Playing in your 4th quarter moments

Posted: February 18, 2020 in Uncategorized
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Elite teams always train for 4th quarter moments.

Moments where no matter what it looks like 🔥they always believe they’re still in the game.

4th quarter moments are a conditioning not only of the body, but of the mind. No matter how overwhelming or hopeless it may feel, can you still play your game.

You don’t have the option to just quit and play another game (life)- you gotta play this one all the way through.

🔥It’s easy to train for the 1 qtr… but the 4th? To feel the pressure of losing it all…overwhelmed with only a cc of hope, yet you play bold and all out?!

When you feel you can’t take another step, day, month, or year, yet you do. “One more” remember?

Oh & you’ll face obstacles- BIG ones. 🔥But obstacles aren’t there to break you…they’re there to make you. Obstacles test your faith & push you to be creative.

Can you push hard not knowing how it’s gonna fully play out…can you draw on what you have vs complain what you’re without?


Damn right you can because you’re in #thesaleslife. Lace up you’re in. 💪

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