Why you’ll never get any better…

Posted: June 27, 2019 in Uncategorized

 NFL Coach Bill Belichick reminds his players that practiced execution leads to realization.

The reason why your life, your income, your weight loss goals, and your savings have plateaued & won’t get any better is because when you reach the messy middle…the point where is gets hard and scary…

You turn back.

I’ll use sales as an analogy, but you can substitute it for anything. You’ll never get better at working with customers, not giving up, layering in and asking difficult questions, applying and releasing purposeful tension, overcome objections, revive their dying emotions, staying with your customer when they emotionally lose their shit…

You’ll never get any better at anything….

Actually, you’ll get worse..

If you bail out every time it gets difficult.

You’ll never be able to handle more until you first handle more….

You can’t bail out…

Not ejecting takes practice…

but the more you practice the art of sitting and working through the tension, the more confident you’ll become.

Practice leads to confidence.

You can’t gain confidence by facing something one time. No you have to continuously lean in when your mind is telling you to back away. When that good ole amygdala kicks in and you desperately want to choose flight, but instead you stay in to fight…

You fight to learn within the experience…

You stand in the tension saying, “I’ll figure this out…”

And because you stayed in the discomfort, your creativity and problem solving skills bloomed.

You learn to control your breathing…

…your intuition kicks in and you begin to see and hear subtle cues.

Confidence isn’t given…it’s earned by execution.

The execution leads to realization and the realization leads to more confidence.

But it all starts with conviction. Do you have a conviction in what you’re representing? Do you have the conviction in your goals? Do you have a conviction in your weight loss plans, savings, objectives, relationships, or whatever?

If you do, then you have to practice fighting though the uncertainty.

Stay in there because you have the answers…you just haven’t forced yourself to find them.

You don’t need a rescue, you need a realization through practiced execution.

Act as if no one can save you…figure it out. Get help as a last resort not first.

Give yourself permission to be amazing.

Keep fighting and stay in The Sales Life.


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