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Posted: June 5, 2020 in Uncategorized
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Execution is a subset of ideas. ~ James Altucher

Ideas alone are worthless…you must execute on those ideas.

Had I not executed on the idea of The Sales Life Podcast, I’d have nothing more than a folder full of ideas. And I did! My Evernote was full of ideas, recordings, clippings, book notes-all kinds of good material for a podcast that didn’t even exist.

It was all worthless until I put those ideas into action. I had to take one idea, hit record, put it out there, and find the next one.

Ideas executed upon give you options.

“But what if it’s bad?” You don’t want to start your page, blog, podcast, mastermind group, nor put that video out there until it’s perfect, right?

Execute. Even if you think it’s perfect, you’ll look back on it years from now embarrassed at how bad it was.  Actually, I hope you’re embarrassed years from now because it’ll show you just how far you’ve come.

How many CEO 6 month old babies do you know? Uh, none! They have to execute their 6 month old selves in order to evolve.

JT McCormick said on a recent podcast that the lottery winner isn’t lucky. She executed. She had the idea, bought the ticket, and won. That’s execution!

It’s in the execution that you’ll get even more ideas through spawned creativity.

How many ways are there to catch a football? Probably hundreds, but none if my hands are tied by my side. It’s in the action that I’ll learn more ways.

But I’ll drop some balls too…

This is why you don’t execute. You don’t want to drop the ball.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said everyone would leap at something that promised a 100x return, but it’s in the doing that you’ll fail 9 out of 10 times…and you’ll feel bad 9 out of 10 times too, but that 10th time is where you’ll begin to amass the returns.

A decision executed is a good decision because even if you fail, a loss today is a win in the process because you closed a channel that you realized is no longer needed.

That’s called refinement. The excess is shed and your results are sculpted.

Here’s your TSL Bullets today:

  1. What one thing will you execute on today before you go to bed? Just take the first step, the second is easier…and the millionth is manageable.
  2. If you have already executed, what looks like a loss, but is a win in the process?

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