The 5 Emotional Cycles of Change

Posted: November 6, 2019 in Uncategorized
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“This time it’s gonna be different!”

“This is it!”

“This is hard…”

“This is b.s.”

“This is ridiculous…there’s no way this is gonna work for me…”

“Oh well…”

When enough is enough…& you’re sick & tired of being tired, you push off to change…

Only to realize early on that it’s harder than you expected…

The only result you seem to be getting is just constant pain-mentally & physically.

Things seem bad…but then they turn to worse.

So you quit…& go back to the way things were.

If this all sounds familiar, you’re in great company because we’ve all pushed off hard & fast in an effort to change, only to feel the pain, give up & turn back.

Now that you know that you’re not crazy nor weak, see the cycles for what they are & take them head on.

The 5 Emotional Cycles of Change (ECOC) are listed in Brian Moran’s book, “The 12 Week Year.”

I. Uniformed Optimism: “Piss & Vinegar” stage. All upside & no downside. (Doesn’t last long)

II. Informed Pessimism: This stage you’re moody because you realize the change is harder than you expected. You’re looking for ways out because things are bad…but it gets worse.

III. Valley of Despair: “Things weren’t so bad before,” you rationalize…so you quit & go back.

Stage III is where most turn back…but with a strong enough purpose, you’ll learn there’s more…if you keep going.

IV. Informed Optimism: The clouds break open and you’re finally seeing some results…but you must KEEP GOING. This stage is where most people sigh a breath of relief too long & relax too much-negating all of the hell they pushed through.

V. Success & Fulfillment: You’ve built new capacities & confidence. You can handle more & take on more because you now you’ve shown yourself what you’re truly capable of.

Congratulations on reaching Stage V…now move the bar because there’s more for you. 😉

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