How to sell to your friends & family

Posted: December 17, 2019 in Uncategorized
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“Don’t take it personal.” I’ve heard that one a time or 10,000 but didn’t always stay true to it.

I’ve blown deals because I took it personal when a customer came in & tried to bulldoze me or act a jerk.

I’ve blown deals too with friends and family because I did “take it personal…”

Selling to those you know is hard because you get caught up in the relationship & lose sight of the current mission.

Using Molly Fletcher’s book, “A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating,” as a foundation, here are 5 ways to help you to stay the course:

1. Relationships over everything. Never put a deal before a relationship.

2. Process over personal. Your friends came to you because they trust you to provide a service for them. Hit your marks-what questions would you ask if this was the first day you met?

3. 1/2 (maybe even 3/4) of your job is done. Building common ground & trust has already been done- now you have the unique advantage in moving on to determine what your “customer’s” needs are. (process over personal remember)

4. “It’s about the numbers & details.” (Fletcher) Develop the maturity to step out of the relationship to focus on the numbers and details. What number is mutually beneficial to your business and your “customer?” What are the details that surround those numbers?

5. Your friends will gladly pay you a profit. You wouldn’t have friends very long if they had to foot the bill every time you go out with one another. Your friends want you to do well, but they didn’t come to you for friendly advice, they came to you to provide a professional service.

Give your friends & family professional service with a personal touch.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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