Change happens 3 degrees at a time.

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**Here are the quick takeaways from episode 495 of The Sales Life Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app to hear the juicy details.

You can’t drive an aircraft carrier in the moment; you have to steer it 3 degrees at a time, making tiny course corrections along the way.

If you get to a point where you have to make a 30 degree turn, it’s not because of the moment, it’s because you hadn’t been-making the 3 degree course corrections for the last five miles.

Think of life like an aircraft carrier. You can’t change it all at once, but you can initiate change at once…3 degrees at a time.

When I hear the word change, it feels overwhelming because with the change comes all of the baggage of regrets & missed opportunities along with it.

Instead I like ticks because a tick seems doable. Today I can nudge my way 3 degrees at a time.

A tick to kick my obsessive drinking & get my life together was to not drink before 5 PM on my off days. (Listen to the podcast where I spill the tea 🍵 .)

Put a cadence into your life. (I’m your drill instructor)

What is your dominant leg? Mine is my right. So imagine you’re walking down the road. Think in the cadence of “Right, Left, Road.”

Your right leg is “Action.”

Your left leg is “Decision.”

Your road is “Commitment.”

Sooo…Action, Decision, Commitment. (Right, left, road, get it?)

Act: 3 degrees, act now. (None of that, “But Marsh…..)

Decision: Re-up. Add a layer today.

Commitment: Result

For me: Act: Bust a sweat today. Decision: No drinks before 5. Commitment: Lose 40 lbs by the time I was 40.

And when you mess up, stick to your cadence. Quickly act to cauterize those feelings of screwing up. Take action, renew your decision, committed to your results.

Hear the full podcast (and 500 more).

Never settle keep selling your way through life no matter what.

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