What are you presenting?

Posted: October 17, 2019 in Uncategorized
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What are you presenting today?

You may not be on a stage, but your world is your stage & every day you’re presenting…

The question is what are you presenting?

🔥Are you presenting how bad things are for you right now…how bad your month is going…how ill you are…how the administration has messed things up & the world is chaotically upside down?

What are you presenting?

🔥Because whatever you’re presenting is what you’re producing .

& every time you present, you give it fresh legs & new fire.

Stop presenting what you don’t want to produce.

I get that you have problems & unfairness…

Join the crowd…we’re all battling through something…

It may not be the same as yours but it damn sure rhymes.

Just produce…you got big shoulders…you can handle more than you think & go harder than you believe…

Focus less on presenting & more on producing.

& we don’t need to hear about it…we’ll see it in the effort & eventual results 💪

~Stay in The Sales Life

(Hat tip to Darren J Hardy book The Compound Effect for the inspiration)

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