The hustle is real, the story we tell is not.

Posted: February 16, 2020 in Uncategorized
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JT McCormick is one of my favorite guys. His book “I Got There” is an inspirational story how in spite of having an absent (pimp) father & the harsh struggles of surviving with his mom, JT became a successful self-made millionaire.

He “got there,” & brought that same hustle to head Scribe Media. He even went so far as to paint “The hustle is real,” on his office wall.

JT brought the hustle & expected his employees to do the same. He worked long hours-grinding on little sleep & no days off. It took someone pointing out to JT that he’d gained a lot of weight, he looked tired, & there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get his work done.

JT recalibrated his life. He began to get his health back by eating better, working out, & keeping a sleep schedule.

It was in his analyzing his hustle that JT realized the story he’d created. He hustled not to get ahead, but to get away...away from the pain he felt growing up in Dayton so he masked his pain in a story of hustle.

I believe in the hustle…but not always in the story.

My “hustle:” The story I told myself was that I was climbing the ladder …when in truth I didn’t want to have to deal with the real issues at home.

My “hustle:” When I get the title I’ll get in shape was the story I told myself when in truth I didn’t want to get real that I’d ballooned into looking like a lineman again & it would take forever to get back in shape.

My “hustle:” I’ve got to hit the bonuses to make big money…the truth was I was broke & inches away from bankruptcy.

My “hustle:” Buy expensive gifts so as not face the truth of having real, difficult conversations.

I’m doing this for you guys, was the story is was telling my family, but I wasn’t hustling to get ahead, I was hustling to get away, from my shadows, demons, & lies that plagued me.

Eventually the story became too heavy to hold & all of the lies & deceit came crumbling down.

It took losing everything to authentically create my hustle.

I believe in hustle- I really do because hustle is that raw energy, enthusiasm, excitement, vigor, & pressure that you bring to situations.

And if you create the right story you can bring it to everything– relationships, finances, career, & your creatives. You can bring unbridled excitement & passion to all areas of your life instead of just one section just to mask the pain & fears.

That way you’re collectively hustling with joy to move ahead instead of hustling with pain to get away.

Here’s JT’s piece

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