Steve Aoki was on Tom Bilyeu’s Podcast & he said…

“The problem with social media is people are looking at other people’s results & say, ‘I want what they have…‘”

🔥”…but you must start with what’s right in front of you.”

Aoki didn’t start out playing to sold out crowds, he started playing to small rooms…then theaters…& eventually sold out arenas.

🔥The reason why you get discouraged is because you’re playing to someone else’s results when you need to play to your audience…

& sometimes that’s an audience of 1…


If you’re starting a podcast, business, sales position, blog, or just trying to get in shape…

🔥Play to your room.

& keep playing to your room because the results aren’t always cashable, but they sure as hell count.

They count in grit, tenacity, persistence, & an ability to handle what you’ve got…

…so you can eventually handle more.

Keep playing to your room- what starts off as a mirror, turns into a room, turns into a theater…& eventually into an arena of results.

~Stay in The Sales Life

Here’s Tom Bilyeu’s podcast👉

Full video 👉

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