Author Tommy Baker gave a speech titled, “The Journey Is The Win,” and he emphasize this point,

“Even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty the last thing you want to hear is how beautiful the journey can be…yet when you look back on your life, that’s exactly what you’ll remember…”

When you retell your personal hell, you choke up because the words are mixed with joy and pain & are difficult to get out clearly.

Images flash in your mind or thoughts trigger you wondering, “I don’t know how I even got through…”

You thought the win was the destination, only to realize, looking back, that it was in the journey, and you were winning the whole time.

You just didn’t realize it.

The journey is the win.

Often times the wins were disguised as losses and what looked like a setback was really all part of the plan, because not only did you have to learn to win, you also to endure the losses.

Former Seattle Seahawks player Cliff Avril said that one of his biggest regrets while playing in the NFL was that he never took time to enjoy the process.

He fought so hard to make it to the league…to make the roster…to earn the contract…to overcome injuries…to play another get to & win the Super Bowl – all of those are huge accomplishments, yet when he looks back over his career it was over in a instant…

and he never took time to enjoy the process.

The days are long, but the years are short.

You may not enjoy the moment, but you can respect the journey, because of who you’re becoming in the process.

Becoming is not some bubblegum flavored elixir that you take and everything will be just fine..

No, becoming is bitter, distasteful, and often unsettling, but it’s necessary…

…because you have to learn from the losses and grow in the wins.

When you lose, you learn to forge grit, persistence, and resilience…

When you lose, you learn how to figure it out on your own…get outside of your comfort zone, and dig deep to unleash capabilities you didn’t even know was there.

And when you win, you grow in self-confidence, getting a little more surer so when you lose again, you know you’re capable of winning again too.

The journey is the win…

I wouldn’t call it a win if you wouldn’t call it a journey.

Keep moving…

Stay in The Sales 💪ife



There’s a story told in John Maxwell’s book, “Sometimes You Win-Sometimes You Learn,” of a daughter complaining to her dad about how tough & unfair Life is.

She’s sharing with him how difficult things are for her & while she’s ranting, her dad walks over to the stove & puts 3 pots on the burner each filled with water.

In the 1rst pot he slices up carrots…

In the 2nd pot he puts a few eggs in…

And in the 3rd pot, he puts in a handful of coffee beans.

While the pots simmer, he continues to listen to his daughter, nodding attentively, but never says anything.

As she runs out of steam & grows quiet, her dad walks her over to the stove & asks her, “What do you see?” “Umm carrots, eggs, & coffee,” she answers back curiously.

Then he tells her to handle each one. The boiled carrots squish in her hand; the eggs are hard-boiled beneath its thin shell; & the coffee smells rich & bold.

“The carrot, egg, & coffee bean were all subjected to the same thing,” he says, “But each one reacted differently. The carrot became soft and falls apart easily; the eggs became hard; but the coffee bean transformed the water into something rich & flavorful.”

The dad looked at his daughter and asks, “So which are you? The carrot, egg, or coffee bean?”

Will you be subjected to adversity and become soft…will you let adversity harden & deaden you to a beautiful world that still exists? Or will you be like that coffee bean, where the hot waters of adversity only release & reveal your inner boldness- where you transform the whole look in the pot?

We don’t get to choose most of our adversities & even if we did, we’d only pick the adversity that offered a little discomfort & maybe…just maybe a pinch of momentary pain.

It’d be like picking between having a shot or open heart surgery- we don’t like either, but we’ll take the needle over the scalpel any day. We’d rather flinch & move on with life, than to have our lives ripped open where it hurts to even breathe.

But if you didn’t have levels of adversity, you’d never radically change.

Sure, you may scoot over a little in life, but you damn sure aren’t about to raise your hand to get knocked the f*ck out.

So Life kicks us out of our nest of normal & makes us change & it’s in the pain, where we will find the most change. I’ve found change fighting through low self-esteem, bankruptcy, obesity, divorce, & demotion-none of those would I have chosen, but I had to choose what I was going to do about it.

In those moments I had to choose to be the carrot, egg, or coffee bean.

So which are you?

Tony Robins asks people “What’s the difference between a lottery winner & a paraplegic?”

The lottery winner hopes his life will get better while the paraplegic fights to make his life better.

The paraplegic fights to regain his independence-things he could once do in minutes now take hours. What starts as learning how to breath, bathe, dress, & eat independently, transform into driving, climbing mountains, & speaking to the world.

Like the paraplegic, we choose our If response.

So when adversity finds you…you choose. If this is what I’m going through, what do I choose to be? The carrot, egg, or the coffee bean?

Stay in The Sales 💪ife.

Hard will end

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Navy SEAL turned astronaut (yes he’s done both!) Chris Cassidy was on the Team Never Quit podcast and he said he never forgot the advice he received from his dad years ago.

Cassidy said that maybe you won’t face the adversity that some people face. He was referring to one of the podcast’s hosts Marcus Luttrell who’s life was turned into a book and made into a movie titled, “Lone Survivor,” that retells the horrific day when Luttrell’s entire SEAL team was killed and Luttrell (hence the title of the book/movie) had to excruciatingly crawl for miles to safety with a broken back.

Cassidy’s father said,

We don’t all face the same adversity, but we all face hard…”

“And hard will end.”

The hard times will end…

So whatever you are facing in your life right now…

in the thick of it all….

in the darkest of moments…

in the leanest of times…

Hard will end…

It’s just hard for you right now. You’re gonna have days like that, but hard will end.

No…I don’t know how much longer…

I don’t know when it’s going to end for you…

But I do know this…

If hard has a beginning, then it has an ending too.

So you just have to keep showing up…

You have to keep pushing on…

You have to lean into the adversity..

and never, never forget that hard will end. 

You quit because you see no end in site…

You throw in the towel and ring the bell because it looks like there is no way out…

But there is an end…

it could be minutes or miles from now…

Hard will end.

And when it does…

dammit you better be there.

Stay in the Sales Life.





Salespeople want to be a Top Producer…

Some want to be an entrepreneur & others want to run a company.

Many people want to have millions…

But few are willing to earn any of it...

When’s the last time you heard someone say, ” I’m going earn $200,000 this year…I’m going to earn the Million Dollar Producer distinction…”

That’s because when you say the word earn.

That one word puts the whole load on you. 

Earn eliminates the excuses, blame, reasons; justifications and unfairness.

Those kinds of words are reserved for people who say they want to…

but don’t…and here’s  why _________, __________ , _____________

Powerless, defeated words become chapters of excuses, blame, reasons, justifications, and unfairness that fill up the blank pages of our lives.

Earn is that psychological downshift, shifting from 5th gear of coasting on “good enough” down to 2nd gear of grinding and improving for more.

Earn is a fight.

Earn is what separates you from the herd of Wants.

Earn is that slow burn…

Earn is a grind…where you get no where fast.

And even if you wanted to go faster you couldn’t, because the load is too heavy…& the burden is too taxing.

So all you can do is earn the next step..and then the next.

Earn is where you unlearn what you’ve already learned because what got you here won’t take you there.

Earn is shifting mindsets from try to do.

Earn is the grit you develop when you skid across Life’s floor, yet pull yourself back up.

Because you gotta earn it.

You don’t get what you want in Life, you get what you negotiate.

You could just sit there with your wants and accept what Life scrapes into your bowl….

or you can show back up today and say, “I’m back and placing my bet, because I’m not done.”

Earn is not a finish line…it’s an evolution.

Want is the certainty you see in the natural…

Earn is the uncertainty you face, yet step out in faith, not knowing where your foot will land, but wherever and however it lands, you’ll make it work.

It’s earnings time…

Will “Willdabeast” Adams was asked on Tom Bilyeu’s podcast, “Why do you go so hard? You’ve risen to the top and achieved massive success yet you still go hella hard…”

Willdabeast answered,

“I go hard so that I never have to again.”

If you didn’t have to….would you?

You say you want to arrive, achieve, obtain, and accumulate massive success, but if you did accomplish your “all,” then what?

Is that it?

What would you do if you no longer had to?

What would you stop doing?

Where would you slack?

How often would you take the day off and just lay up?

You think about getting to the summit, but have you ever thought about what happens after you reach the summit?

Have you not thought about it because you really don’t believe you can or are you waiting for someone to give you permission?

Earning is that Next mentality.



Today is all you got…

And whatever you get, is because you earned it.

Take notice where you are…

But take stock in where you need to be…

And go f’n earn it.

If you’re getting up today because you have to make ends meet, you’ll forever be making ends meet because no matter what level of success, it’ll always be just barely enough. 

Or you can stop rationalizing and just go hard…

…so you never have to again.

Earn the next step…earn the next reach…earn the next breath…earn the next crack of opportunity.

Earn is next…no matter the result.

Win or lose….setback or comeback…trial or triumph…

Whatever the result today, you earned it…


Some results hurt…some outcomes are embarrassing…some may even blindside you and slap you backwards.

..whatever… you earned it.

Own it…

Dust off, recycle; improve…

And always look for Next.

Go hard so you never have to again.

Stay in The Sales Life.





In the book, “The 1% Rule,” author Tommy Baker writes that when you see someone who is successful, you think that they just popped out of nowhere & suddenly became an “overnight” success. As if they just woke up one day & decided that they wanted to sell out stadiums;?star in blockbuster movies; & post to millions of fans. “What you don’t see is touring around the country in a beat up van; cramming 7 people into a crappy motel room; fights with the record label & management;” you don’t see the times they slow paid the rent just so they could buy enough gas to get to the next gig. You didn’t see the times they got boo’d offstage; they played to a crowd of 3; lives out of their car; sat in a house with no electricity; borrowed their best friend’s car because theirs was repo’d. What you don’t see are the nights when they were sitting on the sidewalk with their back against the wall questioning themselves if all this was even worth it…

Today all you see are the results, but what you don’t see is what it took to get there. Success is not found in bullet points; 10 tips; 7 hacks, a series of inspirational videos, & it’s sure as shit ain’t found overnight.

Truthfully you really wouldn’t want “overnight” success, because if you suddenly “had it all,” you’d destroy yourself. I remember during the recession, I found myself $100,000 in credit card debt. (Not even counting mortgages & lines of credit.) I was so deep in debt, I would throw newspapers at 1:30 in the morning & run a store during the day. I barely had enough money to feed my family. When I finally confessed to a friend he told me, “Marsh I could write a check & bail you out of this mess…my heart hurts for you, but I won’t. I will not write this check because you’ll only learn if you feel both the relief of having your debt adjusted as well as the pain of embarrassment of having to start over & sit in the courtroom with many other docket numbers who’ve f’d up just like you.” And with that, my friend wrote a $1500 check to an attorney to begin bankruptcy proceedings. In hindsight I’m glad that’s all he did, because if he would’ve wiped out my debt, I would’ve buried myself in debt again- if not worse, because I wouldn’t have felt the pain of the process of becoming.

It’s better to become over time than overnight.

If you went overnight from 0 to millions; from drowning in debt to debt free; from employee to CEO, you’d destroy yourself because you didn’t put in the sweat equity of becoming along the way. It’d be too much-to overwhelming, & you’d have no experience to draw from when you needed it most. So yes, what your struggling through is literally saving your life right now, because you’re becoming in the making. As you slog through your winless, thankless days, you’re building resilience, grit, persistence, & gratitude brick by brick.

To the salesperson who wants to walk in on day one and sell 30 vehicles per month, I say no you don’t because you’d have no clue how to take care of them. All of the odd hour phone calls; coming in on your days off; running to meet your customers with a spare key or battery boost and handling their service crises…& that’s just one month. What about the 50-60 people you have to work with the following month? Not only do you have to handle 60 unique experiences to net an income, but you also have to-don’t forget (!), handle all of your sold customers from the months & months, & years prior. You don’t walk into the weight room and suddenly go from benching 95 lbs to 335; you have to slowly adding 5 & 10 lb increments along the way and build your way into becoming stronger. Who in the hell doesn’t want to hit the $700 million lottery, but if you did hit it, you’d be so financially ignorant that those “managing” your wealth would rob you blind & leave you broke, because you wouldn’t know what questions to ask-you wouldn’t know what to even look for. That’s why you see the $100 million athlete end up broke because he became the athlete, but never took the time to become educated about money management. All he wanted to do was sign & swipe for the expensive cars, lavish homes, and tailored clothing all while his “manager” bilked millions.

It’s better to become over time than overnight because when, (not if), adversity strikes, if it took you years of restarts, do-overs, setbacks, & rebuilds- you’ve been so battle tested along the way, that even if it’s a situation that that is new or unfamiliar, you’re R.F.A. Ready For Anything.

Your results are important, but what you become in the process is impactful.

Stay in The Sales 💪ife.

I like watching Evan Carmichael’s compilations on YouTube. His channel consists of clips ripped from interviews highly successful people have given over time. His vids are short, “10” meaty points that really get you going. Anyone who’s been following me knows how much I love David Goggins’ story, so it goes without saying,that when I saw the clip of “10 Rules when you’re afraid of something,” I had to watch. One of the clips was from an interview Goggins gave on Lewis Howes’ podcast in which he asked David a question, “What haunts you the most?” Without flinching, Goggins answered, “What haunts me most is to be 300 lbs., an exterminator for Ecolab, and to get to the end of my life where a Higher Power sits in front of me and shows me a list with my name written on it:

  • David Goggins: 180 lbs.
  • David Goggins: Navy SEAL
  • David Goggins: Ultra marathon runner
  • David Goggins: Best-selling author
  • David Goggins Speaker to the world.

…to see that list and to tell Him, ‘G-God, that’s not me. I-I’m David Goggins, 300 pounds…I’m just an exterminator,’ to which God answers back, ‘No that’s not you…that’s who you were supposed to be…'”

“So what haunts me most is to get to the end of my life and to realize that I left more on the table because I wasn’t willing to take on or go over the wall. I want to exceed God’s expectations for my life where I get to the end and not only did He check the box, but He also had to add more lines. There is cap in Life, we only cap ourselves and our own limitations.”

There is no explanation at the end… no overtime… no mulligans, nor do overs. When it’s done it’s done. “What haunts you me most?” To have to account for the man I was supposed to be. To see a list and realize that I could’ve done all of those things, but I didn’t- not even a fraction of it, because I was too scared, too worried, too uncertain…because it would involve failure… it would be wrapped in unfairness…& that I may even get to the edges of losing my job or even my life…but I held back.

So here I am… but it’s not who I’m supposed to be.

Oh my God… no way… you must go out there and fight, scrap, claw, dig, and get back up, because it’s not enough to be who you are right now. You must push off and dig deep and live for who you’re supposed to be.

I’m supposed to share The Sales Life to the world…

I’m supposed to teach young people the life skill of selling…

I’m supposed to teach young people the value of reading and financial responsibility…

I’m supposed to have multiple dealerships…

I’m supposed to live to be 100 years old…

I’m supposed to be my ideal weight…

I’m supposed to run a marathon…

I’m supposed to be a good man, a good father, and a good husband…

Yes, I’m supposed to be & I have to live that right now, because I don’t want to get to the end of my life and there in front of me, is a huge list with my name on in and none of boxes are checked nor any lines added and the only thing left to hear are the words, “…that’s who you supposed to be.”

Fight hard & stay in the Sales Life.



Million dollar real estate broker Ryan Serhant observed that one reason why you may not be finding success is because you are replying and not responding. In this automated, ever-growing commoditized world, your greatest asset as a sales person is differentiating yourself by responding instead of replying.

In this automated, ever-growing commoditized world, your greatest asset as a sales person is differentiating yourself by responding instead of replying.

We salespeople often reply when the customer we’re currently working with is the cherry to our crap-filled month. Nothing’s been going right & no one is buying, so it’s no surprise this one isn’t either. While everyone around you seems to be swimming in deals, you just so happened to have caught the one picky customer who has NO CLUE what they want; or the customer who seems to be 11 yrs out from buying; or the customer who you just don’t seem to jive with… In defense, we shut down mentally and lay up lame ass replies to their questions & concerns. Replies are words placed in the right order, said at the right time, yet void of any emotion.

We had a customer come in recently who was all busted up. Her life was turned upside down. She left her abusive husband while he left her with bad credit and a repo’d car. Obviously she was an emotional soup-crying, confused, & no idea what to do from here. A tuned out salesperson would’ve pulled her credit & replied with, “Sorry, your credit is too bad I can’t help you,” but a tuned-in salesperson would respond by saying, “Look, your credit has taken some hits, so which family member can we get on the phone right now, to get you back on track? Today is going to be your new birthday!” The responding salesperson aligned with her emotional state & offered a specific course of action.

Think about it…they’re not called First Repliers, they’re called First Responders because they come onto the scene, asses the situation, & work to get you to safety. Customers need that from you. They come in with a range of emotions & need you to asses and respond in a way that aligns with their emotions & the results they need to see. The one they do business with is the one who responds best.

That might as well be you. 😉

I’ll see you in the Sales Life.

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