Shift happens

Posted: November 28, 2019 in Uncategorized
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Name any sport in any year & a team(s) is going have to deal with a season-ending injury of a star player. As devastating as the loss, the team has to figure out a way to win without them.

Shift happens…

Seeing injuries I’m reminded of 3 things:

🔥We’re all replaceable: As good as you are, don’t think “they” can’t go on without you. After amassing so much knowledge and skills, I thought I was irreplaceable until one day they called me in & demoted me to the bottom rung. Those who answered to me yesterday, I answered to them the next day.

It turned out, the demotion was the best thing that happened for me.

What happens to you now, happens for you later.

I saw firsthand that the store could move on (quite well) without me in the lead position.

Understanding that we’re all replaceable, make yourself replaceable by being ready at any time to move up.

See, someone above you thinks they’re irreplaceable like I did & life will show them otherwise…you just need to be ready to seamlessly step in when the opportunity comes.

🔥Be ready to step up. You don’t wait to first see the opening, then get ready-no, you get ready now. Don’t just sit there in judgement thinking you can do better than the other guy. Because you’re in a secondary position (for now 😉) you have the advantage of having a front row seat to the ins & outs of that position. See what works & doesn’t work now so you’ll be ready later.

🔥You will face injuries. Your injuries may be physical-you hurt yourself working out…but you still gotta workout! Keep showing up & do what you can.

You may also face emotional injuries like a lay-off, demotion, divorce, or health crises- as traumatic as these events are, realize the game of life goes on. Use what you have left to create more in your life.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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