It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility

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Here are the show notes for episode 500 of The Sales Life. Special thanks to Mark Metry.

“When’s the last time you took responsibility over everything that’s happened in your life.” ~ Mark Metry author of “Screw Being Shy.”

When people hear the word responsibility they immediately equate it to fault.

It’s not your fault your parents got divorced.

It’s not your fault your dad died when you were nine.

It’s not your fault your brother ended up in jail.

It’s not your fault you had to take an early retirement because the company sold out.

It’s not your fault that you were molested.

But it is your responsibility…

Because you are responsible what your life becomes over that event. 

Response-able. The ability to make a decision and choose to act.

“Most people never get this far,” because they associate fault with responsibility and as long as you blame others you detach responsibility from your life.

This is why people experience self-sabotage and get pulled back toxic relationships and dead end situations-not because you can’t get over everything what’s happened, but because you won’t claim responsibility over everything that’s happened in your life. 

You can’t fix others…

You can’t splice the old scene with a better one…

As cold as this may seem, it’s over, so take your power back by claiming responsibility and choosing what your life becomes over that event.

Some things weren’t my fault….many were, but fault is a separate issue and the lessons I learn from my faults can only be applied once I take responsibility over everything that has happened in my life.

TSL Action Item today:

  1. What specific event will you claim responsibility that’s been a fault in your life?
  2. In 30,60, 90 days what will you move toward instead of falling back?

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