Measure your activities, not their results

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*Note: Here are the show notes for episode 497 of The Sales Life Podcast. Click the link to hear the juicy details 🙂

It’s human nature to want to compare yourself to someone else-we all do it, but when you’re comparing in the wrong way, it’ll cause you to give up and quit. A friend of mine’s advice to others is, “Measure yourself against other’s activities and not their results,” because their results will make you want to quit, but their activities will push you to level up.

For instance, if I’m new or newly committed to sales and see a guy who’s pushing out 40 units compared to my 10,  if I finish the month at 12, even though I did better, it pales in comparison to his King Kong month. Twenty eight units away might as well be 2800 units when you’re chasing the results and because you gave it your all and only eeked out 2 more units, it seems like you’ll never reach the Promised Land of 40 units.

So you quit.

And then you blame…

Saying that if you had the advantages Mr. 40 had, you could do it too. Instead of jealously pointing to their advantages, why not measure yourself to their activities and double down.

What are they doing and you’re not? Measuring your activities to the other person’s is tough because it forces you to be honest with yourself. Think about how easy it is to let yourself off the hook looking only at their results versus studying their activities.

Become a student of their activities and not a spectator of their results. 

You know your tendencies…now look at theirs. (Listen to episode #489 about tendencies.)

How do they work?

What do they do once they show up? (Often you’re just getting outworked. Period)

After a sale what do they do?

How do they market themselves?

How do they get leads through the door?

How do they handle multiple deals at once?

Put your ego aside and ask them how they do what they do. AND THEN DO IT! Keep in mind, you’re doing all you know to do…and that’s the problem…go find some don’t know. 

If you study their activity you’ll incrementally raise your results. I’d get crapped out real quick if I measure my results of The Sales Life in comparison to another podcast  that’s getting 100k downloads per episode. But I’m still in the game, if I measure their activities compared to mine and double down.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Layer in a few activities-get consistent at it and then layer in a couple more.

Here’s your TSL action item today:

  1. Who’s activity will you study?
  2. Why are you studying that person?
  3. What are no more than 2 activities you will layer in NOW.
  4. Email me your list @

Hear the full, juicy episode right here. 

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