“No one has…”

Posted: July 10, 2019 in Uncategorized
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You can probably look over your extended family & be able to use the words,

No one has,

& then fill in the blank.

No one has gone to college, moved away, made six figures, been an entrepreneur, built their own house, earned a scholarship, etc.

No one has...

Those two words have chained generations of your family down.

When you try to challenge the status quo, no one has quickly snuffs your flame asking you, “Out of all the others that came before you…what makes you so special…

… any different…

…what makes you the one?”

No one has commands you to fall in line…

Just do your job…

Don’t ask questions…

No one has whispers permission to stay the same & just be grateful.

No one has is an excuse…

But it’s also a reason.

No one has is an excuse to act, think, speak, & believe the same way the family always has…

Or no one has is the only reason you need.

No one has, so if somebody is, it might as well be me.

I hear all why’s, but step out & ask why not?

And it’ll be hard, because not only will you be fighting the obstacles in front of you, but you’ll be fighting all of the limitations dragging behind you too.

So to do this, you’re gonna have to cut some family members off…not explain…go off the radar and just do.

& get ready for, “You think you’re better than everyone else, huh?”

Don’t explain…just do.

Because you’re better than the man you were yesterday & that’s the only score that matters right now.

Those family members don’t mean to hold you down, they just don’t understand, because…

…no one has.

But if you’re going to pass something down from one generation to another…

when no one has bubbles up, confidently whisper, “No one has…until someone did.”

Have an amazing day & life.

Stay in The Sales 💪ife!


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