Don’t break the chain of momentum (The Sales Life Podcast #479)

Posted: April 24, 2020 in Uncategorized
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Momentum is so elusive because you don’t know when things will finally come together…and once you realize it’s gone it takes weeks-if not years to get it back. (Some people never regain their momentum)

Maybe when we get to heaven it’ll show you would could’ve happened had you not said no to the thing that could’ve lead to your demise.

Think of the things you’ve said no to. You didn’t take that dream job-good thing you didn’t because they went out of business 6 months later. Staying put lead to new, greater opportunities that you would’ve never been privy to.

Think about the time you almost didn’t work with that customer. Today they’re one of your best customers resulting in greater connections and more sales.

Momentum is based on a choice. Decisions matter because you never know which decision is going to become the lead domino to a change of events-good or bad. 

People underestimate the power of momentum. Momentum is an amplifier and your greatest advantage. 

But it can be frustrating…to put in the work and not see immediate results.

Is it working? Is it worth it?

Keep feeding it…

You worked with a customer 2 hours after closing and they didn’t buy…keep feeding it.

You drove an hour for a meeting and they didn’t show…keep feeding it.

You worked out twice yesterday and you gained weight this morning…keep feeding it.

When The Sales Life Podcast seems to flat line with new listeners…I must keep feeding it with another episode.

When my YouTube channel has no views…keep feeding it.

Momentum is an uneven exchange. Think of it as if I were exchanging a 3rd world country’s currency for the American dollar. I may have 4 million Darubles, but it’s only worth $1000 U.S.

That’s what momentum is to you.. The orange only squeezes out a little juice…I can bitch about the juice or I can look for more oranges.

The results will show when they show. When is not your job…how is. 

When questioning if you should or shouldn’t? If it supports your momentum do it…if it could break your momentum then don’t.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what.

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