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Ever talk to someone on the phone who you’ve never met and create a whole image of what you think that person looks like? The only thing you had were their words and tone of voice, but that was enough to create an avatar-from their race to their height, weight, and level of success.

But when you meet them in person, they look NOTHING like you envisioned!

If your mind is powerful enough to create a person, how instrumental do you think it is in creating an image of success (or lack thereof)?

Know it or not, you’re playing to an image.

One of the hardest things for me to change was the image that I’d been playing to for decades of not belonging or never being good. Unknowingly I played to that image so much so that if I achieved any success outside of that image, I would in some way sabotage myself to fit back into that poor image.

Creating a new image is hard-sometimes you have to forcefully play to a new image by repeatedly feeding yourself new images. (Which is why I say you have to be careful what images you are feeding yourself.)

I have an image of stepping on stage and speaking in front of thousands of people.  I can see the color of the curtains; I can feel the warmth of the lights;  and I can even see of the audience… but I can’t see me. That’s because I have to fight through millions of distorted old images- I can feel & sense it, but can’t all the way see it.


I’m playing to an image.

The Sales Life Podcast is a workable image for me. Every morning I’ve written over 500 episodes and with each stroke of the pen, I’m closer to my image becoming a reality.

In 2017, each episode of The Sales Life Podcast only got handful of downloads (2 were from me!), but I played to an image and today thousands make it a part of their daily ritual.  My YouTube Channel (Subscribe today!) has hundreds of videos and some have no views…but I’m playing to an image of 500k subscribers.

I’d rather play to an image of my future than accept an image of my past.

Here’s your TSL action item today:

  1. What image will you play to?
  2. What action will you take toward that image?

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Show notes for episode #499!

On my way to work I saw a tree service cutting a huge limb that was hovering over the powerline. If that branch broke, it would fall & knock out the power in that area.

They cut the branch, but they didn’t cut the tree.

I wish I was mature enough to initiate pruning in my life, but sometimes life’s crew, called circumstances, comes along and cuts me.

In those times I have to remember they cut my branch, but they didn’t cut my tree.

Life will prune you in the form of demotions, break ups, blowups, failures, setbacks, & major disruptions.

Life actually did you a favor because as thick & fruitful as that branch seemed, you had no idea it was about to break and knock out your power.

The loss is a gain, you just haven’t realize it yet.

I remember May 1, 2016 as if it was yesterday. When I walked into the office, my boss was to the left and the owner was seated at his desk.

I was demoted.

I was crushed-everything I worked for was wiped out.

But they cut my branch, not my tree.

It took me over a year to stop acting like a stump & rise and play like a trunk.

My trunk is where my strength lies. Everything I needed to start over was right there in my trunk, but I can’t get there acting like a stump.

You can have a tree without branches but you can’t have branches without a trunk, so you may lose a branch but you haven’t lost your trunk.

Pruning hurts and is scary because it’s definite yet so uncertain. You can’t solder a branch back together, but that’s probably a good thing, because you’re now lighter to climb higher.

They may have cut the branch…but they didn’t cut your tree.

Your TSL Action:

1. In your life, what was a cutting of a “branch” but you saw it as a “tree?”

2. Are you acting as a stump or trunk?

3. What else needs to be pruned?

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Confirmation Bias is good…when it’s good. But when things aren’t working & you’re on a slick spot your actions confirm the doom and gloom.

So how do you break free of Negative CB?

Individualize it don’t personalize it.

If you personalize your moments, you’ll try to handle them emotionally & your emotions will only make things worse.

Feel yourself slipping into Negative CB when you think of all outcomes as catastrophic.

The next customer, phone call, lead, or attempt all lines up with your dead end thoughts. You go down the rabbit hole of, “See I told you so!” When your attempts fail you confirm it with “See,I knew it wouldn’t work..etc”

Feel yourself slipping when you start saying phrases like, “Again!” “I can’t win for losing!” “Another one…” (Not in the DJ Khaled tone)

Individualizing the moment has nothing to do with emotions & everything to do with your approach, mechanics, techniques, & follow through.

You take EACH situation, analyze it, & play for next.

The quickest way out of your rut is to shut up (no whoa is me) & take on next.

Nothing lasts forever…wins nor losses, but you will prolong the losses if you lump all of the losses together by personalizing then vs individualizing them-what worked, what didn’t, what next 💥?

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