendencies. You can’t have different by doing the old. Know your tendencies. Your tendencies are your natural default settings that you revert back to without even thinking.

When an environment is conducive to your tendencies, then your tendencies will kick in without your realization. It’s as if you’re floating in an inner-tube down a lazy river (of tendencies)…and the waterfall is just ahead.

When Josh gets rolling, maybe his tendency is to psychologically pull up, thinking, “I did it,” but the problem is he’s no longer doing it.

Maybe he’s lost his sense of urgency.  That’s why I say that you should work as if you broke & sell as if you’re rich. But when you achieve a little success, you tend to be dyslexic in thought.  You work as if you’re rich & sell as if you’re broke.

With an arrived mentality, you start coming in a little later and not as fierce as you started, plus you’re selling as if you’re broke- rejections mount up…deals don’t bounce your way, customers buy elsewhere, to the point where you begin to personalize the losses and feel sorry for yourself.

The world’s not picking on you. The world is showing your tendencies.

Tendencies take you down.

To conserve energy, your mind is always looking for patterns. It spots a pattern and boom, your defaults kick in.

If there is no trigger, there are no tendencies.

You have to disrupt your patterns by knowing your tendencies.

Bring your tendencies to an awareness, but this will take complete ownership on your part because you can’t blame your tendencies away, but you can bring them to an awareness.

You can begin spotting the times you start to veer off course. You have to disrupt your tendencies before the tendencies disrupt you.

Tendencies are small yet powerfully destructive. Where you sit…where and how you stand…the phone you use at work…the actions you take when when a customer buys or doesn’t buy. When they buy, do you hide to celebrate or do you look for the next opportunity? When a customer doesn’t buy do you spend 45 minutes recapping to others who were glad it was you and not them?  What do you say to yourself at certain times? Do you take the same route to and from work? When you’re having a bad month do you push yourself to come in earlier and stay later or do you fold to your feelings?

Many people write me and say that they are going to start getting up earlier, but they might as well sleep in because when they wake, they have the tendency to pick up their cell phone and look at social media instead of using the earlier time to make an impact in their own lives.

My tendency lately, has been to come home, grab something to eat, and sit down to relax. On the way home I vowed to go workout but the minute I sit down, I cave and promise to hit it hard tomorrow. I now see the tendency and that tendency can take me down. So I have to disrupt the pattern by changing clothes and  immediately getting the workout in…because I know my tendencies once I sit down.

So here’s your TSL never settle action item for today:

  1. What are one or two tendencies that are taking you down? (Be honest. If you’re shrugging it off, it’s probably a destructive tendency.)
  2. What have you traditionally done in the past?
  3.  What will you do different?

Email me your answers @

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“You can achieve anything that you want in 90 days.”

I just don’t know which 90 day cycle it’s gonna be. So at the end of 30,60, or 90 days, I assess where I am & if I’m not where I want to be, I give myself another 90 days.

Brad Lea said “It took me 10 years to achieve any sort of success…but I was always just 90 days away from my breakthrough.”

Make it catchy. I was 70 lbs obese & had quit so many times because it seemed like it would NEVER happen for me. At the beginning of 2013 I created the slogan “40 for 40.” I set out to lose 40 lbs by the time I was 40. 7 months seemed too far away (& I’d probably quit), but “40 for 40” didn’t, so when I’d get down or discouraged I’d say, “40 for 40.” I achieved it in 5 months.

Stay forward driven by chunking your goal down into a cycle of 30,60,90 days to achieve. ie Losing 100 lbs is overwhelming…chunking 10 lbs toward the 100 is not. So when I was 270 lbs…”10 in 30” would be my slogan- I had to be 260 by February 25th.

In the 08 recession I always believed I was just 30 days away from having a better month. “Just one more month to survive,” I’d think. @ the end of the month, I’d look up, assess, & give myself another 30 days.

Think in chunks not in years.

Never settle keep selling your way through life no matter what.

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I wish I could bring my A game every day, but some days it just ain’t there for me.

I could get frustrated, bring no game and chalk the day up that it’s just not my day…or I I could bring my B or C game instead.

A game days = Flow. These days it’s like I don’t even have to think. Everything seems to click into place. I even shock myself at how well I can flow and counter. These are the days I feel unstoppable.

B game days= Lean. These are the days when it’s just a little off-not bad….but not quite in sync, you know? When things seem amiss, I’ve got to be careful not to blame or not care. Those two things will derail my momentum. I cannot use the excuse that everyone’s an idiot nor can I shrug off the details. Everything matters. On my B game days, I have to adjust and lean heavily on my processes otherwise I’ll emotionally spiral out of control. 

**Note to self: B & C game days are momentum bridges. I cannot break the pipe-meaning stop the flow of my momentum. Even though it’s a suck day for me, I’ve got to bring some game instead of no game at all. These are the days  that I must focus on the processes and not the results.

Athletes do this. It’s impossible for them to be in the flow every night, so the nights their game is off, they adjust and lean to their processes until their rhythm flows again. B game days are the days that I’ve got to be strict on my mechanics and positioning. When my mind screams at me with what’s the use!...I must hit the processes.

**Note to self: On your B & C days, do not have a conversation with yourself. No negotiating, just do, otherwise you’ll talk yourself right out of it.

C game days= Push. These are those days that are loaded…when I say loaded…I mean loaded with the Don’t Wants. I hate these days because not only do I not want to do anything…but I get pissed off because I didn’t do anything which makes the situation even worse! My C game days are the days I have to force the action. Even if I least I didn’t scratch. 

Don’t break the pipe. If I can keep the channel open…then I can at least be in position for success.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life NO MATTER WHAT.

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Momentum is so elusive because you don’t know when things will finally come together…and once you realize it’s gone it takes weeks-if not years to get it back. (Some people never regain their momentum)

Maybe when we get to heaven it’ll show you would could’ve happened had you not said no to the thing that could’ve lead to your demise.

Think of the things you’ve said no to. You didn’t take that dream job-good thing you didn’t because they went out of business 6 months later. Staying put lead to new, greater opportunities that you would’ve never been privy to.

Think about the time you almost didn’t work with that customer. Today they’re one of your best customers resulting in greater connections and more sales.

Momentum is based on a choice. Decisions matter because you never know which decision is going to become the lead domino to a change of events-good or bad. 

People underestimate the power of momentum. Momentum is an amplifier and your greatest advantage. 

But it can be frustrating…to put in the work and not see immediate results.

Is it working? Is it worth it?

Keep feeding it…

You worked with a customer 2 hours after closing and they didn’t buy…keep feeding it.

You drove an hour for a meeting and they didn’t show…keep feeding it.

You worked out twice yesterday and you gained weight this morning…keep feeding it.

When The Sales Life Podcast seems to flat line with new listeners…I must keep feeding it with another episode.

When my YouTube channel has no views…keep feeding it.

Momentum is an uneven exchange. Think of it as if I were exchanging a 3rd world country’s currency for the American dollar. I may have 4 million Darubles, but it’s only worth $1000 U.S.

That’s what momentum is to you.. The orange only squeezes out a little juice…I can bitch about the juice or I can look for more oranges.

The results will show when they show. When is not your job…how is. 

When questioning if you should or shouldn’t? If it supports your momentum do it…if it could break your momentum then don’t.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what.

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I couldn’t imagine what if would feel like to face a charging lion. Boyd Varty has had plenty of experience with this in the wild. He is a lion tracker and author of “The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life.”

On his podcast, he told Aubrey Marcus that when you are facing a charging lion, you must stand, step forward, and meet the charge with your presence. A charging lion came so close to Varty, that when he screeched to a halt, the sand flew into Varty’s mouth.

“The lion must perceive you as dangerous and not one to be f’d with.”

When damaging situations arise in your life-whether it be laid off, fired, demoted, divorced, bankruptcy-or when something blindsides you, you must stand, step forward, and meet the charge with your presence. 

Running from a lion or your problems won’t help you and as scary and uncertain as things may be, stand, step forward, and meet the charge with your presence.

Although you don’t fully grasp it, you have tremendous presence about you so when situations are roaring at you, you let it know, “I’m not the one to be f’d with.”

Never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what.

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Be a part of the few now so you can be a part of the elite few later…”

What are you doing right now? Are you thumbing through social media…or are you looking binging through episodes? Are you griping about your present circumstances, the economy, or government?

Is what you’re doing right now productive or destructive?

Are you a part of few or many?

If you’re a part of few then you’re in good company, but if you’re one of many, you’re in trouble.

Maybe you’re learning a new skill, developing your technique, or deciding which book on negotiating or body language to buy.

Maybe you’re listening to audiobooks or podcasts such as The Sales Life. 

Maybe you’re out on the road jogging-every once in a while you’ll make eye contact with a fellow runner; your language to one another is non-verbal because you’re a part of the few.

Maybe you’re out in the driveway doing burpees and planks while the morning dew drips onto the driveway as the sun rises.

Maybe you’re putting pen to paper early in the morning or pressing record for your next episode.

“Are you doing what everyone else is doing,” I hope you’ll snap back with a, “Hell no!” because you’re the one willing, when everyone is able.

Most people match their day with what everyone else is doing. He’s not doing it, so I’m not either.

She’s leaving early, so I will too. It’s a, me neither or I am too herd mentality.

The  herd don’t want it hard-neither do the few, but they’re willing to take it on.

I need you to be a part of the few. While  everyone else is looking for the shortcut, you’re willing to take it on as it comes.

If it looks easy, it’s because I’ve put in the reps to make it look that way & if it’s hard, you’ve been preparing for this for months…years even.

A quick productivity test to you today. Are you a part of most or few?

Are you sitting or are you sharpening? Do you wish things were easier, or are you working because you expect better?

Yesterday I was pissed off  because I wrote, recorded, published the podcast , & exercised before I went to work. When I got to work there was extra work piled on top of my already busy day. I snapped because I started feeling sorry for myself. My poor me mind was complaining that while most people roll out of bed and waltz into work, I had already put in hours of work.

So I popped off…

As soon as I did, I said to myself, “Who cares what they did or didn’t do before, during, and after work? That’s got nothing to do with you.”

Don’t ease up because everyone else is too. Push hard so when the hard comes, you make it look easy.

When hard jumps on you, stay cool, controlled, and massively productive. Others will be drawn to how collective you are in the midst of chaos.

If you do, what most won’t, you’ll have what few can.

Be a part of the few now &  you’ll be a part of the elite few later.

Never settle. Keep selling your way through life, no matter what.

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Be glad that you don’t have shortcuts. I know you want them. I do, too. You want the shortcuts in order to be spared of the pain, doubts, & the long hours with no results.

You’d much rather be able to look slightly over to the left, and see that path that’s barely visible, take it & on the other side, everything transforms from the grays of failure to the rich color of results.

But life is a long game. Because it’s a long game, learning it requires that you take the long road.

There are no shortcuts, only second time(s) around.

It takes going through, failing often, and coming back to it again and again-a little bit better, a little more efficient, a little tighter the next time.

I met a guy the other day who re-sells items on Amazon. Four months into the year he’s earned $200,000! Hearing stories like that I think, “Oh, I’d  that too!” But it doesn’t happen all at once-I’m sure he had to figure it out…on the long road.

One thing you have to keep in mind; the story people tell you is the shortcut, but writing the story is the long road.

It’s true for me in sales. Learning the art of sales is a long road. Two decades later, I’m still learning the nuances. How to navigate through economic challenges & shortages, as well as the weaving through the unique personalities of both co-workers and customers alike. It’s tough to deal with another salesperson who ruins a relationship over a commission. It’s tiresome to keep a smile on your face while the customer hates your profession-to not get defensive so that you can get them to open up and see which one of your products fits their needs. Not to mention there’s the pressures of providing a service, while also trying to figure out how to pay your mortgage.

Sales is a long road. You must fail more than you succeed in order to succeed.

Hear this post on The Sales Life Podcast!

There are no shortcuts, but there are a second time(s) around-a chance to make the next lap a little better than the previous one.

My bankruptcy, took 11 years to recover.

If it were all over after I’d filed, I’d been right back in the courtroom to file again.

It was a long road, but I needed it in order to change my behaviors, otherwise I’d be a repeat offender. When I applied for credit for that must have, the bank would turn me down. What I thought was a denial was actually a protection. The court protected me by saying that I had to come out of this very slowly.

One of the biggest regrets I have as a parent, was to create shortcuts for my oldest son. Like any parent, I wanted him to have it easier than I did, so I created numerous shortcuts. What I didn’t consider is one day my child would grow up to become a man & he wasn’t prepared. He didn’t realize there were consequences, struggles, and real issues to deal with & it took a massive derailment for him to figure it out on his own.

It was a long road for him, but he got a second time around.

There are no shortcuts to a healthier life. Sure, you can take a pill for rapid weight loss,  but when it comes to creating a healthier life, it’s a long road of having to say no to your favorite foods while working out for hours seeing no results.

It’s a long road, but you’ll make better decisions this time around.

Your development is in the long road.

It’s distasteful, frustrating, full of struggles, riddled with unfairness, and many days you’ll have nothing to show for it. And each day, life insatiably asks for more.

You have to go through to get better…to get tighter… to become more wiser, & more efficient.

But that’s the only way you can see lasting results.

Even if someone taught you how to get there, it’s unique for everyone & still requires that each person take the long road. Even if there were a shortcut, you’d  give it all back again.

There are no shortcuts, only second time(s) around.

How do you figure out anything if you already have all of the answers?

Life’s an open book, but you have to take the long road to find the answers.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life, no matter what. 

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There are 3 types of salespeople right now:

1)Those who are waiting for the all clear in order to go back to work

2)Those who believe that things are going to be great “on the other side of this”

3)Those who get better now so when better comes they’re the best.

Chase Jarvis author of Creative Calling” was one of the best photographers in the world. On Tommy Baker’s podcast, he said that his business doubled after the 2008 financial crises, because of what he was doing DURING the financial crises.

Don’t wait for “the other side,” get better now so when better comes you’re already in full stride.

If you’re a #2 kind of salesperson, ideas are probably flowing to you right now and you’re putting them in your mason jar of ideas to use when the flood gates open. Exercise those ideas right immediately. Even if you think it’s corny or won’t work, do it anyway because creativity breeds more creativity. When I started The Sales Life Podcast, I had about 20 different show ideas, but nearly 500 episodes later, I have hundreds to choose from-and more arriving every day:)

There is less competition right now. Why wait to join the masses when things start flowing again…roll now!

If you start now, you’ll increase your capacity for more. Even though your production is less, you’ll grow your effort. Push on the development of marketing, connection, consistency, and creativity.

Capacity is a use it or lose it kind of skill. Think about the times when it’s slow and suddenly you get bumrushed.  Because you’ve shrunk in capacity, you’re not as sharp and can’t handle as much; but when you’re in that busy kind of flow, you just add it to the pile and keep it moving, right?

Win now, so when the business comes back, while others are unlocking their sales skills again, you’re flying right by.

If you’re at home, block out a few hours to work on your development. No consuming social media, just a few hours of production. Every morning I work on TSL for 2 hours before work that way when I do get to work, I’m already in full, mental stride.

Those lil ole’ 2 hours? That’s 720 minutes per week; 3100 minutes per month; 37,152 per year! I’m 619 hours ahead all because of the 120 minutes each day. (& that doesn’t even factor in the compounded production!)

Here’s an idea for you to create mutually beneficial ways to market yourself. Pick one of you favorite local restaurants and tell them that you’re going to eat there all this week. Each day you’ll buy a different meal and talk about how good it is on Facebook live. In exchange for the promotion, see if they’ll put a small flyer of you and your business in that week’s to-go orders. National chains may not be able to do this, but your local ones can. Not only do you financially and socially support that business, they help support you in return.

What are some of your creative ideas? I’d love to hear them. 

“The other side” is a mentality…& the other side is now.

Never settle; keep selling your way through life. Stay in The Sales Life. 

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