2 words limiting your success

Posted: December 10, 2019 in Uncategorized
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It’s been said that a person’s success can usually be measured by the number of difficult conversations he’s willing to have…

Think about that one…

The areas where you’ve been successful were probably due to you leaning into difficult conversations…

& the areas where you’ve failed are due to running away from difficult conversations.

Every failure I’ve had in life: relationships, parenting, finances, professionally, & personally (yes a convo with yourself) were due to me running from difficult conversations…

You fail because you equate a difficult conversation with confrontation or an argument…

No it’s just a difficult conversation…that you need to have…

You run from difficult conversations because you catastrophize the outcome…or they always end up worse than when you started…

So you remain silent- thinking doing nothing is something, when all you’re doing is layering needed difficult conversations on top of one another until you bleed & blow.

The tension bleeds into your professional or personal life & you reach a point where you blow the hell up. (Which is why the outcomes always end up wrong)

You won’t get better at having difficult conversations until you have difficult conversations.

If you go into the difficultly reminding yourself that this is a conversation not a dialogue (so leave the “I’m gonna give them a piece of my mind” at home), you’ll approach it from a more relaxed point of view-seeking to both understand and be understood.

If it gets toxic, pause it (indefinitely if you have to) because it takes 2 to dance to that song…

& a difficult conversation is always a win.

It may not be the outcome you expected (because you could’ve been wrong the whole time), but it’s a win because you had the difficult conversation instead of running from it.

And that you can measure…

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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