Today’s headlines will be tomorrow’s punchlines

Posted: February 23, 2020 in Uncategorized
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$1 pack tuna; a house with no stove or fridge; I knew the repo man by name; working 4 jobs I fell asleep on air working the night shift as a radio DJ; I would leave the front porch light on as I left for work in the morning as a signal to see if they’d cut my lights off when I came home that night; the payday loan companies knew me by name- I’d run from one loan company to pay the other; I’ve had income garnishments & was just a docket number where all of your debts are called out loud in a crowded bankruptcy courtroom…

& there are more…

Think back to a struggle- a time it was incredibly painful & was the center of your attention…but today you describe it with laughter. The people you tell the story to shake their head, wondering how in the hell you made it…

But you did…

Remember “Today’s painful headlines will be tomorrow’s punchline.”

The headlines are formative- painful but formative because they caused a stir in you. A wake, shake, rise, or stand-whichever one of those words you want to use they all end with “Up.” Maybe it took many headlines for you to finally dig in, but you eventually got it.

Be grateful as you look back and laugh today. You probably know what it was all for now. You could probably fill in the blank, “Had this not happened ________”

& if you’re in headline moment…keep fighting. It seems like it’s the biggest moment now but will shrink as you move forward. One day it’ll even be a punchline.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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